Northeast Wrestling: Wrestling Under the Stars (2016)

Reviewer: Zep the Bear

Eastwood Field

Niles, Ohio

Saturday, July 9, 2016


Triple Threat Match (1 Fall)

Chris LeRusso v. Andrew Palace v. Travis “Flip” Gordon

LeRusso is out first. Since the ring is set up on the baseball diamond, he rides down the first base line on a cart.

Palace, however, runs full speed from the locker room to the ring, a la the Ultimate Warrior. The crowd ate up his entrance.

Gordon is out last.

Gordon and Palace double up on LeRusso to start the match.

Soon enough, however, the two faces turn their attention to one another.

Palace scores a suicide dive on LeRusso.

Flip does a, well, flip, on his opponents.

Gordon misses a tackle in the corner. He crushes his shoulder on the post.

Palace wallops LeRusso with a crushing European Uppercut.

Palace then eats a corkscrew elbow off the ropes from Gordon. He follows with a double knee strike.

Gordon blasts Palace with and Air Raid Crash and a kick to the temple. He hits a flip off the top rope, but LeRusso breaks up his pin attempt.

LeRusso superkicks Gordon.

Palace belly-to-back suplexes LeRusso. He hits a modified driver on LeRusso for the pinfall.

Winner: Andrew Palace

Mixed Tag Team Match

Dylan Bostic/Ray Lyn v. Cam Zagami/Marti Belle


“Bieber sucks!” chants reign down on Bostic before the bell.

The men lock up briefly before tagging in the women.

Taunting Belle, Lyn begin to twerk.

The men are in for another quick exchange.

Back to the ladies.

Belle charges Lyn in the corner, uh, derriere first.

Zagami goes for a pin attempt on Bostic. There appears to be a botched three count by the referee, but the bout continues. Lyn interfered too late.

Lyn chokes Zagami as the ref is distracted.

Bostic uppercuts Zagami.

Belle hits a Roaring Elbow on Lyn. She then she then scores a drop toe hold on Lyn, dropping her face-first into Bostic’s crotch.

Zagami and Belle each roll up their counterpart to score double pins.

Winners: Marti Belle/Cam Zagami

Singles Match

“Man Scout” Jake Manning v. “Wrecking Ball” Legursky

Manning is chopped and whipped from corner to corner by the massive Legursky. However, he retaliates with a Dutch Rub followed by a sleeper.

Manning places a knee across Legursky’s throat while he distracts the referee with his Man Scout Manual.

Wrecking Ball hits a fallaway slam. He then demolishes Manning with an Avalanche. He hits a gut wrench suplex, but Manning is out at two.

Legursky misses a charge into the corner and an elbow drop.

Manning misses a “Manscout Pledge” drop off the top rope.

Wrecking Ball with a gorilla press into a drop slam for the pinfall.

Winner: “Wrecking Ball” Legursky

Northeast Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match

War King Hanson (c) w/ “Showtime” Stevie Stamos v. Matt Hardy


The two lock up immediately. They briefly brawl around before Hardy gets on the microphone.

Gesturing to Hanson: “He must be deleted!”

Stamos attempts to interfere.

Hardy calls him a “dilapidated scumbag man in a cheap suit of blue.”

Booker T then comes to ringside to act as Hardy’s backup.

Hardy clamps on a headlock. Hanson pushes off, but Hardy clenches his beard.

Hanson with a cartwheel followed by a nasty clothesline.

Stamos is choking Hardy on the second rope.

Hanson drives vicious knees into Hardy’s stomach.

Hardy fights back with shots to the ribs.

Hanson gets a two-count.

Hardy is lying across the top rope while Hanson pummels him.

Hanson misses a Bronco Buster.

The two stand trading punches.

Hardy with a bulldog and pin attempt.

Hanson kicks out.

Hardy with an implant DDT.

Hanson kicks out.

Hanson with another cartwheel.

Matt hits a (dilapidated) Side Effect for a two-count.

Hanson misses a Moonsault.

Hardy with a Twist of Fate and…

Stamos interferes to trigger a disqualification. He soon is a recipient of a Book End from Booker T.

Hardy then gives Hanson a Twist of Fate on top of his manager. He pins them both while Booker T counts to three.

Outside the ring, Hanson stumbles into the ring announcer. The pair goes down in a heap.

Hardy: “Vermin…be GONE!!”

Hardy to Booker: “I must speak to royalty. Who ARE those rogues?”

Booker: “They are peasants, perhaps.”

Hardy: “IT’S OVER!!”

Winner: Matt Hardy by disqualification (No Deletion)


Singles Match

Caleb Konley v. TK O’Ryan

O’Ryan enters the field to “You’re the Best Around” from the Karate Kid soundtrack.

O’Ryan dropkicks Konley.

“Hey Caleb, you suck!”

Konley tosses O’Ryan from the ring. He then rakes the back.

The two stand toe-to-toe trading chops and punches.

Konley slams O’Ryan upside down in the corner.


O’Ryan is in a reverse chinlock.

Konley crotches himself on the second rope.

He then misses a Lionsault.

O’Ryan firing off stiff chops. He then places his knees to Konley’s temple and drives him to the mat.

Konley returns fire with a backfist and Falcon Arrow.


O’Ryan drops his opponent with a piledriver.

O’Ryan scores the pinfall.

Winner: TK O’Ryan

Tag Team Match

Brad Hollister/Vinny Marseglia v. Adrenaline Rush


Marseglia starts out taunting and jeering the crowd.

Both teams are soon brawling outside the ring.

Lots of taunting and double-teaming.

Winner: Adrenaline Rush

Main Event

Brian Anthony v. Jeff Hardy

Special Guest Referee: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Anthony enters through the crowd carrying an axe handle.

Out next is Jeff Hardy.

“Brother Nero, I knew you would come.”

Before the match gets started, Steamboat removes Anthony’s axe handle from immediate ringside.

Hardy starts off hot. He transitions from a headlock to a double-leg dropkick. He then dives on Anthony, who is outside the ring. He runs his head into a barrier.

Hardy is on the top rope. Anthony shoves Steamboat into the ropes, knocking Hardy off.

Hardy kicks out of a pin attempt.

Anthony sinks in a reverse chinlock.

He mocks Hardy’s in-ring gestures.

Anthony scores with a pretty springboard dropkick.

He locks Hardy in an extended chinlock.

Hardy hits a modified Slingblade.

Both are duking it out.

Hardy drills Anthony with a crossbody. He hits a double-leg dropkick.

Anthony executes a picture perfect elbow off the top rope. He goes for the pin but argues with Steamboat that it only resulted in a two-count.

Hardy with a chin breaker.

Anthony shoves Hardy into Steamboat, who goes down.

Anthony has the pin but there is no ref to count the fall.

Anthony heads to the timekeeper’s table to get his axe handle. He swings it at the recovered Steamboat.

Steamboat chops him.

Hardy with a Twist of Fate. He follows with a Swanton and pinfall.

Winner: Jeff Hardy


This was a fun show. It was orderly and well-organized. Save for Mandy Leon, all the advertised talent appeared.

The match of the night goes to Konley and O’Ryan. Konley is a helluva hand, yet O’Ryan hung with him move for move.

I have been wanting to see Vinny Marseglia for awhile. Dude is a killer heel. He is a solid worker and just relishes pushing the fan’s buttons. He is a talented performer.

The title bout was comprised of a weird mixture of talent but it just worked. Matt Hardy’s insults to his opponents were pure gold. The agility of a man Hanson’s size is incredible.

There wasn’t a bad match on the card.

Mother Nature even cooperated, as the rain didn’t come until the final minutes of the main event.

North East Wrestling can be found here.

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