New Contributor: Tim Malone

Greetings Super No Bueno Land. I’m Tim Malone, AKA: ” TTT.” I’m a Unitarian Universalist by faith, thrifty by choice, and a professional wrestling fan by fate. I truly love wrestling. I love it to the point my wife is plotting to dispose of the dozens of wrestling shirts I own and replace my wardrobe with classier threads. I love it so much that, before my 34th birthday this June, I’ll have attended at least one hundred and fifty wrestling shows live. I love it so much, I had trouble writing this blog because there was wrestling to watch. 
When most people think professional wrestling, they think World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) or the long dead World Championship Wrestling (WCW). While those were my first loves of the wrestling world, I outgrew WWE’s hokey, kid-centric programming.
My love now lies with New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and Chikara Pro.
The venerable Zep the Bear has asked me to write here and share with you the joys of the crazy world of pro wrestling. Oh, the places we will go.
Here are a few promos to give you a taste of what I enjoy. These first two captured my imagination and stayed with me for a long time.
From Ring of Honor’s Best in the World
And Chikara Pro: a package about “Lighting” Mike Quackenbush that I watched twice while typing this and have watched countless times over the years…
Finally, from New Japan: a warning from “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega

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