Extreme Wrestling Organization 3/26/16

EWO: March Madness (March 26, 2016)

Location: Martin Center (Canton, OH)

Attendance: 120



Doors opened on time. However, the event started late.

Show lead off with a video about Michael Tarver that detailed his history in the business.

Tarver then out for a promo. Declared that he is the biggest “hypocrite” he has ever seen.

Someone from the crowd yelled, “You did what you had to do!”

Tarver replied, ” I did what I CHOSE to do.”

Tarver said that he is bipolar.

Began insulting the crowd.

Owner, Mr. Carrington, came out to confront him. Said that Tarver will be in a gauntlet match later in the evening. The match will be anchored by Impact Wrestling‘s Tyrus/Brodus Clay.


"Alex Daniels" Photographer John Janezic

10-Man Elimination Tag: Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham (w/ Brian Carson)/Ryan Kaplan/Frankie Flynn/Dominic Garrini v. Alex Daniels/Weird Body/Big Mo/Mason Alexander/Garrison King (w/ “Worldwide” Alex Kellar)

Rockingham then announced Josh Singh as his team’s fifth member.

Alex Daniels and Frankie Flynn start things off. Lots of craziness and high spots through the match. At one point, Big Mo took a flying leap off the stage. I felt bad for anyone in that man’s path!

Eventually, the teams were whittled down to boyhood friends and opponents, Daniels and Singh. Friendship aside, the two tee’d off on each other. These were some of the stiffer shots I’ve seen two guys take in quite awhile. Daniels posted the victory after a hard earned pinfall. Daniels and Singh are going to be the Matt Cross and Josh Prohibition of this new generation.

“Darkstar” Matt Taylor v. Denzel Titan

Titan won by DQ after a low blow. A big guy from the crowd interfered and left with Taylor. Matt Taylor is an interesting kid. I like his charisma. He makes some great facial expressions during his matches.


"'Crazy' Mary Dobson" Photographer: John Janezic

“Crazy” Mary Dobson/Samantha Starr v. Jessicka Havok/”AK-47″ Allysin Kay

Great match. I’m not familiar with Samantha Starr but she hung in there with the experienced Havok and Kay. Not only does Mary Dobson look fantastic, but she has improved leaps and bounds in the ring since the first time I saw her a few years back at an AIW event.

Jessicka Havok pinned Dobson for the win. Hometown crowd exploded for Havok and Allysin Kay.

After the match, Starr turned on Dobson and attacked her.


Dymond Kouture hype video played.

“The Marquee” Dymond Kouture came out to mock and taunt the crowd. He took a ringside seat to watch the next match.


"Josh Emmanuel" Photographer: John Janezic

“The Bev” Bobby Beverly v. “Kano” Josh Emmanuel

Decent match between two local veterans. Kano won after an elbow. Jaw jacking between Kano and Kouture.

Gauntlet Match

Monster Tarver out. M.E. Howerton announced as his opponent for the first leg of the gauntlet. Howerton shucked and stalled as long as possible. Once the bell rang, he lasted 83 seconds.

Sherman Tank was opponent #2. Tank was a much more competitive opponent for Tarver. In fact, he got in some stiff early offense. Eventually, Tarver caught him with a “Superman Punch” for a three-count.


"Tyrus v. Tarver" Photographer: John Janezic

Tyrus entered to a big pop. He cut a promo talking about how he has known Tarver for years and Tarver has changed.

The two trade leather. Lots of big spots between two big guys. Both men took some stiff punches. Tyrus hit a splash for the pin.

A video of Matt Cross then played. He challenged Monster Tarver to a match at the next event in June.


The EWO is a new company, led by, I assume, a promoter new to the business. That earns a lot of latitude in my book. I am always excited to see fresh new faces enter the difficult world that is professional wrestling. It takes courage and a lot of hard work to be successful.

Something to work on:

Someone in the organization took a lot of time putting together videos for Tarver, Kouture, and Cross. The sound system that was being used, however, betrayed those efforts. It was difficult to hear the audio at times. It’s a shame because the attempt was made to set the stage for future happenings. Not all indie companies show this type of foresight. Audio is a tricky animal. Hopefully, the issues can be straightened out before the next event.

What went right:

I have attended all three EWO events to date. The crowd has been growing with each show. This is a huge positive for the company.

I particularly enjoy that so many African-American wrestlers are being used in key roles as performers on EWO cards.

Women’s wrestling has exploded in the last five years. Previously, women were rarely used as more than eye candy. Companies, such as SHIMMER, recognized that there was an underserviced market for fans of female wrestling.

There could be a similar void for minority wrestlers.

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-Zep the Bear




*Special Thanks to John Janezic for use of his event photographs*






10 thoughts on “Extreme Wrestling Organization 3/26/16

  1. Is the Martin Center, formerly known as the Canton Memorial Auditorium ? I use to live in Canton, Ohio and i went to all of the matches when Big Time Wrestling use to come to town. Big Time Wrestling was ran by The Sheik { Ed Farhat } They had stars just to name a few, as BoBo Brazil, Wild Bull Curry, Johnny Valentine, Ernie Ladd, Dr. Jerry Graham, Pampero Firpo, just to name a few.


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