Kendrick Lamar v. The Thin White Duchess

Who Brought the HEAT at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards?



Last night’s Grammy telecast was the setting for two memorable musical performances.

So, which performer came out on top?

Participant #1: Kendrick Lamar (28-yr old emcee from Compton, Calif.)



Participant #2: Lady Gaga (29-yr old pop star, channeling recently deceased musical icon, David Bowie)

gaga (1)






Kendrick Lamar

His performance included songs, “The Blacker the Berry,” “Alright,” and closed with verses from a new song. It was nothing short of iconic.

It opened with a scene of Lamar, dressed as a prisoner in shackles who literally breaks his chains, while barking the lyrics to, “Berry.” He then transitioned across the stage to continue in front of a group of African drummers and dancers for, “Alright.”

The set was political, visceral, and visually stunning.


Lady Gaga

The seven-minute tribute to the recently deceased Bowie featured songs such as: “Space Oddity,” “Changes,” “Ziggy Stardust,” “Suffragette City,” “Rebel, Rebel,” “Fashion,” “Fame,”Let’s Dance,” and closed with, “Heroes.”

The set was fast-paced and featured snippets of each song. This accelerated presentation gave the performance a “dinner theater” vibe. My initial notes include the phrase, “Las Vegas drag show.”

Gaga looked stiff on the stage. And she sounded as if she was channeling Bette Midler, as opposed to Ziggy Stardust.

And then there is this cryptic Tweet from Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones.

David Bowie’s son didn’t like Lady Gaga’s Grammys tribute



Our Verdict:

Kendrick Lamar in a landslide. It was a powerful performance that will prove to be a highlight of the emcee’s career.

Your Verdict?

We’d love to hear your opinion. Leave a comment below.




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