Deadpool (2016)

Special Sunday Edition!

My good buddy Dr. Ron and I caught an afternoon screening of Deadpool yesterday. The following are observations from us both.

Zep the Bear:


  • It’s Rated-R. So many superhero films suffer by being flavorless, PG-13 offerings devoid of any rough edges and designed to maximize profits…not Deadpool. The film is intentionally and deliciously violent. Bad people get hurt badly. It is oddly…satisfying.
  • Morena Baccarin. The 37-year old actress, prominently known for her role on Showtime’s Homeland, smolders opposite Ryan Reynolds. Baccarin, as escort/stripper, “Vanessa Carlysle,” easily holds her own trading barbs with her crude and glib boyfriend, “Wade Wilson”/”Deadpool” (Reynolds). The two glow when together on-screen. The relationship serves to give texture and heart to the otherwise prickly Wilson.
  • Deadpool is not trying to save the world, the Universe, the fate of mankind, etc… Instead, it’s a neat, clean -well, definitely not clean-revenge picture. If I never see New York City demolished, or the Earth on the brink of destruction, in another superhero film, it’ll be too soon. I’ll take a smaller story focusing on a man with a vendetta and bad intentions, any day.
  • The strip club DJ. You’ll know what I mean when you see him.



Deadpool is every bit as crude, juvenile, and violent as it promised to be. The laughs are big and genuine. Ryan Reynolds’ performance will one day prove to be the high-water mark of his career. Deadpool is a helluva lot of fun.

Grade: Bueno




Deadpool” (2016, R, action/comedy/romance, Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin), Grade: Bueno

Fans of the superhero genre were at first somewhat leery of “Deadpool,” primarily because of Reynolds, who was , shall we say, average at best in the three previous films of that genre in which he starred. And really: what has Reynolds ever done? But the hype machine started running.

At first, the social media ads really were genius: there was very little actual movie footage used. Instead, we were treated to valentines and an awareness ad for testicular cancer, among other things, each stamped with Deadpool’s trademark sense of oddball humor. Still, even the fans’ patience was wearing thin with the sheer volume of ads.

Still, fans crowded the theaters, some in cosplay, to see how it turned out. They were rewarded. This film is hilarious. Reynolds has redeemed his previous heroic failures. And it’s full of gratuitous violence, so when they say “don’t bring the kids,” please listen. And the chemistry between Reynolds and Baccarin is also well suited for Valentines’ Day. No accident they released this film on Valentines’ weekend.

Marvel is known for its end-of-movie teasers. The one here is one of the best yet. So go, sit, strap in, and stay ’til the lights are on. You won’t be sorry.





9 thoughts on “Deadpool (2016)

  1. Good reviews of a good film.

    It did everything it set out to do; however there were a few lulls between the lols, the story development, and the gratuitous violence, that I’m hoping the home release will remedy in due time.

    I’ll definitely go watch it again to absorb more of the gems they did cram into it. The action sequences fly by, as they are so wont to do these days, filming them at speeds that are less heart-pounding and more blink-and-you-missed it.

    What would I rate it?

    “Let me guess, a crisp high five?”

    “For you, buddy, a ten all the way.”

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