Remix Pro Wrestling Presents Throwdown for the Pound 14: Ignition

Remix Pro Wrestling

Throwdown for the Pound 14: Ignition

Marietta Middle School

Marietta, Ohio

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Belltime 7:00 PM


AIW Spotlight Match

Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham v. Dominic Garrini

Quick little opener. Rockingham over Garrini by pinfall.

Winner: Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham

Ring announcer Pedro DeLuca comes out to start the show. Remix owners Sam, Adam, and Joe address the crowd.

Joe Dombrowski and Isaac Eastwood are on commentary.

Aaron Williams v. Ophidian

The two jaw back and forth feeling each other out.

Williams got mesmerized by Ophidian who got him to dance. Ophidian and referee Jake Clemons cut the rug (err…mat) as well.

Ophidian with a hesitation headstand into a double-knee-strike.

Ophidian by pinfall.

Well-worked and entertaining match.

Winner:  Ophidian

Remix Pro Fury Championship

Britt Baker v. Leva Bates v. Tessa Blanchard (c)

Bates enters the ring just oozing personality. She dances before the match with the title belt.

Things start hot with Baker v. Blanchard.

Blanchard finds herself in a bad way when her two opponents have her locked simultaneously in a triangle choke and Boston crab.

There is a three-way headlock spot.

Blanchard DDTs Baker. Baker hits a Lungblower on Blanchard.

Blanchard pins Baker after a knee to the head. Yowch!

The match was good but felt short.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

Triple Threat Showdown

Aaron Draven v. Takoda Moon v. Vance Desmond

Draven dumped over the top rope by Desmond. Draven responds by hitting Desmond with a hurricanrana from the ring to the floor. Hard bump.

Desmond powerbomb’d Moon in the corner, then powerbomb’d Draven into Moon 3x. He ate a double-dropkick from his opponents.

Desmond hit Draven with a Canadian Destroyer off the top rope. He curb stomped Moon and Draven.

I like Draven as a performer but I get nervous about the risks he takes in the ring.

Winner: Vance Desmond

The Mega Plowers (Jock Samson & Chris Kahn) v. Marion Fontaine & D-Von Dudley

Samson out wearing the “Andre the Giant” singlet.

Dudley addresses the crowd. He says that he came for Fontaine to get his due. He wants to put the Mega Plowers through tables.

Crowd: “Jock Strap!”

Crowd: “We want tables!”

Fontaine and Kahn start the match. The heels quickly get the better of Fontaine and dominate him. Hot tag to Dudley who whoops on Samson. Hits him with a neckbreaker. He sidewalk slams Samson. He tags Fontaine, who Lionsaults Samson for the pinfall.

Dudley addresses the crowd a second time. He talks about creating “history” with Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz. He reminds the crowd that he and Bubba Ray have won 24 world titles. He said that even though he performed in front of 100,000 people at WrestleMania, nothing compares to the intimacy of wrestling at small shows. He revealed that he is now a road agent for the WWE and he saw a lot of great talent on the show so far. He ended with an obligatory, “Oh, my brother…TESTIFY!”

Fun match. Dudley showed up in incredible shape. He laid on the ass kissing pretty thick during the second promo but overall it was fine.

Winners: Marion Fontaine & D-Von Dudley



Jack Pollock w/ Morgan Rockafeller

Remix Pro Riot Championship

No Countout/No Disqualification

Facade (w/ Dani) v. Jack Pollock (w/Morgan Rockafeller) (c)

Pollock starts by firing off some pretty punches. These two are evenly matched, but Pollock is dominating the bulk of the offense.

Facade springboards off a chair but eats a chair to the face from Pollock. This gets Pollock a two-count. Facade then does “Old School” into a coast-to-coast dropkick.

Dani speared Rockafeller. Pollock pulled Dani into the ring by her hair. He attempted to slam her but she DDT’d him. Facade sprung off the ropes and drove Pollock’s head into a chair resulting in a two-count. He then got a table from beneath the ring.

The tension is thick once the table is in the ring.

Pollock is roundhouse kicked through the table. The ref throws up the “X” sign. Pollock is hurt. Members of the locker room are out to check on Pollock. One of them sprays Facade in the eyes with some sort of aerosol. Pollock gets the pin to retain the title.

Great match. Very suspenseful. Everything surrounding the table spot was expertly executed. Rockafeller is a great second.

Winner: Jack Pollock

Remix Pro Tag Team Championship

The Anti-Heroes v. The Headless Horsemen (Gory & Matt Conard) (c)

The Headless Horsemen have a great entrance.

This is a by-the-numbers tag match. They did a cool “Tower of Doom” spot. Gory pinned. New tag champs. The Anti-Heroes then turned on each other.

This match did not work for me. The turn at the conclusion was confusing. People sitting both in front and behind me were trying to figure out the logic behind what was occurring. Plus, this match just felt really long.

Winners and NEW Remix Pro Tag Team Champions: The Anti-Heroes

Remix Pro Championship

Casket Match

Chance Prophet v. Ron Mathis (c)

The match begins with a wild brawl through the audience. They fight to the top of the bleachers on one side of the building and then the other. The tussle continues to the gym floor.

Finally, when they are in the ring Mathis attempts to put Prophet in the casket to no avail. When the situation is reversed, Mathis grabs Prophet’s…uh…”junk” to prevent the casket closing.

Mathis hits two “Macho Man” elbows.

Prophet hits a Falcon Arrow backflips Mathis into the casket.

Mathis tombstones Prophet and rolls him and stands on him while posing. This time, Prophet grabs Mathis’ groin in revenge.

Prophet chokeslams Mathis into the casket. Mathis is quickly out.

Mathis hits Prophet with a Rude Awakening. He pushes the casket into the ring. He whips Prophet into it.

The casket is now stood up in the corner with the lid wide open. Prophet dumps him in it face-first.

A chopfest breaks out between the two.

Mathis scores a damn nice Tornado DDT off the casket.

Mathis is on top of the casket where he eats a leaping Tombstone piledriver.

Prophet then gives him another Tombstone inside the casket and shuts the lid.

Prophet wins the championship.

Mathis grabs the title belt and leaves ringside with it.

He returns to the ring and presents it to the new champion. Both men get a huge applause. Mathis asks for the microphone. He has the crowd chant “Remix Pro.” He puts over the promotion. He and Prophet hug to close the night.

This was a terrific “WWE Main Event Style” match. Tons of great brawling and near-falls. Mathis has leaned down in the last year or so. It is clear that he has been working his ass off to improve.

Winner and NEW Remix Pro Champion: Chance Prophet

For more about Remix Pro Wrestling click here.

-Zep the Bear


New Remix Pro Wrestling Champion: Chance Prophet

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