AIW Double Dare Tag Team Tournament 2016: Night 1

AIW Double Dare Tag Team Tournament

Night 1

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Cleveland, Ohio

November 4, 2016


(Full results of Night 2 can be found here.)


Round One

-To Infinity & Beyond (Cheech Colin Delaney) defeated Space Justice (Dick Justice Space Monkey) when Monkey was pinned.

-The Jollyville Fuck-Its (Nasty Russ T-Money) defeated Weird World (Weird Body Worldwide). Nasty Russ pinned Worldwide.

-Massage NV (VSK Dorian Graves) defeated Twrrk Team (Ray LynMarti Belle w/ Gregory IronAlex Daniels, and Veda Scott). Ray Lyn was pinned by Graves.

-Team IOU (Kerry Awful Nick Iggy) defeated The Full-Blooded Italians (Tracy Smother Little Guido). Smothers was pinned.


Bro Sauce (Matt Riddle “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams) defeated EYFBO (Angel Ortiz & Mike Draztik) by pinfall.

-Dedication Personified (Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham Brian Carson, filling in for Devastation Corporation) won by disqualification over Cryme Tyme (JTG Shad Gaspard) when Gaspar hit his opponents with Rockingham’s Hoverboard.

-Crazy Pain (Steve Pain Gringo Loko) defeated the Ninja Elite Squad (Facade Flip Kendrick, who filled in for DJZ/Psycho Sexual Panic). Pain and Loko simultaneously pinned both their opponents.

-The Headhunters defeated Lucky Thurteen Eric Ryan by pinfall in a No Rules/No Disqualification bloodbath.


-Space Justice. They are really funny and work well as a team. The shower of bananas by the crowd during ring introductions is a tremendous visual. They do a spot where Justice cranks Monkey’s tail while Monkey claps the ears of an opponent that I find so entertaining.

-No Strings Attached (Iron, Daniels, Scott, Lyn, and Belle). All five have totally committed to being arrogantly outlandish heels. Iron is a great manager, Daniels is the company’s next shining star, the girls can work and are sexy. It’s kinda the total package. AIW brass is gonna have a tough time keeping them heels.

-Cryme Tyme. I guess this sounds a bit naive but I never realized how much charisma those two guys have. Shad Gaspard is so likable and masterful at working the crowd.

-“Bro Sauce.” Great wrestlers. Terrible name. Honorable mention: Dedication Personified. I know it’s hard to come up with cool names, but these are pretty bad.

Angelo’s Pizza. Not only are they new company sponsors, but their pizza is good stuff. As for Georgio’s, don’t force Monsoon Classic to have to hawk that chewy cardboard at the food table ever again.  

The Headhunters’ post-match promo. Who knew they talked?? The match was a bloody battle. Their promo added a chilling dimension to the physicality of their act. I’m fearful for Rockingham and Carson who have to face them tonight in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

-Steve Guy. Did he call Kerry Awful, “Kenny?”

– The first half of the show. There was nothing bad, per se, during the first half but it definitely felt sluggish. Low energy from the crowd definitely contributed to that vibe.

The second half of the show. The Headhunters v. Ryan/Thurteen and EYFBO v. Bro Sauce were each excellent in different ways. Things feel hot going into the later rounds of the tournament.

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Find out more about AIW here.

Full results of Night 2 can be found here.

-Ted Zep

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