Ted Zep’s Favorite Films of 2015 (Part 3)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens



It was the hard reset that Star Wars fans were craving.

Thrilling. Nostalgic. Touching.

JJ Abrams produced a note-perfect effort behind the camera.  He orchestrated a solid script respectful of the original trilogy.

He made substantial casting decisions that will propel the series forward in the subsequent sequels.

Performances in front of the camera were inspired and, daresay, iconic.

And, surely, the blitzkrieg marketing plan will be emulated by producers of major blockbusters for years.

It made me fall back in love with the franchise.





Michael B. Jordan‘s performance in Creed is absolutely stunning. His chemistry with Sylvester Stallone was palpable. Tessa Thompson and Jordan simply sizzled in their scenes.

The story is familiar (young upstart boxer overcomes the odds with the assistance of weathered veteran mentor), yet it still manages to be fresh and interesting.

One must not sleep on director Ryan Coogler. He is a bright young talent. Honestly, dude is about to blow up in a major way now that he has been tapped to direct Marvel’s Black Panther.





Easily the best of the four Daniel Craig headlined Bond films. The long-take opening scene, set at a “Day of the Dead” festival in Mexico City, is both epic and breathtaking. Christoph Waltz is masterful in his portrayal of a quintessential villain, Ernst Blofeld. It’s a perfect popcorn film.



To be continued…


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