AIW: What’s in the Basement, Klopek? (2016)


This was a small venue show held at Tequila Jaxx in scenic Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio. The bar holds, at most, a couple hundred and was easily sold out.

Quick Results

6-Man Scramble: AIW Superstar Jerry pinned Kaplan to defeat Dominic Garrini, Garrison King, Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham, and Joshua Singh.

Weird World (“Weird Body” Evan Adams and “World Wide” Alex Kellar) stunned a delighted audience by defeating BJ Whitmer and The Duke.

Shayna Baszler mauled Veda Scott (w/ Ray Lyn in her corner.)

Bandolero and Laredo Kid simultaneously pinned Golden Kid and El Gringo Loko. The two teams tore the house down.

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas was pinned by Brian Carson after answering an open challenge. Douglas received a HUGE pop upon coming to ringside.

Facade pinned Eric Ryan in a weapons-filled bloodbath.

Ethan Carter III defeated Rex Brody.

Josh Prohibition bested Sonjay Dutt.

AIW Intense Championship 3-Way: Alex Daniels retained the title against DJZ and Flamita.



2004: Ring announcer Steve Guy makes his way to the ring. He announces the participants of the 6-Man Scramble.

2016: Kaplan buries Dominic Garrini with a boot to the face.

2017: Josh Singh attempts to chokeslam Garrison King straight through the mat.

2018: King crashes and burns on a suicide dive attempt. However, Kaplan doesn’t.

2020: AIW Superstar Jerry boots Garrini in the head.

2021: Daniel Rockingham is double-chokeslammed by Kaplan and Singh.

2023: Jerry soccer kicks Kaplan for the pin.

2024: Crowd chants for Jerry as he motions wearing a championship belt.


2026: BJ Whitmer and The Duke make their way to the ring. The Duke is wearing a white satin jacket with a towel tucked in around his neck like a prizefighter.

2027: #WeirdWorld

2029: The Duke v. Worldwide

2030: Worldwide to referee Dave the Potato: “I have hair. He doesn’t have hair.”

2032: Worldwide gut wrench suplexes The Duke. Weird Body climbs on WW’s shoulders and they wreak havoc on their opponents. Whitmer destroys Weird Body with a powerslam.

2033: Body mugged in the corner by both opponents.

2036: Duke hits a fallaway slam off the top rope on a hapless Weird Body.

2037: Frankie Flynn’s music hits. This distracts The Duke, allowing Weird Body to roll him up for the pin.

2038: An enraged Duke hits a Duke Driver on Body. Weird World is beaten down by their opponents.

2039: Flynn challenges Whitmer and Duke to a tag match at Absolution 11.


2041: Veda Scott (accompanied by Ray Lyn) is out to the ring.

2042: Shayna Baszler comes out with death in her eyes.

2043: Baszler gets streamers.

2045: Scott offers the match to Lyn, who pretends to accept the offer. However, Scott jumps Baszler from behind.

2047: Scott screams as Baszler ties her in knots.

2048: Baszler sinks in a nasty heel hook.

2049: Baszler goes for an armbar on Scott. The referee is distracted by Lyn.

2050: Baszler scores the pinfall. She locks Lyn in a rear naked choke and then drops her.

2051: Baszler is awesome. She is such a legit badass.


2053: Laredo Kid and Bandolero out first.

2055: Golden Kid (replacing Skayde, Jr.) and El Gringo Loko make their entrance.

2056: Loko and Laredo Kid start the match.

2059: Golden Kid and Loko hit a powerbomb/leg drop combo on Bandolero.

2100: Crowd is on fire. They are chanting for Laredo Kid.

2101: All four competitors in a heap on the floor after dives.

2102: Bandolero stands on Loko’s shoulders and DDTs Kid. Wow. Just…wow.

2105: Referee Jake Clemons counts as everyone but Bandolero is on the floor. Loko is in. He eats a hurricanrana from Bandolero.

2106: Bandolero hits a moonsault on both opponents for the pinfall.

2107: Whatever these guys are being paid, it ain’t enough. Everyone’s moves were crisp and executed violently.

2109: Brian Carson is out and he is pissed. To a heckling fan: “I love you, too, fat-ass.” Ouch. He makes an open challenge to the locker room.

2111: Who answers? SHANE DOUGLAS.

2113: “Cut the fucking music.” (I admittedly marked out as Douglas stopped, turned, and posed in front of the ringside camera with me as we both threw up the “Triple Threat” hand sign.)

2114: Someone in the audience screams, “Touch his junk, Potato.” This is troubling.

2115: Crowd chants, “Fuck him up, Franchise!”

2117: Audience member to Carson: “Not even yer mother likes you.”

2118: Douglas blows water in Carson’s face as they battle on the floor.

2119: Douglas starts and “ECW” chant.

2121: Douglas hits a huge atomic drop.

2122: Carson pins Douglas with his feet on the ropes. He then brings a chair into the ring. Douglas drop toeholds him on the chair. Carson bounces out of the ring.

2124: Douglas addresses the crowd. He pays tribute to deceased Triple Threat members: Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido.

            “We told the big boys what they could do with their ‘sports entertainment’…with their ‘cartoons.'”

             He asks the crowd to consider what type of wrestling that they support and puts over AIW.


During the intermission, Douglas stays in the ring and poses for free photographs with fans.

Most of the performers on the card are at the merchandise tables. They are doing brisk business.

2202: Facade out.

2203: Eric Ryan makes his way to the ring brandishing a BBQ fork. Happy Father’s Day?

2209: Ryan plasters Facade with a suicide dive. Facade recovers and pulls a ladder out from under the ring. Ryan throws a trash can at Facade. Ryan then pulls a trash can from beneath the ring.

2210: Ryan has a barbed wire covered 2×4 that looks heavy as hell. Facade springs off the top rope, clears the barrier and plasters Ryan.

2212: The two brawl through the audience. Facade climbs on top of a punching bag arcade game and leaps onto Ryan.

2213: Ryan is brained by a can of Surge soda.

2215: Ryan has major color.

2216: Facade double-leg dropkicks Ryan through a table.

2217: Ladders and trash cans are in the ring.

2218: The two are trading chops. Facade hits a springboard kick.

2219: Ryan with a double-underhook powerbomb for a 2-count.

2220: The ladder is set up horizontally across two chairs.

2221: Facade is powerbombed off the top rope and through the ladder.

           Crowd chants, “This is awesome.”

2223: Facade scales the wall and is up in the balcony. He drops an elbow off the balcony onto his opponent and scores the pin. Good lord. These two tore it up.

2226: Steve Guy and a student clean up the debris in the ring.

2228: EC3 v. Rex Brody.

2231: Brody is wearing a crash helmet while chasing EC3 through the crowd.

2232: I can’t see shit.

2233: The two are standing on the bar.

           EC3: “Why are we fighting? We’ve been friends our whole lives. I didn’t come to fight you. I came to party with my boy.”

           They toast and do shots.

           However, EC3 jumps his pal and the war continues.

2235: EC3 hits and Ultimate Warrior-style gorilla press. Vicious. Brody retaliates with an X-Pac “Bronco Buster.”

2236: EC3 misses a People’s Elbow. Brody follows up with Stone Cold Stunner.

2237: Brody scores with a Randy Savage elbow and pin. EC3 kicks out. EC3 starts “hulking up.” Big finger point.Three punches followed by a boot to the face and leg drop. Brody kicks out.

2239: Referee Tom Dunn hits Brody with his “Dundertaker” chokeslam. EC3 is “firing up the band.” He hits a low Sweet Chin Music and a Batista Bomb.

2241: Brody eats a One Percenter and is pinned.

2242: EC3 challenges Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae to a mixed tag team match at Absolution 11. Carter will team with Maxine.

2245: Josh Prohibition v. Sonjay Dutt.

2248: Prohibition on the microphone. Talks about how 18 years previously, he and Dutt were young guys featured on backyard wrestling videos.

2250: Promo continues. Dutt brings up that Prohibition turned his back on CZW to work for XPW.

2257: Potato shoves Dutt, who is rolled up by Probo. However, he kicks out.

2258: Dutt does a Drunken Driver after Potato bumps. Dunn runs in to make the count, but Prohibition kicks out. Dutt throws a chair at Dunn’s face. Dunn appeared to take most of the shot.

2259: Dutt tornado DDTs Probo.

2300: Probo scores with a Drunken Driver. Clemons in to count the pin.

2301: Dutt on the mic. Puts over Prohibition.

2303: Intense Title match: DJZ’s music hits.

2308: Alex Daniels’ tights read “Departed.”

2311: Flamita with a pretty suicide dive on Daniels.

2312: Flamita moonsaults off the balcony.

2313: Flamita chops the fuck out of Daniels.

2314: Daniels with a Parkour flip onto DJZ outside the ring.

2317: DJZ executes a reverse hurricanrana on Flamita. He spiked him on his head…hard.

2319: Daniels suplexes Flamita awkwardly into the corner. He is grunting like a wounded animal.

2322: Flamita frog splashes Z, but Z kicks out. Flamita back to the top rope. Daniels pushes him off and hits some sort of convoluted driver—I admittedly don’t know the name of it—on DJZ to retain the title.

2323: Helluva main event. There were just too many crazy spots for me to record them in real time.

2325: Steve Guy closes the show.


This was a great show. The hot crowd in a tiny venue drove the atmosphere through the roof.

The recent influx of lucha talent in the promotion is refreshing and, frankly, exciting. All the luchdores come to work hard and dazzle, which they do.

I can’t say enough good things about Shayna Baszler. She is so intense and believable. I’d love to see her go after Alex Daniels’ Intense title. That match would be a load of fun.

I must admit, I was a bit shocked by the enormous pop that Shane Douglas received. There were some major talents who had to cancel (Grado and Brian Myers were but two) but the show didn’t suffer in any noticeable way. Douglas was the perfect replacement for this particular situation.

So, Absolution XI is slowly shaping up. We have Flynn and a mystery partner v. The Duke and Whitmer. Additionally, Gargano and LeRae will face Carter and Maxine. I’m sure that John Thorne and Chandler Biggins have a few tricks up their sleeves, as well.

One thing is certain, no one is gonna wanna miss AbsoXI on July 22.

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