iPhone vs. Android – The Best of Both Worlds?

iPhone vs. Android

Contributor: Anthony Wise (@itspanamajack)


Whether it’s iPhone or Android, PC or Macintosh, ninjas or pirates, the result of the argument always ends the same way, in a stalemate. Both sides have distinct advantages, while also presenting some pretty clear flaws. I, Anthony D. Wise, technology enthusiast extraordinaire, come forth to give you my take on the great debate of iPhone vs. Android, and hey, you might even learn a thing or two!

In 2009 when I first laid eyes on the Google G1, the flagship Android phone, I knew I just had to have one and went out of my way to get one. I hadn’t had much experience with mobile phones up to that point but this thing blew me away. I had always been fascinated by computers and technology in general and this was some next-gen hardware that I had gotten my hands on. A portable computer that was open-source, highly-customizable, and on the bleeding edge of technology, was something I had only dreamed of as a kid. Once I obtained this lovely, pocket-computing machine powered by Google I never looked back and never strayed towards Apple.

To put into perspective how popular Android is compared to Apple, as of the third quarter of 2015, Android devices accounted for 84.7% of the global smartphone market. Even though there are way more Android users I’m sure plenty of people have been involved in an Android vs. iPhone debate or at least read/heard one take place. I have always been an Android “fanboy”, spouting the Google gospel at any Apple ne’er-do-wells, trying to convince them to see the light and convert, until two weeks ago when I finally admitted to myself that I was spouting nonsense, as I had to cope with the fact that I was now in possession of not one, but two smartphones, one being my personal Android device and the other an iPhone to be used as a work phone.


My boss steps into my office, hands me a brand new iPhone 6 and after muttering something about not having to use a “damn Android phone” anymore he leaves. At first, using the iPhone was like trying to write with my non-dominant hand; it was not especially easy, I looked out of place, and to top it off, my longtime Android-using buddies ridiculed me. Then I started to really get along with the iPhone, learning neat little tips and tricks, and before I knew it, I was an iPhone master. I started to notice why people like the iPhone. It’s a very simplistic phone, believe it or not, disallowing of any deep customizations short of hacking it, and having access to every application on the phone right on the home screen, which is always only one button press to get to. Shout out to the fingerprint scanner which blows my mind with how futuristic it is. In my opinion though, this is the layman’s phone; it’s learning curve is very slight and using it is fairly foolproof. Now I understand why so many people actually use the iPhone and if I absolutely had to use one, I wouldn’t really mind. There are, however, a few drawbacks compared to using an Android device.


First and foremost, there is no dedicated back button on an iPhone. You’re subjected to clicking the top left corner of every app you’re inside of to navigate backwards (unless you click the home button to go to the home screen, which isn’t always what you want). There is also not a whole lot of deep customization you can utilize unless you want to jailbreak it, which can permanently brick the device. Short of standard customization (i.e. wallpaper, phone case, etc.) you’re limited to basically using the stock UI (User Interface). There is no app drawer, meaning all of the apps you install and the apps that come pre-installed, clutter your home screen, essentially negating any reason to customize the look and feel of your device, unless you resort to stuffing your apps into folders. iPhones don’t come with external storage, notification lights and a slew of other things that I have come to love being an Android user. An iPhone will get the job done and more, but for now, I’ll stick with Google.

-Anthony Wise







3 thoughts on “iPhone vs. Android – The Best of Both Worlds?

  1. I believe the iPhone is a better phone because of how Stephen Hawking built it. Also it would be iOS v Android. iPhone is the name of phone, so you’d have to say iPhone v Galaxy or iPhone v HTC One, etc.


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