WWE No Mercy (2016)

WWE No Mercy (2016)

Golden 1 Center

Sacramento, Calif.

Attendance: 14,324


Raw and Uncensored


The entire Curt Hawkins package and presentation is incredibly minor league. The intro, cane, and promo don’t feel professional in any way.

Becky Lynch can’t compete in her match tonight. Alexa Bliss will get a shot at the title on 11/8 in Glasgow, Scotland. She will have a mystery opponent tonight. Oddly, Jerry Lawler called Bliss’ match later “throwaway.” Is it ever a good idea to downgrade the relevance of a match?

American Alpha v. Hype Bros. v. The Vaudevillains v. The Ascension

Gable is so crisp and dynamic.

I don’t mind retro acts but there must be a way to make The Ascension feel more contemporary.

The beard makes Aiden English look like Sami Zayn’s deadbeat uncle.

Jason Jordan pinned English after a Grand Amplitude.

Business picked up heading into the finishing sequence.

Winners: American Alpha

Main Card

WWE World Championship

John Cena v. Dean Ambrose v. AJ Styles (c)

Is the main event running first because of the U.S. presidential debate? I’d love to hear the debates that lead to these type of decisions.

Styles’ Springboard 450: absolutely gorgeous.

Styles in a calf crusher and STF. Styles taps. The ref rings the bell but waves it off. Match continues. Shouldn’t Styles have been “eliminated?”

Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds on Cena. Styles pulls the ref from the ring during the count.

Cena hit the Avalanche AA on Ambrose. Styles levels Cena with a chair for the win.

Great match. It was smartly booked, paced, and executed.

The early submission gives both challengers grounds for a rematch.

Winner: AJ Styles

Nikki Bella v. Carmella

Carmella’s father used to wrestle?

Code of Silence leg choke doesn’t look like much fun to take.

Bella, “Rack Attack 2.0” for the pinfall.

Acceptable match. No noticeable botches.

Winner: Nikki Bella

Smackdown Tag Team Championships

The Usos v. Heath Slater/Rhyno (c)

The crowd (in reference to Slater): “He’s got kids!”

The Usos still don’t have a grasp on a suitable heel look. Jeans and Day-Glo shoes are bland and just don’t cut the mustard.

Slater fascinates me. I’m curious why he has managed to stay with the company when all his former partners have been let go. He clearly has charisma but that’s not always enough.

Ranallo: “Talk about a denture-denting move…”

Rhyno hit Jey Uso with a Gore to score the pinfall.

Will Slater and Rhyno make it out of 2016 with the belts?

Winners: Heath Slater & Rhyno

Baron Corbin v. Jack Swagger

This is gonna be two big hosses trading leather.

Corbin is fired up tonight.

The story of the match: Swagger’s hand crushed between post and steps early in the bout.

Nice Swagger Bomb.

Corbin: “This is for you, little kid.”

Swagger has Corbin in the Patriot Lock. Corbin pops him in the eyes and rocks Swagger with the End of Days to score the pinfall.

I enjoyed the match more than I expected.

Corbin should be paired with The Ascension as the faction’s leader.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Career v. Intercontinental Championship

Dolph Ziggler v. The Miz (w/ Maryse)

Why isn’t this match going on last? A title and career are on the line. Finally a match with stakes and it’s buried in the middle of the show.

The Miz is trolling Daniel Bryan by doing the “Yes” finger point. Where is the feud between he and D-Bry headed?

Great sequence when Zigs is in Figure Four. Amazing selling. Stellar camera work.

The crowd is rallying behind Ziggler in a profound way.

Ziggler whipped into exposed turnbuckle, then slingshot powerbombed. Zigs out.

Countless knee strikes by Miz, misses, eats a Zig Zag. Crowd white hot.

Ziggler reverses a Skull Crushing Finale into a sleeper. Miz gets to the ropes.

Maryse sprays Zigs in the face, SCF, foot on the ropes.

Ziggler: superkicks Miz with no boot.

Out come the Spirit Squad. Damn.

Z kicks out of another SCF, pure adrenaline.

Crowd: “This is awesome!”

SS and Maryse sent to the back.

Superkick by Ziggler…

…and pinfall.

A truly great and emotional moment. Excellent match.

The Miz off to be a main eventer?

This was a perfect relaunch for Ziggler. I hope Creative and Vince doesn’t blow this.

This definitely should’ve closed the show.

Winner and new Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Alexa Bliss v. ???

Bliss on the mic when Naomi’s music cues.

I dig Bliss as a heel.

Naomi scored early with a flurry of kicks and a split-legged moonsault.

Naomi with an upset roll-up pinfall.

Bliss throws a great tantrum after the bell.

Is Naomi now in the title mix?

Winner: Naomi

Bray Wyatt v. Randy Orton

Crowd chants “RKO” as Wyatt is on his knees in the center of the ring awaiting his opponent.

Just moments in, Orton goes for the RKO. Wyatt avoids it.

Wyatt controlling the pace of the bout. Match feels plodding.

The two struggle to hit their signature maneuvers.

Orton: Draping DDT. Such ferocity.

Lights out!! Luke Harper appears in ring, face to face with Orton.

Wyatt hits Sister Abigail for the pinfall.

Harper and Wyatt embrace.

Is the Wyatt Family reunited?

Will Orton branch off into a feud with Harper?

Can Wyatt regain the momentum needed to solidify him as genuine main eventer?

Post Show

Talking Smack

Renee Young, Daniel Bryan, and Shane McMahon are hosting.

Bryan thanks the production crew for their hard work.

McMahon says it was his idea to open with the WWE World Championship match. No reason is given why he made that decision. Bryan questions the officiating in the match because Styles DID submit simultaneously to both challengers.

Young asks if any talent stood out as the next big star on the roster. Ziggler and Ambrose were mentioned.

McMahon says that it would be “cool” to see Cena with a 16th championship but it isn’t a priority. If it happens, it happens.

Alexa Bliss is out. She denies Naomi’s victory. The improvisational aspect of the show suits her.

The Wyatt/Orton/Harper situation is discussed.

Daniel Bryan is going to be a father!!

Ziggler out. He said that the gravity of the moment hit him during the ring introductions. He suggested that the IC title match should have been the main event. (Hmm…that sounds familiar.)

He says that he hired a Hollywood agent the previous week in the event that he lost.

Zigs put over The Miz as a performer and an ambassador of the company.

Bryan brings up the issue of contract negotiations now that Ziggler is staying with the company. Zigs says that he doesn’t want perks or special treatment. He only asks that if he is performing better than anyone else on the roster that he be placed in the main event of shows.

Talking Smack is consistently excellent. It walks that fine line between kayfabe and reality so well. Young excels in whatever scenario that she is placed. Bryan is a straight shooter who says whatever is on his mind. He has the charisma and clout to do so. The show provides a unique opportunity for SDL talent to do bullet point promos and grow as talkers.


Decent show. The IC title match was terrific. The WWE World title match was very good. The remainder of the show hovered around average.

The WWE World Championship picture seems like it will remain static for the next couple shows.

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE don’t botch Ziggler’s reboot. It’s time to pull the trigger and allow him to be a star.

Same with The Miz. Dude is performing better than any point in his career. Let him fly and see what he can do against Styles or Ambrose.

-Zep the Bear

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