PCW: November Pain (2016)

Premier Championship Wrestling

November Pain

Turner’s Hall

Cleveland, Ohio

November 13, 2016



-Joe Dombrowski came out to address the audience. He explained that it is difficult to juggle so many personalities when assembling a wrestling event. He reminded everyone that PCW is not a one match show. He revealed that a number of wrestlers were unable to make the event so he is rebooking it with available talent. He tore up the written format of the evening that he was holding.

1.) Rex Brody defeated Ethan Wright after a Randy Savage-style elbow drop. 

Brody had me squirming when he bent Wright’s wrist around the steel barricade. Wright scored big with a stiff vertical suplex.

2.) The Culmination came out for a promo.

Gory: Chastised legendary local wrestling photographer Wayne Palmer, who was shooting at ringside. He went on to say that the faction is the culmination of fear.

Remy LaVey: Gory showed him the “truth.”

Atticus Cogar spoke.

Gory: Accused Jason Kincaid, who was unable to make the show due to a commitment with EVOLVE, of running away from him.

Nate Wings and Andrew Palace come out to confront The Culmination. Dombrowski made a match between LaVey and Wings. In Kincaid’s place, Palace will face Gory in a 2/3 falls bout.

Dombrowski: “Are you ok with it?”

Palace: “Yeah, I guess.”

3.) Joseline defeated April Sera by submission.

Sera came out wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey in an attempt to draw heat from the Cleveland crowd.It’s an old chestnut, but it works.

Joseline locked Sera in a nicely executed crossface. This was my first time seeing her in action. She is decent for only being in the business for six months, however, she still has a long way to go.

4.) Nickie Valentino/Wardlow defeated The Ghosts of 885 (Aiden Veil & Shawn Phoenix) when Wardlow hit Veil with a Falcon Arrow after a Valentino boot to the mush.

The Ghosts work a rock gimmick. They are athletic and have a lot of energy.

Early in the match, Valentino hit Phoenix with a…paper plate.

Wardlow is learning how to be a “big man” and is perceptibly more comfortable in the ring.

Wardlow: “All. Day. Long.”

5.) Ganon Jones, Jr. defeated Brandon X.

Fun match between two boys from the Hoss Division.

Jones missed a moonsault and crashed hard to the mat. It made MY chest hurt.

Brandon X: “Beep! Beep!”

Jones got on the microphone to talk smack. Dombrowski soon followed. He said that he is tired of Jones’ bragging, so he is giving him a match on Sunday, January, 17.

Rickey Shane Page’s music hit. He entered to a thunderous ovation from the crowd.

Audience: “Welcome back!”

Page said he will defend Cleveland and put down the undefeated Jones

Dombrowski announced the following for the Dec. 4 event:

Joseline v. Sera in a rematch, Derek Direction v. Rex Brody, JaXon Stone v. Chris LeRusso, and Gory/LaVey v. Kincaid/?


6.) The Black Hand Society (Jack Pollock & Payton Graham) defeated Sless Taylor/Bryen Douglas.

This was a fun match. All four men hustled.

Pollock smacked Douglas in the face and then yelled, “Spooooortsmanship!”

Taylor: “Think you are cool, huh?”

Pollock: “Not really, just winning.”

7.) Derek Direction beat Alex Matthews by pinfall.

Direction: “I’m such a dirty guy!”

Direction: “You want some, Hulk Hogan?”

The match ended when Direction went to blast Matthews with a VHS tape that he brought to the ring. The ref grabbed it from him before he could. While the ref was tossing it from the ring, Direction wrapped a chain around his fist and KO’d Matthews, setting up the pinfall.

8.) Nate Wings beat Remy LaVey (w/ The Cogars) by DQ when LaVey sprayed mist in his face. 

9.) Main Event: Andrew Palace defeated Gory in a Best 2/3 Falls match. 

Dombrowski sent the Cogars and LaVey to the back.

1st fall: Gory stacked up Palace for the pin.

2nd fall: Palace. Gory misted him.

Palace accidentally dropkicks the referee. Gory calls for The Culmination. They jump AP. Wings out for the save.

3rd fall: Palace with a pumphandle driver.

Gory got on the mic. Yelled to “roll the footage.” Krimson cuts a pre-taped promo. He is behind The Culmination and is coming to PCW.

Kincaid/Palace/Wings will face Krimson/Gory/LaVey on Dec. 4.

The Verdict

Even under the pressure of multiple performers being unable to appear, this was still a good show.

Palace and Wings did a nice job in the main event angle.

The return of Rickey Shane Page was a great surprise for the live audience.

I love the Black Hand Society. My friends and I chatted with Payton Graham after the show ended. I’d love to see him and Pollock go after the tag straps when/if championships are instituted.

I’d also like to see Derek Direction get a shot at headlining a card sometime soon. He is great at pushing the fans’ buttons and delivers fun matches.

What does the return of Krimson mean? This was a great cliffhanger to close the show.


Learn more about Premier Championship Wrestling here.

-Ted Zep


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