Asuka: The Empress of Tomorrow

NXT’s Asuka

Contributor: Ron Graham (@RonGraham1)


Kanako Urai is one of the most decorated female wrestlers to come out of Japan, a country well-stocked with in-ring talent, in recent years. Kana comes to the WWE and takes the name “Asuka” (after 80s great Lioness Asuka) because she wants to compete against the best. (And to listen to KISS and Guns N’ Roses live!)


In a match against Emma at the NXT show in Cleveland on 03.04, Asuka showed the power and speed that made her a favorite in Japan for several years. Until Emma took a bump that caused her neck to snap off of the mat, and she was unable to continue. Definitely a stinger; maybe a concussion…? This was from a kick to the face.

I’ve seen highlights online of Kana kicking Syuri Kondo in the face during a match in Japan, and Sara Del Rey upside the head during a bout from SHIMMER. Those kicks aren’t kidding around – if Emma was in any way not ready, she could wind up in next week.


Kana/Asuka has the strength and experience to win the NXT Women’s Championship or the WWE Women’s Championship right now. Just so long as nobody gets hurt. The WWE has recently been dealing with injuries at a historic rate, in terms of their history anyway. This accident with Emma needs not to be a sign of things to come.

Bayley‘s reign as NXT Women’s champ is just saving Kana’s place. And her place is at the top. The “Empress of Tomorrow” could make us forget quite a few yesterdays.

-Ron Graham





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