Negasonic Teenage…Bombshell?

Introducing: Brianna Hildebrand


Brianna Hildebrand

She is only 19?

2016 is definitely going to be Brianna Hildebrand’s year.

19-years old.


Drop-dead gorgeous.

A heralded role in a buzz-worthy independent film.

(And, oh yeah, a head-turning performance in critically acclaimed box-office smash, Deadpool.)

briannareplacement (1)

The Girl.

Brianna Hildebrand is from College Station, TX.

As a young girl, she was obsessed with becoming a musician.

Around the age of 17, Hildebrand entered a talent contest that focused on acting, modeling, and music. She excelled in the competition so she decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting and modeling.

After enrolling in drama classes in Los Angeles, she began the arduous task of auditioning. Despite roles in a web series and a small independent film, her first major-league gig was, incredibly, Deadpool, as the acerbic goth superhero, “Negasonic Teenage Warhead.”


“Who WAS that girl??”

When the initial frenzy of praise for established Hollywood co-stars (Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, and T.J. Miller) momentarily mellowed, the buzz immediately began for Hildebrand.

Due to scant appearances in comic books, the “Negasonic Teenage Warhead” character was basically Hildebrand’s to define. She played the dour, telepathic, precognitive teen with a note-perfect sullen indifference.

While filming Deadpool, she auditioned for a challenging project, First Girl I LovedSurprise, surprise—she scored a co-starring role in that film. Though smaller in scope, First Girl, a drama that follows the arc of a two teenage girls involved in a lesbian relationship, resonated with viewers.


Early reviews for the picture were rave. It was a sensation at Sundance.


The Future.

That’s a big question. However, with the enormous success of Deadpool, coupled with glowing reviews for First Girl I Loved, Brianna Hildebrand better be prepared for one helluva ride.


More Film

Green Room (2016)

Batman v. Superman-Dawn of Justice (2016)

Deadpool (2016)

The Purge: Election Year (2016)


-Zep the Bear







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