Earworm: Draze “The Hood Ain’t the Same”


The Emcee

Meet Dumi Maraire Jr.

Maraire, who performs under the moniker “Draze,” is not your conventional self-involved, shallow rapper. He is talented, smart, and compassionate.

The former high school teacher and Hollywood production assistant raps with his conscience pinned prominently to his chest. He confronts issues such as community, capitalism, and the importance of having choices.

Draze spits over minimal beats that are often soulful or jazzy. His delivery is both spry and astute. Equal parts Nas and Andre 3000, you will nod your head while your eyes are opened.

Most recently, he has gained attention with the release of the single, “Irony on 23rd.” In it, he confronts the issue of recreational marijuana centers and the impact they have on the communities that they are located.

The Seattle native’s music has been featured on such television shows as Empire and Sports Center.

The Song

This week’s Earworm is a single from the mixtape, Draze: Seattle’s OwnReleased on April 30, 2014, “The Hood Ain’t the Same” is a sobering look at the gentrification of many urban Seattle neighborhoods.

But just because Draze has an agenda, don’t think that you won’t be entertained. This song is dope.

Ladies and gentleman, this week’s Earworm: “The Hood Ain’t the Same.”

Draze can be found on his website or on Twitter.

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