Overrated/Underrated Wrestlers

Overrated: Bret Hart


I think Bret Hart was a below average, bordering on terrible, promo. His matches were usually good but too formulaic to ever feel truly exceptional. Essentially, the Hitman’s gimmick was that he was great when in reality he was merely pretty good.

Underrated: Bad News Brown


If Bad News Brown would have come along five years later, he would have been a stud player during the Attitude Era. He destroyed on the mic, could hold up his end in the ring, and oozed heel “charisma.” Bad News and Steve Austin would’ve been a helluva program.

Overrated: The Road Warriors


The Road Warriors’ promos were, well, garbage. I didn’t even feel that Paul Ellering was all that compelling on the mic, but when he was missing from the package Hawk and Animal’s deficiencies were glaring.

The LOD’s ring work was cringeworthy. Yes, they drew money. Yes, they popped crowds.  But even late in their run together they were still so one-dimensional. I understand that they were booked in short squash matches early on to play into their look and cover for their greenness in the ring, but they never bothered to improve in the least bit. I never once felt as if I got my money’s worth when I watched a Road Warriors’ match.

Underrated: Yokozuna


Two-time WWF Champion.

Two-Time WWF Tag Team Champion.

Winner of the 1993 Royal Rumble.

Yokozuna was crazy athletic for a guy his size. He had some great matches during his run. The big Samoan carried the Fed on his back for a couple years. He doesn’t get nearly the credit he deserves for his work or contribution to the industry.

Overrated: Randy Orton


Randy Orton is, at best, a mediocre worker. I don’t think he has a drop of charisma. Despite being a 12-time world champion, I doubt that he would be little more than a lower-midcarder during a more competitive era in the business.

Underrated: The Orient Express


Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka were thin on personality, but these boys could work. Check out their match with the Rockers at the ’91 Royal Rumble.

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-Zep the Bear




One thought on “Overrated/Underrated Wrestlers

  1. Agreed on Bret Hart. I’ve never understood the internet cult around him. It’s like they all believe his “Best there is…” line as if it were something other than a typical WWF/E catchphrase. Orton stinks. Orton has always stunk. The only reason he’s ever been pushed is because Vince likes his look. Agreed on all the rest too, come to think of it.


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