AIW Double Dare Tag Team Tournament 2016: Night 2

AIW Double Dare Tag Team Tournament

Night 2

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Cleveland, Ohio

November 5, 2016


Read Night 1 results here.


Tournament Quarterfinals

-Ring announcer Pedro DeLuca out to start the show, as only he can.

The Jollyville Fuck-Its (T-Money & Nasty Russ) defeated Massage NV (VSK & Dorian Graves) after a pinfall by Russ.

The Headhunters defeated Dedication Personified after brutalizing them with chairs and pinning them in under two minutes.

Team IOU defeated To Infinity & Beyond with a forced Canadian Destroyer involving both opponents.

Crazy Pain (Steve Pain & Gringo Loko) defeated Bro Sauce (Matt Riddle Tracy Williams) when Pain pinned Riddle.

Six-Pack Scramble

Flip Kendrick defeated Lucky ThurteenEric RyanFacadeMike DraztikAngel Ortiz in a wild stunt show.


Tournament Semifinals

The Jollyville Fuck-Its defeated The Headhunters to go to the finals.

Crazy Pain defeated Team IOU to meet The Headhunters in the finals.

10-Person Tag

No Strings Attached (Greg IronAlex DanielsVeda ScottRay Lyn, and Marti Belle) defeated Gary “The King” BallerWeird Body (w/ Worldwide), Dick JusticeSpace Monkey, and PB Smooth when Daniels pinned Space Monkey.

AIW Women’s Championship

Shayna Baszler retained her championship against Britt Baker in a very stiff match.

Tournament Finals To Determine New AIW Tag Team Champions

Crazy Pain defeated The Jollyville Fuck-Its to become the new AIW Tag Team Champions.



-I am so happy for, and proud of, Gringo Loko and Steve Pain. I believe the story is that they got their shots with AIW sight unseen, based on word of mouth or a recommendation or something. They were hungry and ran with the opportunities presented to them. One shot lead to another and another. They always went out to steal the show. I can only respect that. They are talented, tough, and entertaining as hell. I can’t wait to see what comes next. Congratulations, boys.

-The new AIW tag straps are gorgeous. (See above photograph.)

-Team IOU. Kerry Awful is equal parts CM Punk and Dick Murdoch. Nick Iggy is a clean cut ringmaster. They are both scrappy and ballsy as hell. I’m expecting to see them back in Cleveland on a regular basis because they have earned a spot.

-The tag division is popping. Prior to the tournament, the AIW tag scene consisted of To Infinity & Beyond, Hot Sauce Entertainment, and, well, nobody else. Now there are the Jollyville Fuck-Its, Massage NV, Bro Sauce, Space Monkey, and EYFBO among others. I’d love to see The Headhunters back, as well. I hope that AIW keeps the momentum going with the division because this could really bloom into something great.

-PB Smooth. I thought that Smooth’s appearance in the 10-person tag was handled well. He has a great look and awesome size. He is still green but wasn’t exposed in the match. Guys with true size who aren’t fat slobs are a rarity on the indies. If they can develop him, he could be a unique asset.

-Shayna Baszler’s confidence is growing with every match. She is a badass and she knows it.

-Eric Ryan. Don’t kill yourself, man.


This was a good pair of shows. Attendance was meh for both but there was major competition in the city for entertainment dollars as the World Series was the week prior. Additionally, AIW is running again the day after Thanksgiving. Throw in the litany of other wrestling shows in NE Ohio and something had to give. However, I believe word of mouth will be strong for the tournament and the company will make the dollars up in the backend via DVD and streaming.

Check out Smart Mark Video for previous shows.

More information about AIW can be found at

-Ted Zep

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