PCW: Sunday Melee (2016)

PCW Sunday Melee

Turner’s Hall

Cleveland, Ohio

September 18, 2016

Attendance: 75+


The Show

Ring announcer Pedro DeLuca came out to a huge pop to start the show.

Ace Perry v. Jack Pollock

Perry does a Matrix Bridge to avoid a kick from Pollock. Pollock misses a charge to the corner and eats a kick from Perry. Perry hits springboard double-stomp to the back of Pollock’s neck that could not have been fun to take. Perry pinned Pollock with a springboard RKO.

Both guys came to work. I was disappointed to see Pollock lose but new talent must be established.

Winner: Ace Perry

Joe Dombrowski came out to address the audience. He informed those in attendance that Frightmare, Ganon Jones, Jr., and Jason Kincaid would be missing the show because of injuries and transportation issues. Rayo would be filling in for Frightmare. Mance Warner would be taking Jones’ place. He then apologized and offered refunds to anyone who had specifically come to see one of the three missing wrestlers.

The previous evening I had attended a show in Akron. There were at least seven advertised names that did not appear. The promoter only mentioned two of them in passing. The others were ignored. The show ended up consisting of four matches in total. There was no offer for refunds or even an apology.

This is where Joe Dombrowski separates himself from the rest of the pack. No-shows are going to happen. It’s simply part of the business. However, the way a promoter deals with them can either build or destroy confidence and loyalty in the audience. The evening before, I left the show of the other promoter feeling disappointed and cheated. I left PCW the next day satisfied and excited for the next event. The fans matter. Joe Dombrowski gets this.

Three-Way Match

“Mind Eraser” Remy LaVey v. Joey Vengeance v. “Neon Icon” Derek Direction

LaVey and Vengeance square off. Direction eats a dropkick from Vengeance, who follows with a running knee strike.

Direction: “This is MY HOUSE!!”

LaVey gets crushed in a Tower of Doom spot. Direction hits a rolling senton to Vengeance but then misses a moonsault. LeVay scores a pinfall. He then cuts a promo in the ring.

Winner: “Mind Eraser” Remy LaVey

“One Man Militia” Matthew Justice v. Dale Patricks

Patricks comes out to “Heaven is a Place on Earth” by Belinda Carlisle.

This one starts out slowly. Justice works a headlock on his opponent. Patricks missed a bronco buster. Justice violently chops him. Patricks chops and kicks Justice. He hits two suicide dives but misses the third. Justice gives him a Russian leg sweep on the ramp. The two are trading chops outside the ring. Justice chokes Patricks with a cable. The One Man Militia breaks a Johnny Gargano DVD from the merch table over Patricks’ head.

Patricks: “C’mon, bitch!”

Justice stomps him mercilessly.

Patricks misses a cannonball into the corner outside the ring as Justice leaps out of the chair in which he was seated.

Patricks bobbles a slingshot brainbuster.

The crowd: “This is awesome!”

Patricks has color on his forehead.

Justice boots Patricks in the face, Jackhammer, and pinfall.

Winner: Matthew Justice

Mance Warner v. “The Bev” Bobby Beverly

Bobby Beverly must’ve had a bad a bad day or something because he showed up and unloaded on Mance Warner.

He opened with a left hambone to Warner’s jaw. He then just fired off knees, chops, and fists at will. Outside the ring, he whipped Warner into the barrier four times. Each whip had increased intensity and malice behind it.

Chant: “One more time!”

The two trade forearm shots and chops. Finally, Beverly kicked Warner’s head off for the win. It was an execution.

I like the Bobby Beverly who showed up for this match.

Winner: Bobby Beverly

“The New Age Plague” Gory v. Rayo

I was excited to see Rayo since I was unfamiliar with him. The Peruvian quickly locks a headlock on Gory while he feels him out.

Rayo with a knee strike off the apron and a double-legged dropkick off the top.  Gory bites and double-stomps a prone Rayo. Rayo was set up for a 619 but got crossbodied to his back instead. Gory trips and eats the apron. Rayo fires off a nice butterfly suplex. However, Gory locks in a Dragon Sleeper for a submission.

Winner: Gory

Dombrowski comes out. He said that he doesn’t like Gory’s recent actions so he will be pitting him against Jason Kincaid in October.

He also announced that Marti Belle will be facing Angeldust at the next event.

Alessandro del Bruno will also be wrestling on that show.


Nickie Valentino/Wardlow v. Dropkick Dave and Uppercut Ulysses

Dropkick Dave and Uppercut Ulysses, two students at the Chikara Wrestle Factory, have a fervent cheering section in the crowd.

The match was a blast because of the intensity of the crowd. While limited in the ring, Wardlow has learned to convey more personality. He is slowly learning to work as a “big man.”

Winners: Nickie Valentino & Wardlow

Icarus v. Andrew Palace

Palace enters in his usual high-energy manner. Icarus looks great. He has added thickness.

Late in the bout, Icarus hits Sliced Bread, Palace out at two. Icarus goes for a second Sliced Bread but Palace counters and gives him a pumphandle driver for the win.

Winner: Andrew Palace

“Amazing” N8 Mattson v. Sonny Vice

Mattson cuts an awesome heel promo before the match starts. He requests that the crowd be nice to Vice since he is only a rookie. He is perfectly condescending.

Mattson ran half the perimeter of the ring to deliver a kneelift to Vice who is hanging off the apron. Vice is getting it handed to him.

Vice scores with a reverse leg lariat and enziguri.

Mattson scores the pinfall.

After the bell, Justice comes out to confront Vice. He remembers him coming to his gym a couple years ago to ask Justice to train him. Justice gets personal.

Justice: “Look at me, ‘bro.’ You make me hate my life cuz you hate your life.”

Justice continues shooting, saying that he won’t be like Greg Iron and not credit JT Lightning for training him.

Vice says that Justice is sad. He said that he quit on his dream to be in the WWE and threw it away.

A pullapart brawl ensues.

Main Event

Ophidian v. Chris LeRusso

LeRusso announced that he is a “big deal,” so fans better on the train now.

These two have a helluva match. Ophidian dominates early with a Codebreaker to LeRusso’s arm. He then blocks his opponent’s strikes with headbutts.

LeRusso fires back with a ton of offense of his own.

Finally, Ophidian rocks LeRusso with a double knee strike off the top rope for the pin.

I was a bit surprised that LeRusso dropped this match. I trust that Joe Dombrowski has a compelling storyline mapped out for him so I’m curious to see the direction it takes.

Click here for more information about PCW and their next event on Sunday, October 23rd at Turner’s Hall in Cleveland.

-Zep the Bear

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