AIW’s Girls Night Out 17 (2016)

Girls Night Out 17: Results & Observations


Ring announcer Pedro DeLuca is out to hype the crowd and start the show. He is interrupted by MJ Jenkins.

MJ Jenkins v. Solo Darling

Jenkins calls for referee Jake Clemons, demanding that he roll out a red carpet for her. She sings and insults the crowd as she makes her way to the ring. She proclaims that she is “The Trifecta.”

Solo Darling out. The crowd pops for her.

Jenkins announces that there are three “MJs.” Michael Jordan. Michael Jackson. MJ Jenkins.

Jenkins immediately takes control of the match. Wraps Darling up around the second rope.

Jenkins demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Darling fires back with gnarly kicks. She takes a slug of the “sugary beverage” that she brought to the ring with her. She ducks a clothesline attempt and fires off three consecutive Thesz Presses.

Jenkins avoids a move from the top rope. She places one foot on Darling for the pin.

Kick out.

Jenkins attempts a trio of Three Amigos. Darling blocks the third.

Darling hits a Horizontal Twist for the pin.

Winner: Solo Darling

Observations: Fun opener. Jenkins has a ton of personality. She is great on the mic. Darling is infectious.

Maria Manic v. Samantha Heights

The women feel each other out early.

Maria Manic hits her opponent with a backbreaker over her knee.Manic hits Samantha Heights with two bodyslams.

She locks up Heights in a Tree of Woe.

Facewash by Heights.

Manic hit an Alabama Slam for the pin.

Winner: Maria Manic

Observations: This is my first time seeing Heights. She is small but scrappy. Manic has a great look.

Angeldust v. Brittany Blake


Angeldust locks a wristlock on Brittany Blake to start the match.

The two spend the next couple minutes chain wrestling.

Blake is tripped on the apron.

Angeldust tees off with chops outside the ring.

Blake rolls up Angeldust for the pin.

Kick out.

Blake with a Crossface.

Blake with a Spinal Tap kick.

Angeldust is tied up in a Tree of Woe.

Dropkick to the face.

Angeldust is on all fours. Takes a double stomp to the back.

Angel kicks Blake in the face. Dropkick to the face.

Enziguri by Blake.

Codebreaker by Blake.

Two count.

Brutal DDT from the second rope to the apron.

Kick out.

Angeldust with a Lung Blower.

Three count.

Winner: Angeldust

Observations: Great little match. Tons of action. I’ve seen Angeldust many times over the years. This is one of her better efforts in recent memory. She finally found an opponent her size in Brittany Blake. Blake went toe-to-toe with her.

“Crazy” Mary Dobson v. Nicole Savoy

“Crazy” Mary Dobson comes to the ring to challenge anyone in the locker room to a match. Nicole Savoy answers the challenge.

They two start off by trading shots.

Springboard DDT by Savoy.

The “Queen of Suplexes” pounds on Dobson with punches and kicks.

Dobson with knee strikes.

Savoy with a Floatover Suplex and pin attempt.

Dobson out by two.

Savoy with a Cradle Suplex.

Dobson with a flurry of chops

Savoy reverses and drops Dobson with a back fist.

Attempts to pin Dobson with a foot on her throat.

Savoy with knee strikes to the face.

The two trade strikes in the center of the ring. Dobson staggers.

Dobson with a flying body press.

Savoy kicks out.

Dobson with a double-knee strike to the back of Savoy’s head.

Savoy with three consecutive belly-to-back suplexes.

Dobson hit a power slam.

Savoy retaliates with a German suplex.

Mary Dobson nails a Canadian Destroyer to  gain a pinfall.

Winner: Mary Dobson

Observations: This was a total throwdown. Dobson and Savoy slugged it out. Savoy is a legit badass. As Savoy left the ring, fans chanted, “Please come back.”


Marti Belle (w/Ray Lyn) v. Kelly Klein


Kelly Klein starts out with headlock control.

Ray Lyn distracts Klein while grabbing her leg.

Marti Belle stomps Klein in the corner.

Belle with a chop. She then kisses Klein.

Belle blasts her opponent with a spinning forearm.

Klein retaliates with a Falcon Arrow.

Lyn sprays Klein in the face with hairspray.

Belle gains the win.

Outside the ring, Lyn taunts Klein and referee Jake Clemons by removing the cast she had been wearing on her right hand. Clemons looks pissed.

Winner: Marti Belle

Observations: Belle and Lyn are a great duo. I’ve seen them many times as opponents, but they have strong chemistry as a team. I’d be interested in seeing AIW bring in Lyn’s real life boyfriend Dylan Bostic and his partner Derek Direction, who perform as the Bangerz. I’d add Belle to the mix. I think the four would be a money act.

Sonya Strong v. Britt Baker

The two trade rollup pin attempts.

Sonya Strong rolls out of the ring to regain her composure.

Strong with a reverse chin lock on Britt Baker.

Baker is caught in mid-air when she attempts a crossbody block.

Baker scales the ropes mimicking Undertaker’s Old School.

Strong missed a gorgeous Capoeira kick.

Baker with an Enziguri.

The women trade strikes as the audience play along with a “boo/yay” chant.

Baker scores a stunning Superman Punch off the top rope.

Strong fires back with a Super Kick.

Baker hits an elbow for a two-count.

Strong scores with a Dino Bravo-style gut wrench suplex.

Baker locks her in an arm bar submission. She wraps her legs around Strong’s head for added leverage.

Strong escapes but eats a “Fame-Asser” and is pinned.

Winner: Britt Baker

Observations: I wasn’t expecting this one. Very good bout. Strong brought the heat. Baker is coming along very nicely.

Lucha Libre Style Tag Team Exhibition

Skayde Jr./Gringo Loko v. Bandalero/DJZ


Bandolero and Skayde Jr. to start.

After short exchanges, DJZ and Loko tag in. Loko strikes first with a hard slap to the chest.

Loko went for a Suicide Dive and slipped on the ropes. He crashed hard on his face. Very scary moment. After a moment, however, he recovered and continued.

Things speed up after this.

Bandolero took a chair tossed straight at his head.

All four are fighting outside the ring.

DJZ is back in the ring. Gringo put Z in a hanging cradle while Skayde leg dropped their prone opponent.

Bandolero with a Suicide Dive. The heels catch him, only to power bomb him on the edge of the apron.

Loko does a backflip off of Skayde’s back.

Skayde with a super kick on DJZ.

Bandolero with a pop-up Hurricanrana.

Z trades stiff slaps with Skayde, then dumps Skayde over the top rope to the floor. He dives after him.

DJZ spikes Loko.

Bandolero with a Senton for the win.

Winners: DJZ & Bandolero

Observations: This match was incredible. There were literally too many spots for me to record them all in my notes. Everyone’s work was so crisp. They made incredibly complicated spots look effortless. I always knew that DJZ was good, but this raised his stock in my eyes. I really like Gringo Loko as well.

I have it on good authority that the luchadors will be booked for future events.

It is worth your while to go out of your way to see this match.

Mia Yim v. Shayna Baszler

Mia Yim was clearly nervous.

“Who booked this match?” she yelled.

The women trade kicks.

Yim is down. Shayna Baszler slings the dead weight of Yim around like it is nothing.

Baszler with a belly-to-back suplex.

Yim fights an arm bar.

Yim fires off palm strikes.

The women knock each other down with simultaneous kicks.

Back up. They are trading strikes.

Yim with a headbutt.

Yim with double-knee to the chin.

Baszler kicks out.

Yim chopping Baszler down with kicks and knees.

Baszler with a suplex.

Yim hits a belly-to-back suplex.

Yim is caught in a heel hook.

For some reason, referee Dave “The Potato” Dawson forces Baszler to remove her gloves

Yim with a Package Piledriver.


Winner: Mia Yim

Observations: I can’t believe how much aura Baszler has. Yim did a great job early selling her respect of Baszler’s legit MMA background. This was another great match.

Lufisto v. Gail Kim


Gail Kim starts with a headlock. She attempts a Crucifix into a pin on Lufisto.

Both shake and then sucker each other, trading shot after shot.

Kim with a crossbody into a turnbuckle.

They are outside battling.

Kim avoids a charge by Lufisto, who takes the barrier to the face.

They exchange chops and strikes outside the ring.

Lufisto hits a Spinal Tap.

The women trade strikes to the thighs.

Lufisto locks Kim in an inverted Figure Four.

Kim reverses it.

She ties up Lufisto in a modified STF.

Rope break.

Kim drives her opponent into the mat.

She then hits two shoulder tackles.

Stinger Splash!

Crossbody block off the top rope.

Kim gets a two count.

Kim locks Lufisto in a Figure Four with her legs around a turnbuckle post.

They battle around ringside.

Lufisto is pressed off the top rope.

Lufisto with a power slam.

Kim out at two.

Lufisto with a gnarly Facewash.

Cannonball into the corner.

Stiff boot to the face.

Kim by pinfall.

Winner: Gail Kim

Observations: This first time ever match was the perfect way to end the evening. Both women are talented and experienced enough to understand how to main event a show filled with so much action. Gail Kim is a real pro. Lufisto can be a little juggernaut when she chooses to be. I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch.


This show was a homerun. The guys sorta snuck in and stole the show, but the entire event is chock full of quality matches. As for the women, the best match is a legit toss-up between Savoy/Dobson, Yim/Baszler, and Kim/Lufisto. That’s a good problem to have.

Buy the DVD or purchase online access as soon as it is available.

This was a fun, memorable, and action-packed show.


-Zep the Bear










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