AIW: Back to the Future Cup (2016)

Back to the Future Cup-May 29, 2016

Opening Round



The crowd throws bananas into the ring as Space Monkey is announced. He excitedly runs around gathering them.

Brian Carson takes one of the bananas and smashes it up, enraging the Intergalactic Chimp.

Monkey gets aggressive with some vicious tail strikes.

Monkey wraps his tail around Carson’s neck while delivering a Rude Awakening.

Ultimately, however, Carson scores the pin.

Winner: Brian Carson


Space Monkey reminds me of the current day’s version of El Generico. A talented worker with a weird, but charming, gimmick. He is so much fun to watch.



Kaplan manhandles Frankie Flynn early.

He taunts him while singing.

“Hello, my baby…”


Flynn is balanced on his abdomen across the top rope while Kaplan croons and boots him in the head. Ouch.

Kaplan misses a split-legged Moonsault.

Flynn hits a Dirty Deeds for the pin.

Winner: Frankie Flynn


Kaplan’s bulldozing, smash-mouth style of offense is a guilty pleasure. It’s going to be interesting to see him against higher-profile opponents once he gains more experience.



Daniel Rockingham pinned Dominic Garrini despite being trapped in an armbar by Garrini. Garrini was outraged and jacked up the referee, Dave the Potato. Colt Cabana came out and carried the battered Potato to the locker room.


I half expected AIW to call an audible with Garrini after his performance and reception the night before against Tracy Williams in Round One of the JLIT. It would have been enticing to capitalize on the momentum created the previous evening but one must be patient in building young, green talent.



Josh Singh won via pinfall.


This match was filled with lots of dives, flips, and top rope spots.

Singh is deceptively athletic and graceful.




Brian Myers and Swoggle come out to answer Weird World’s open challenge.

Swoggle and Weird Body start the match.

The exchange a couple moves before Worldwide and Myers tag in.

Swoggle splashes Worldwide.

Worldwide gets on his knees to fight Swoggle.

Worldwide stands on Swoggle.

Swoggle belly-to-back suplexes Weird Body.

Swoggle and Myers deliver a Doomsday Device to Weird Body.

Swoggle hits a Tadpole Splash for the pin.

Winners: Brian Myers & Swoggle


This was Swoggle’s first match on the independent circuit since leaving the WWE. It was a fun outing. He did way more in the ring than I expected. He is surprisingly charismatic as well. I’d love to see him tag with Big Mo in the future.



Laredo Kid hits a Hurricanrana.

He flips off the apron onto Big Damo.

Damo runs Kid face first into the steel post.

He hits a huge splash to Kid’s back.

Damo sinks in a chin lock/armbar.: “It’s too easy, son.”

He taunts his much smaller opponent.

“It’s too easy, son.”

Damo follows with a splash in the corner.

Kid with a double-leg dropkick.

He hits an RKO.

Damo is chopped down with kicks.

Damo knocks the Kid off the top rope.

Back Senton.

Damo catches the Kid coming off the top rope, but Kid reverses this into a DDT.

Kid knocks his opponent down with a kick to the face.

Kid rolls him up for a pin, but Damo kicks out.

Damo executes a jarring body block.

He misses a back splash.

Kid eats Damo’s knees while attempting a 45o.

Damo hits a Falcon Arrow for the pin.

Winner: Big Damo


This match was super cool. It was the classic big man v. little man matchup. Damo is a massive brute and Kid is so light on his feet. The two are a great combo.

It’s quirky international pairings or clashes of opposing styles like this that often makes AIW’s booking so compelling.

I’d very much like to see Damo back in the near future.

Back to the Future Cup 2016 Finals

Frankie Flynn v. Brian Carson v. Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham v. Joshua Singh


Singh eliminates Rockingham almost immediately.

He follows up with Suicide Dives on his two remaining opponents.

Flynn hits a Blockbuster on Carson off Singh’s shoulders.

Singh hits a German suplex on Flynn.

He cannonballs both his opponents.

Singh attempts to pin Carson.

Singh is pinned by Carson while Rockingham holds his ankle.

Flynn catches a heel hook on Carson to win the tournament.

After the bell BJ Whitmer and The Duke storm the ring.

Duke gets on the mic and proclaims that he doesn’t like Flynn.

Duke drills Flynn with a sit-out piledriver.

Winner of the Back to the Future Cup Tournament: Frankie Flynn


I think holding the Cup will benefit the young Flynn. He is a likable guy with an offbeat gimmick. Fans will rally behind him in an extended program with Duke/Whitmer.

Overall Observations

This was a fun self-contained afternoon show. It definitely primed the pump for the conclusion of the JLIT 2016 later in the evening.

The Damo/Kid and Weird World matches were tons of fun. The tournament was logical and solid.

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