Mid-Ohio Wrestling (11/12/2016)

Mid-Ohio Wrestling

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Massillon, Ohio

November 12, 2016




-One Punch Panther defeated El Crucifado by pinfall.

-Asylum (representing The Mutiny) defeated Papa Dingo.

-Wilbur Whitlock (c) (w/ Mr. D) retained the MOW Championship when he blasted The Duke with a pair of brass knuckles and pinned him.

-The Duke called out Cody White. He said that he is an unfit commissioner. He challenged him to an “Akron Street Fight” on Saturday, June 28, 2017, at the 16th Anniversary Show. If he wins, he gets White’s job. If White wins, The Duke has to quit wrestling.


-Cody White agrees to  face The Duke in January.

-Sless Taylor (c) (w/ Manson Crane) and JJ DeVille go to a no-contest for the MOW Tri-County Championship when Manson Crane and Jimmie Lee interfere in the match.

-This morphed into DeVille and Lee defending the MOW Tag Team Championships against Taylor and Crane in an impromptu match. DeVille pinned Crane after a Doomsday Device to retain the titles.

-Ethan Wright defeated Bruiser Schmidt (w/ Mr. D) to become the new #1 Contender to the MOW Championship.

-MAIN EVENT: Alex Matthews and Patrick Hayes went to a 25-minute draw. Granted five more minutes, Hayes won by submission after catching Matthews in a Sharp Shooter. Matthews kicked him low and stormed from the ring.


-The main event saved this show. Prior to the finale, it had a been a slow night. Matthews and Hayes put on a stellar performance. Matthews took it to the next level. Hayes, now an established veteran, surprised me by going the distance. Congratulations to both men.

-The Duke. I’m hoping that he is transitioned from the ring to the commissioner position after the January event.

-Too much interference. Between Manson Crane, Jimmie Lee, and Mr. D, it seemed like there were impedances in nearly every match. Excessive interference feels like a crutch.

-Speaking of Mr. D, he really confuses me. It’s always been my understanding that managers (particularly heel managers) are mouthpieces for charges who are good with the physical side of wrestling but weak on the mic. Aside from occasionally barking something at a ringside fan, Mr. D is a mute. He doesn’t cut promos…ever. Additionally, despite being around for years, I have no clue what his gimmick is. He wears a mask, a shirt and bow tie, and a mechanics jacket. I’m not sure what he is supposed to be. A gas station attendant from the ’50s? I’d like to see MOW creative flesh out the character a bit.


Center: Mr. D (Photograph Courtesy of MOW)




The main event was terrific.

The hall was nice. The bathrooms were spotless and the concessions were inexpensive.

I was disappointed that Derek Direction wasn’t able to appear but those things happen.

I’d like to see MOW shake up their roster once in awhile. I hadn’t been to a show in well over a year and the faces in the ring were nearly identical to when I last attended.

Promoter Dave Stafford is always sure to thank fans for attending. It’s a classy move that means more than he probably realizes.

Regardless, you can’t find a more fun evening of entertainment for $10.

-Ted Zep

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