Remix Pro Wrestling: Throwdown for the Pound 8 (2013)

Remix Pro Wrestling

Throwdown for the Pound 8

“In the Dog House”

Marietta, Ohio

October 12, 2013

Over the weekend I was going through some old notes. I’m going to start posting results of shows I attended prior to 2016.

-Zep the Bear


Chance Prophet

The Show

Just saw Maria Kanellis at the gimmick table. For the record, she is all kindsa sexy in person.

Pedro DeLuca out. National anthem by a local kid. Extended promos by REMIX owners give the show a flat start.

Aaron Draven v. Rocky Reynolds

Draven beat Reynolds with a belly-to-belly suplex off the top rope. Reynolds has a nice slingshot powerbomb. Draven has improved quite a bit—and bulked up considerably—since I last saw him.

Winner: Aaron Draven

Bulldozer v. “Bombastic” Bruce Grey

Bulldozer beat Grey with a sit-down splash from the top rope. That couldn’t have felt good.

Winner: Bulldozer

For a mere $1.50, the concession stand offers a tantalizing treat simply identified as the “Sauce Dog.”

REMIX Pro Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership

3-Way Match

Bryan Cross v. Facade v. Matt Cross

Cross rolled up Facade for the pin. He is clearly not the worker that Cross and Facade are.

Winner: Bryan Cross

Sassy Stephanie v. Maria Kanellis

Stephanie did Akron proud by getting the win of Kanellis. They raised each other’s hands at the end of the match.

Winner: Sassy Stephanie


Zak Vincent came out for a promo. He announced that the brain tumor he had been diagnosed with is benign.

The Handicap Heroes (Greg Iron & Zach Gowen) are out. They cut a promo about a fan who has recently passed away. They mention that today is Greg Iron’s birthday.

Handicapped Heroes v. Headless Horsemen (Matt Conard & Gory)

Conard pinned Iron.

Winners: Headless Horsemen

REMIX Pro RIOT Championship

Cole Cash (c) v. Viper

Cash pinned Viper after a Brainbuster through a chair to retain the title. He was jumped after the match by the Headless Horsemen and Bryan Cross. They put a jack-o-lantern on Cash’s head and blasted him with a chair.

Winner: Cole Cash

REMIX Pro Heavyweight Championship

Chance Prophet (c) v. Gangrel (w/ Cheyenne)

Prophet pinned Gangrel. HH are out and surround Prophet in the ring. Facade runs out to a huge pop to make the save.

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