New Contributor: Jesse Pratt

Jesse Pratt

The last period I watched wrestling on a regular basis was probably around the end of 2011. I don’t watch Raw, I don’t currently subscribe to the WWE Network (although I have in the past and likely will again at some point in the future), I don’t follow the independent scene anymore, nor do I follow New Japan Pro Wrestling (although I am aware of the roster members and their significance). That isn’t to say I stopped watching altogether, not by any means. I always watch Wrestlemania and the occasional show that piques my interest. I enjoy going back and watching shows from my younger years that I may have missed at the time, whether they are old episodes of shows before I started watching, or perhaps a pay-per-view that my local video rental store never carried.

All of this taken into account begs the question, why on Earth have I agreed to contribute to a wrestling blog?  The answer is simple. Despite periods of apathy or life circumstances preventing me from watching, deep down I will always love professional wrestling.  So much so that even though I may not be able (or at times want) to watch consistently, I still can’t help but follow it. I read about it when I can and the myriad of podcasts out in the ether constantly preserve my attachment to this business, not to mention help me keep my sanity when I’m sitting at my desk for hours at a time during the week.

The goal of my entries is to just write about what I enjoy. What do I enjoy? My favorite eras/promotions include, but are not limited to, WWF from around 1987 to 2001 (and yes, this even includes the dreaded mid 90’s), ROH from around the mid-2000’s, and the Memphis territory from roughly the late 70s’ to the early 80’s.  I also enjoy off the wall topics related to wrestling.

I will conclude this brief introduction with a favorite (or at least very well liked) match from each promotion/era combination given above:


Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage – WWF Wrestlemania 7


Bryan Danielson vs Roderick Strong – ROH Supercard of Honor 2006


Terry Funk vs. Jerry Lawler – Memphis Empty Arena Match 04/25/1981




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