Remix Pro Wrestling: Throwdown for the Pound 13 “Roll the Dice” (2016)

Remix Pro Wrestling: Throwdown for the Pound 13 “Roll the Dice”


Results & Observations

Announcer Pedro DeLuca out to start the show.

Remix Pro Wrestling organizers Adam, Joe, and Mr. Smith come out to address the audience. They open a present from Billy Johnson. It was a tee-shirt launcher.

The Headless Horsemen interrupt. Ron Mathis demands better pay for his work. For his interruption, he is rewarded by being ordered to defend the RIOT title in addition to the 8-man tag in which he was already scheduled to participate.

Marion Fontaine is out. He will be a guest commentator for the first half of the show.

Jake Clemons is out to referee the opening contest.

Chris Kahn v. Chris Ares

Chris Kahn is returning to the ring from an injury. He pins Chris Ares after a “Rude Awakening.”

Observations: Kahn looked strong in his return. Suitable opening match.

Remix Pro Wrestling Riot Championship

Jack Pollock (w/Morgan Rockafeller) v. Beastman v. Viper v. Ron Mathis (c)

The crowd erupts for Jack Pollock when he enters the ring. The match explodes early. Beast Man performs a Suicide Dive over the top rope. Beastman is a big guy to be taking to the air like that.

Lots of crazy spots.

It finally comes down to Pollock and Ron Mathis slugging it out. Mathis tries to jack Morgan Rockafeller, but she avoids it and gives him a Hurricanrana. Mathis hit a “Kryptonite Krunch” to Pollock on the apron.

Chance Prophet interferes, setting up Pollock for the win.

Jack Pollock is the new Remix Pro Wrestling Riot Champion.

Observations: You are hearing it here first, Jack Pollock is something special. He was trained by Lance Storm prior to his debut in 2011. Since then it only took him 3 years to break the PWI 500 list. He has the look, workrate, and aura that will carry him far. I first saw him in 2013 at a PWX show in Newell, WV. It took me about 10 seconds to figure out that this guy is the real deal. Being a Pittsburgh native, I think AIW should give him a hard look for inclusion on their roster.


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Remix Pro Wrestling Women’s Fury Championship

Tessa Blanchard v. Sassy Stephanie (c)

The match starts off friendly enough. Soon, Tess Blanchard rushed Sassy Stephie in the corner. Blanchard’s ankle buckles and she goes down in a heap, screaming. The ref calls for aid from the back. DeLuca comes in the ring to aid her. As Steph comes over to check on her opponent, Blanchard springs to her feet and wallops Steph. Business picks up after that.

Eventually, Blanchard rotates a turnbuckle pad to expose the metal. Stepanie rushes in, Blanchard moves, and Steph writhes after hitting the unprotected hardware. As the referee checks on her well-being, Blanchard gets the belt and blasts Steph with it.

Tessa Blanchard is the new Remix Pro Wrestling Women’s Fury Champion.

Observations: Strong match. My friend who attended the show with me said it was the best that he ever saw Sassy Stephanie work.

Tessa Blanchard has a toolbox full of skills. She has a load of personality, she is great in the ring, and she is attractive. Oh, and the “Blanchard” surname won’t hurt her, either. It won’t be long until she surfaces in the WWE.


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8-Man Tag Team Match

Anti-Heroes (TJ Phillips, Chance Prophet, Vance Desmond & Cole Cash) w/Mr. Smith v. The Headless Horsemen (Ron Mathis, Matt Conard, Jason Gory & Takoda Moon)

Early, the match is subdued. Prophet with some awesome slo-mo karate spots.

Things heat up 15 minutes in.

At one point, Moon hits a beautiful moonsault from the top rope to the floor.

Prophet caught Mathis with a flurry of MMA elbow strikes until he passes out.

The Anti-Heroes whoop on Mathis after the bell.

Observations: The Headless Horsemen are a great faction. They have a cohesive look and feel like a team, not a group of guys thrown together.

Jason Gory is a great journeyman wrestler. He has been a fixture in Pennsylvania and parts of Ohio for most of his 10+ years in the business. He is always in top notch condition. And he consistently wears some of the coolest gear. He invests in himself, and it shows. He is absolutely fearless in the ring. Jason Gory is the type of wrestler who always gives the fans their money’s worth and more.


The merchandise tables all did brisk business. I chatted with Jack Pollock, Tessa Blanchard, Morgan Rockafeller, Moose, and Grado. Grado is such a warm, charming guy. I saw him a number of months ago in Cleveland. He remembered when and where he met me and details of our conversation without any prompting. THAT is the way to build a fanbase.

Jock Samson v. Marion Fontaine

Jock Samson was out first. He got on the mic and began insulting the crowd. When Marion Fontaine hit the ring, the intensity explodes.

Both men begin wildly brawling. In a short time, the ring was unable to contain them. They brawl around ringside and then spills into the audience. Soon they are up in the bleachers wailing on each other.

Back on the floor, they fight through the merchandise table. Fontaine jumps up on a table and performs a hurricanrana off of a basketball hoop. The crowd explodes.

The brawl continues.

Finally back in the ring, Samson locks a relentless Iron Claw to Fontaine’s head. Fontaine eventually escapes it and hit a Lou Thesz Press on Jock, off the apron, and through the ringside announcer’s table.

The referee is down.

Samson hits a jarring Lariat. He then loads his elbow pad.

Fontaine counters the maneuver.

Kahn, who had been at ringside doing commentary, enters the ring. It appears he is there to save Fontaine but instead blasts him with Samson’s cowbell.

Jock with a huge running leg drop for the pin.

Kahn grabbed the mic and berates the audience. He calls them stupid for buying his merchandise. He declares himself and Samson, “The Mega-Plowers.”

Observations: Holy Smokes!! This was a great match. It had a little of everything: crazy spots, brawling, ref bumps, and deceit.

This is the type of match you get when you book two talented, experienced, charismatic performers against one another. Both men clearly went out to steal the show and did.

This was a load of fun.


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The Laredo Kid v. Aaron Draven

Aaron Draven misses the Laredo Kid when diving over the ropes and hits the hardwood floor with a revolting thud.

Draven recovers and pours on the offense.

They each trade stiff punches. There were lots of reckless dives over, and through, the ropes.

Eventually, Draven hits a Spanish Fly for a clean pinfall.

Observations: The Laredo Kid is one of the reasons I attended this show. I was curious to see him live. I wasn’t disappointed. This match felt very stiff. Both men are talented and were looking to dazzle. I wish it would have been a smidge longer, but otherwise no complaints.

“The Party Peacock” Dalton Castle v. Grado

Dalton Castle enters accompanied by two locals playing the part of “The Boys.”

Grado comes out to his full “Like a Prayer”entrance.

The crowd seems unfamiliar with Grado.

Before the bell, Grado and Castle gave the DX “crotch chops” to heckling fans.

Castle was the first to break the friendly repartee between the two with an attempted roll-up. As they are in a knuckle lock, they both begin to dance.

Castle with a fake Suicide Dive.

Each man reverses the other’s attempt at a bodyslam multiple times. So funny.

Grado attempts a Figure Four.

He hit a Rock Bottom on Castle and went for a People’s Elbow. He ran back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, eventually tiring himself out and missing the People’s Elbow.

Castle “Hulk’s up” like the Ultimate Warrior. Grado blocks a stunner but gets hit by a belly-to-back suplex. And another. And another.

“Peacock City” chant.

Grado hits an RKO.

Castle swings Grado and pins him with a bridge.

Castle: “I wanna thank you for a good time.”

“Like a Prayer” played while the two dance through the crowd. This time, the crowd was on fire for Grado’s theme song.

Observations: The perfect conclusion to a fun match.

Modern day wrestling often takes itself far too seriously. I love Ring of Honor and New Japan, but there are times that a smile is much more satisfying than a dropkick.

Castle and Grado are two shining stars when it comes to this looser, comedy-based style of wrestling. Both men have a magnetic charm that ripples through an audience. It’s impossible not to be won over by their inventive and entertaining spots.


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Remix Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship

Moose & “Cowboy” James Storm v. Neon Xtreme (Matt Hardy & Facade) (c)  w/Dani

Matt Hardy and James Storm start the match.

Soon, Moose and Facade are tagged in. They trade punches and kicks. Facade is holding his own against the larger Moose.

Moose dropkicks Facade off of the top rope turnbuckle.

Storm in against Facade.

Facade finally tags in Hardy.

Hardy v. Storm. Blocks a Twist of Fate.

Moose in.

Facade tags Moose with a catapult heel kick.

Hardy and Facade double-team and dominate Moose.

Moose is in extended peril.

Storm rally’s the crowd before a hot tag.

However, Moose is quickly tagged back in. He hits a superkick on Hardy. Moose misses a spear.

Hardy hits the “Side Effect” for the pinfall.

Neon Extreme retain the Remix Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship.


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The Headless Horsemen are out to attack the champs. The HH demand a match for the titles. Referee Jake Clemons rings the bell starting the match.

Gory hits a Canadian Destroyer on Facade. Facade kicks out.

Hardy cleans house. Hardy hits the Side Effect on Gory, but he kicked out.

Facade stumbles performing a dive over the ropes.

Gory attacks Dani.

Moon pushes Facade off the top rope. The Horsemen hit a spike piledriver to win the belts.

Both teams brawl as audience files out.

The Headless Horsemen are the new Remix Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

Observations: This match had a ton of atmosphere. It felt important. I’ve always respected Facade but this might be the first time that he felt like a star. He held his own with TNA and ROH headliners. I will definitely look at him differently in the future.

Matt Hardy was in great shape. It looks as if he stays healthy and is mindful of his move-set, he can wrestle well into the future.

James Storm is great. He has such presence in a live setting. He works stiff, too.

Moose. Man, this guy is nothing but upside. Can’t wait to see what the future hold for him in Ring of Honor.


This was a great show, filled with a ton of memorable moments. The tag title match, Grado/Castle, and Samson/Fontaine all could be named top match of the evening.

Blanchard and Stephie impressed.

The Headless Horsemen have hit their stride as a heel faction.

The sold-out building remained white-hot for the entire evening.

This was a strong effort by Remix Pro Wrestling.

-Zep the Bear






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