MEGA Championship Wrestling: Night of Champions 17 (2016)

MEGA Championship Wrestling

Night of Champions 17

St. John’s Gym

North Elyria, Ohio

December 3, 2016



The doors were advertised to open at 6 PM and were opened at that time.

1.) Jer-Jitsu (“Jersey Devil” Anthony Falcone & Dominic Garrini) defeated The Dukes of Excellence (The Duke & Brian Carson).

Falcone pinned The Duke. Perfectly serviceable preshow bout.

Main Card

Company alumni Shawn Blaze, Brandon Xavier, Eric Ryan, TJ Dynamite, Joe Norris, Nick Ritter, Mad Dog Manson, and Shawn Styles were introduced to the crowd.

2.) Kalam (w/ Danny Spitfire) defeated Chris LeRusso (w/ Laura Loveless).

Kalam beat LeRusso by pinfall after a chokeslam. There was interference by a masked wrestler. Loveless brawled with Spitfire. The masked guy was unmasked but I didn’t recognize who it was.

3.) Eric Ryan defeated Zachary Wentz,  Angeldust, “Black Diamond” Jack Price, Kyle Maverick, and Chase Aaryons.

Ryan gave Aaryons a “Wet Willy” before the match started. Aaryons debuted a new gimmick. He is now a yoga master who meditates before his match. The meditation bit got a great heel reaction. He should probably change up his gear to match the gimmick but, otherwise, he is off to a good start with it.

Ryan pinned Price after a powerbomb.

Sharp little match. I like Wentz and Maverick quite a bit.

4.) Fighting Spirit Championship: Joseline Navarro (c) (w/ Lord Little Dick) defeated “Lost Girl” Samantha Heights by disqualification to retain the championship.

While the referee was distracted, LLD brought a chair into the ring. He smacked the mat with it before tossing it to Heights. The ref saw her with the chair and called for the DQ.

Lord Little Dick is one of those guys who has been around the scene forever. He finally found a funny gimmick that works.

5.) Jackson Stone defeated Trey Miguel.

Miguel scored a nice dive early on. Stone fired off some sick suplexes throughout the match.

Stone pinned Miguel after a shoulder tackle.

6.) MEGA Tag Team Championship: PM Experience (Philly Collins & Marino Fenaglia) (c) defeated Meat N Taters (Big Mo & Brandon Xavier) and Simply Gorgeous (Shawn Blaze & Bryan Laster) in a TLC match to retain the tag team titles.

This match started hot but ran a few minutes too long. There were times near the end when all six guys were just waiting for someone to do something.

Audience member of Blaze: “He is a cool dude.”

Big Mo did a crazy double table spot outside the ring.

The rookies felt like fair game in the match, which is always sorta weird.

The end came when Xavier made a bobbled attempt to stop Collins from retrieving the belts suspended above the ring.

After the bell, Xavier blamed Mo for the loss and turned on him.

7.) “Amazing” N8 Mattson defeated Otis Cogar (w/ Atticus Cogar).

Mattson hustled hard to get a reaction from the audience. I’m only a spectator but I learn so much about wrestling by watching him work.

Mattson used a crucifix into a rollup for the pin.

The debuting Silas Cogar ran out to ringside. He and the other two surround the ring. The jump Mattson. Silas gives Mattson a Samoan Drop.


8.) MEGA Infinity Championship: Match 5 of 5 in the series. Josh Singh defeated Derek Direction (c) (w/ Nana Singh-Direction) in a “Fans Bring the Legos” match to win the Infinity title. 

For those who haven’t been following the angle, this has been classic. The Direction-Singh rivalry goes back a number of months. The two have been engaging in a variety of bouts in a “Best of 5” series to determine the Infinity Championship. Singh’s nana, Nana Singh, is a staple in the audience of MEGA shows. To get into Singh’s head, the wily Direction pursues Nana Singh and, at the last show, marries her.

To complicate the situation, Singh’s grandmother, Nana Singh, is a staple in the audience of MEGA shows. To get into Singh’s head, the wily Direction pursues Nana Singh and, at the last show, MARRIED her.

It all came to a head here.

Derek Direction and his wife are out first. Direction steams as she soaks in a huge babyface pop. He demands she gets in the ring and says that he has a big announcement.  He touches her stomach implying that she is pregnant but it’s a swerve. Instead, he declares that after he defeats Singh tonight, he and Nana are putting Josh up for ADOPTION. This is gold. Nana protests. First, she slaps Direction and then she knees him in the groin. Singh is out to start the match.

This one is a war, filled with all types of weapons. Though the promotion asked for fans to bring Legos, some brought other things. Example: an ironing board with little green army men glued to the flat surface.

Direction took a video tape to the forehead early. He went down outside the ring. When he rose seconds later, he was a bloody mess. He face and chest were covered.

The match continued with all kinds of power moves and weapons spots.

Eventually, the two are seated across from each other in the center of the ring. Each is wearing oversized boxing gloves. They are trading bloody shots to the face.

Ultimately, Singh pulled out the victory to win the championship. It was a great match with an excellent long-term storyline as a foundation. One doesn’t often see indy promotions work lengthy feuds with big twists and turns like this. I’m impressed.

It was a great match with an excellent long-term storyline as a foundation. One doesn’t often see indy promotions work lengthy feuds with big twists and turns like this. I’m impressed.

Props to both Direction and Singh for pulling it off. The feud was, at points, equally absurd and gruesome. The story could have easily soured at any point along the way but they kept it on track. And special commendation for Nana Singh. For not having previous experience in the business, she did a helluva job.

I highly recommend tracking down the DVDs of all five shows in the series.

9.) Darin Dinero & Coach John Dixon defeated Graham Wellington & Shawn Halfhill.

Night of Champions 17 was a fundraiser for a local youth football team. There were numerous raffles throughout the night between matches. The second half of the show was slowed up, probably too much, by these raffles. Anyway, I’m not sure of the details but Dixon was the coach of some local team. Somebody decided it was a good idea for him to wrestle.

Dinero pulled most of the weight for his team until Dixon was tagged in. He threw some punches and hit a “Rock Bottom” before scoring the pin. At least it didn’t last too long.

10.) Mega Championship: Alex Daniels (w/ Daniel C. Rockingham) defeated Dezmond Xavier in a Falls Count Anywhere match to retain the MEGA title.

Daniels and DCR jumped Xavier on his way to the ring. They began pelting him with decorative Christmas presents that were near the curtain.

They brawled throughout the crowd and into the ring.

Later, Xavier handcuffed DCR to a corner turnbuckle to eliminate his interference. DCR eventually unscrews the turnbuckle to free himself.

Daniels pelts the challenger with ladders and chairs.

Daniels: ” All heroes die.”

Daniels hits a DVD off the top rope onto a pile of chairs to set up the pinfall.

Dezmond is a clear talent. He had a great look, professional physique, and can go in the ring.

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-Ted Zep


Dezmond Xavier (Photograph courtesy of MEGA Championship Wrestling)

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