The Art of Wrestling: LIVE from the JLIT 2016


*Spoiler Free Preview*



AIW Referee Dave the Potato

His bucket list

Dave the Potato: Co-host?


Billy Gunn

Working the indies

Podcast etiquette

Johnny Gargano

His feud with Potato

Memories of JT Lightning

Weird World

Tracy Smothers

Little Guido

A forced standing ovation

No 619

The Fab, Fab Money

How fans treat him since signing with NXT

That time he met Mick Foley

How big is Batista’s dick??

What fans always ask Johnny

Johnny Gargano: Corporate Shill?

Johnny’s Wedding


AIW: Smackdown ’08?


Cage match

1st match on the indies

“The Beast” Dan Severn

How does Severn care for his mustache?

“Any fan questions?”

Dan gets a call

Severn’s contract with the Fed

Me, You, and Marty Derosa

Swoggle doesn’t play basketball

Swoggle’s fan interactions

The Art of Fetishes

Big E

The Biggest Bully in the Locker Room

The most illegal thing Dan Severn has ever done

Greg Iron

Fetish porn

Being a heel

The 4-count

Memories of JT Lightning

More Wrestling:


AIW: Back to the Future Cup (2016)

Absolute Intense Wrestling’s JLIT 2016 Night One

Absolute Intense Wrestling’s JLIT 2016 Night Two

-Zep the Bear





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