PCW: Revengeance (2016)

Premier Championship Wrestling


Turner’s Hall

Cleveland, Ohio

Sunday, October 23, 2016


The Show

J-Rocc v. Remy LaVey

J-Rocc jumps Lavey before the bell. LaVey ducks and J-Rocc chops the post. He comes back with a neckbreaker. J-Rocc grabs LaVey by the hair and screams in his face.

LaVey mounts a comeback with a searing jumping knee. LaVey cradles his opponent for a two-count.

J-Rocc pushes LaVey off the top rope. LaVey hits the timekeepers table hard. This was a scary moment. J-Rocc lifts LaVey back in the ring with a suplex. LaVey crumbles on top of him for the 3-count.

I believe that J-Rocc was a last-minute substitution but he came out and did his thing like the seasoned professional that he is.

Winner: Remy LaVey

The Director of Wrestling Operations Joe Dombrowski comes out to address the audience. He says that Cleveland and Turner’s Hall feels like home to him. He is happy that the crowds get bigger and louder with each show.

He announces that The Bev was unable to make the show because he has a sick child at home. Rex Brody will be his replacement.

He then reiterates that in PCW every match is important. He says wins and losses matter. The company is looking to crown a champion in 2017 and he is evaluating talent now to determine who deserves to be in the title mix.

As a paying fan, I am encouraged and pleased by how Joe Dombrowski conducts business. I LOVE that he emphasizes the importance of what happens in the ring. Wins and losses SHOULD matter. If they don’t, why should I watch?

Wardlow v. Sless Taylor

Wardlow to a fan heckling him about his physique: “You can piss-test me right now!”

Sless Taylor: Really awesome leaping elbow smash.

Wardlow: Gorilla Press into a powerslam. Taylor will feel that one the next day. He follows with a hesitation suplex and a 0ne-finger pin attempt.

Taylor: Attempts to get Wardlow up in a fireman’s carry but can’t get his larger opponent up. However, he gets him up on a subsequent attempt. He gives Wardlow a Samoan drop/backflip combo that earns him a two-count.

Wardlow: Fireman’s carry into Falcon’s Arrow for the pinfall.

Both did an excellent job getting across the “big man/little man” story of the match.

Winner: Wardlow

“Amazing” N8 Mattson v. Nate Wings

Mattson is out first to address the crowd. He says that young punk kids in the locker room don’t appreciate how good they have it. They have no idea what it is to pay dues. The kids don’t lift a finger to set up or tear down the ring. He is gonna lay a “Detroit beatdown” on the kid he is fighting tonight.

A few minutes into the match, Mattson does the spot where he runs halfway around the perimeter of the ring to deliver a humongous knee lift to Wings.

Mattson: “Now that’s AMAZING!!”

Mattson is all over his younger opponent. Wings only manages to score a few scant spots of offense.

Wings gets fired up and hits a 619 into a vertical press into a Lionsault.

N8: Flapjack into a pin attempt.

Wings misses a frog splash.

N8: M80 driver for the pinfall.

Mattson beats on Wings after the match. Crowd solidly behind the youngster.

The best heels believe what they are saying. Mattson’s pre-match promo was fiery and impassionate…and true. There isn’t anything that Mattson doesn’t do well.

Winner: “Amazing” N8 Mattson

Six-Man Tag Match

Jack Pollock/Seth Allen/Ethan Wright v. Brandon Xavier/Dropkick Dave/Uppercut Ulysses

Seth and Ulysses start the match.

It looks like Brandon X has shown up to work tonight.

DD and UU double-team Pollock with a litany of dropkicks and uppercuts.

Eventually, Dropkick Dave succumbs to the heels who work him over. He attempts a comeback against Wright but is shut down.

Finally, he hot tags Uppercut Ulysses who starts laying out his opponents.

Xavier rocket launches Dropkick Dave onto Allen for the pin. The win is met with a huge pop.

After the bell, Pollock jumps DD and UU. He ain’t no punk. Brandon X, who had already mad his way to the back, runs in for the save.

This match was action packed and a ton of fun.

When Pollock wasn’t in the ring, he was doing small things to work the crowd and his opponents.

I don’t know what Dombrowski’s original plans for the Chikara students were, but they are over so ya gotta go with it.

Winner: Brandon Xavier /Dropkick Dave/Uppercut Ulysses


Marti Belle (Photographer: John Janezic)

Marti Belle v. Angel Dust

Belle makes her way to ringside wearing a shiny leopard print cape. She looks stunning.

Angel Dust goes for the quick pin to no avail.

Belle pretends to bite her nail in nervousness as Angel Dust writes on the floor at ringside in pain.

Bell stands on AD’s hair while pulling her body up towards her.

Belle dominates the offense until she misses a cannonball into the corner.

Ultimately, Belle rocks Angel Dust with a Pedigree and pinfall.

After her victory, Belle gets on the microphone and announces that she is the “Queen of Cleveland.” She calls out MEGA Championship wrestling trainee Joseline, who is sitting at the merch table. Josie jumps the barrier to confront her.

Winner: Marti Belle

Joe Dombrowski comes out to announce that the next show will be on Sunday, November 13. He is interrupted by Remy LaVey, who simply states that the truth will be soon revealed.


Derek Direction v. Chris LeRusso v. Rayo v. Andrew Palace

Huge pop for Palace as he races around the ring.

Rayo kicks his soccer ball into LeRusso’s chest.

Palace and Direction start the match.

Direction is sitting in the corner. The soccer ball is in front of his crotch. Rayo dropkicks the ball straight into Direction.

This match is mayhem.

Palace pins Direction after a pump handle driver.

Winner: Andrew Palace


Derek Direction (Photographer: John Janezic)

Ganon Jones Jr. v. Rex Brody

Brody plays is smart and dodges the towering Jones. He kicks at his legs attempting to chop him down.

Jones smashes Brody’s head into the ring post, however, Brody was wearing his crash helmet so he wasn’t injured.

Jones has gained the advantage and begins to lay in on his opponent.

Jones pinned Brody after a big boot to the face.

This was much more of a scrap than I expected. It was entertaining.

Brandon Xavier comes out to confront Jones as he talks on the mic.

Winner: Ganon Jones Jr.

Matthew Justice v. Sonny Vice

This one begins at a fever pitch picking right up from the last show.

Justice slams Vice on the ramp with intensity. He locks Vice in a wicked Boston Crab and bodyslams him over the top rope to the floor.

The two are duking it out.

Vice rocks Justice with a Blockbuster.

Justice: “That all you got??”

Gets a soccer punt to the head.

Justice: Powerbombs Vice into the turnbuckle and then botches a second.

Vice: Powerbombs Justice off the second rope for a 2 3/4 count.

Justice: F5 off the second rope.

Justice gets the pin. He jaws with a fan after the match.

This was a fight. Vice could easily be a disposable pretty boy but PCW booking is doing a good job rallying the fans behind him.

Winner: Matthew Justice

Main Event

Lumberjack Match

Jason Kincaid v. Gory

Lumberjacks: Derek Direction, N8 Mattson, Seth Allen, Jack Pollock, Nate Wings, Rayo, Andrew Palace, Remy LaVey, Rex Brody, and Ethan Wright.

Gory and Kincaid start the bout nose to nose. Kincaid shoves him. He tees off on Gory with chops. Kincaid springboards of the barrier INTO the ring for a 619.

Gory locks Kincaid in a surfboard.

A brawl breaks out at ringside between the lumberjacks.

Mattson is the unofficial captain of the heel lumberjacks. He is talking shit the whole time.

Kincaid hits a sunset flip over the top rope to the outside but Pollock catches Gory so he isn’t hurt.

Gory bites Kincaid’s fingers.

Kincaid: Springboard off his KNEES into a blockbuster.

Kincaid: Sunset Flip into the turnbuckle.

Kincaid: Coast-to-Coast dropkick accidentally knocks out the referee.

Lumberjacks hit the ring. Mayhem ensues.

Kincaid piledrives Gory. He then executes a breathtaking suicide dive onto the lumberjacks.

Music hits…

The Cogar Brothers appear. They jump Nate Wings.

Gory and the Cogars surround Kincaid. LaVey rushes to the ring. He appears to come to Kincaid’s rescue but then sprays him in the face with mist.

The Cogars and LaVey hold up Kincaid who takes a hanging Ghetto Stomp from Gory.

Gory gets the pin.

Gory, the Cogars, and LaVey now seem to be a unified group.

Winner: Gory

Dombrowski is out to close the show. He announces that Gory and Kincaid will face each other in a best 2 out of 3 falls match in November. In addition, Sonny Vice will face Matthew Justice, Joseline will wrestle Marti Bell and Ganon Jones will meet Brandon Xavier.

More information about Premier Championship wrestling can be found here.

Premier Championship Wrestling’s next event will be Sunday, November 13 at Turner’s Hall, 7325 Guthrie Ave., Cleveland, OH., 44102.

-Zep the Bear

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