The Earworm: “California Boy” (Lil B)

“California Boy”-Lil B


Brandon McCartney is a 26-year old rapper, author, and motivational speaker from Berkeley, Calif. Using the moniker “Lil B,” he broke into music at the age of 16. He found early success in 2006 with his group, The Pack, and their unlikely hit, “Vans.”

He began a solo career in 2009. With an uncanny approach to social media, the “Based God” created over 100 MySpace pages to promote himself. He quickly developed a following. Memes, self-directed YouTube videos, and mixtapes were part of his plan to grow an audience. His strategy worked.


Once he had an audience, he kept their attention with an unconventional approach to music. His songs are often stream-of-conscious tracks filled with celebrity mentions, catch phrases, in-jokes, and copious amounts of profanity. They are so tongue-in-cheek, that he appears to be spoofing the idea of pop music and musicians. The fact that he performs them so earnestly makes his work compelling. Is the joke on him, us, or somewhere in between?

And Lil B doesn’t just rap. Every once in awhile, he sings. That brings us to this week’s Earworm.

Like always, you can thank me later.



-Zep the Bear



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