Wrestle Bowl XI (2017)

Wrestle Bowl XI

W.A.S.P. All-Star Wrestling

(Belinda’s Night Club-Cleveland, OH.-January 8, 2017-Attendance: 75)



-Ring Announcer: Jeff Traxler

Traxler introduces “The Administration” (Nate Baker & Anthony DiNorscio), Corey James, and Commissioner Cody Kalinske.

Kalinske announces that Zak Riot has been stripped of the Ohio State Heavyweight Championship. The title will be decided later in the evening in a three-way match. Also, the Shawn Blaze/Damian Creed match will be to determine spots #1 and #25 in the Wrestle Bowl main event match.

1. W.A.S.P. Hardcore Championship (vacant): Rob Stone defeated Twisted, “Burning River Beast” Grimm, and Juicy Jake to secure the championship.

Jake plays a sleazy character and squirted lotion inside the front of his trunks as made his way to the ring.

This match was enjoyable but could’ve been much tighter in spots.

Stone laid a flag pole across two chairs that he brought in the ring. He FU’d Twisted through the poles and pinned him.

2. Ohio State Championship: “Sugar” Shane Matthews defeated David Tower and Bruiser Schmidt.

All three pander to the crowd before the match–even the referee.

Tower and Schmidt lock up to start.

Schmidt to an audience member: “Hey, How ya doing? I like beer.”

Schmidt as he rams Matthews head into four consecutive turnbuckles: “Ohio. China. London. New York.”

Matthews gave Schmidt an enziguri to his…err…shoulder.

Tower gave a stunner to Schmidt but walked straight into a Book End by Matthews. He was then pinned.

New champion: “Sugar” Shane Matthews.

3. Mark MacKaye defeated Chet Lasseter (w/ Shawn Blaze & Spike) in a two-out-of-three-falls match.

Unless I missed it, the announcer didn’t mention the 2/3 fall stipulation, so I was surprised with Lasseter low-blowed MacKaye for and early pinfall but the bout continued.

MacKaye: “This is the guy you boo, gentleman.”

Little girl to Blaze: “Did I mention you look ugly?”

MacKaye pulled an origami fortune device out of his tights and used it to determine that Lasseter “won” a superkick. He then hit a propulsion DDT off the second rope to even the match at a fall apiece.

The STDs take multiple “selfies” with MacKaye whenever he is in peril.

Lasseter then tossed a chair in the ring and blasted MacKaye with it. He was disqualified, thus ending the match.

Bouncer and Jaxson Storm came out to save MacKaye from the heels who were beating on him.

4. Four-on-Two Handicap Match: The Administration (Nate Baker & Anthony DiNorscio), Dirty Sanchez, and Flea defeated Bouncer & Jaxson Storm by countout. 

Bouncer and Storm dominate the early part of the match. Eventually, they are overwhelmed by the ringside shenanigans.

Storm had the opportunity to finish off Spike with a move off the top rope but he decided to jump on The STDs at ringside. Everyone was counted out but Com. Kalinske declared The Administration, Sanchez, and Spike the winners. He also declared that Storm will be the #2 entrant in the Wrestle Bowl match.

5. Match to determine the #1 and #25 entrants in Wrestle Bowl: Damian Creed defeated Shawn Blaze (w/ Spike, Sanchez, and TJ Dynamite) to earn the #25 spot. 

Dynamite superkicked Creed just as he came through the curtains.

Photographer Wayne Palmer (of Blaze): “Disqualify him!!”

Blaze: “The match hasn’t started. No bell. I’m SMART.”

Palmer: “If I was 40 years younger, I’D KICK YOUR ASS!!”

Blaze works over Creed. He gives him a flying elbow and goes for the pin. He picks his opponents head at the two-count.

Blaze (sarcastically): “Oh god, he kicked out.”

Blaze (as he prepares to curb stomp Creed into the bottom turnbuckle): “You wanna see a hate crime?!?!”

Ultimately, Creed rolled up Blaze for the win.

Blaze pouted his way back to the locker room.


6. W.A.S.P. Tag Team Championship: Off At Church (Wayne Boo & Mike Phoenix) (c) defeated Mayhem Mafia (Victor Mercer & Josh Cortez) and The Commission (JaXon Kade & Lexx Vegas) to retain their titles.

The Commission manhandled their opponents for much of the early portion of the match. They level them with big power moves.

Off At Church only wanted to tag in when Kade was down.

Eventually, Phoenix rolled up Vegas for the pin.

After the match, there was a scuffle between Vegas and Kade.

This was the most entertaining match up to this point in the show.

7. W.A.S.P. All-Star Championship: “Mr. Entertainment” JD Smooth (c) defeated Dr. Destruction.

Dr. Destruction came out wearing scrubs and a hood. He wore a surgical mask to cover the bottom portion of his face. (I won’t reveal Destruction’s true identity but it was fairly obvious to observant Cleveland wrestling fans.)

The fans chant “hairy toothpick” at Smooth.

DD: “The Doctor is in the house, baybee!!”

Destruction stomped on Smooth’s toes.

DD (w/ Smooth across his lap): “Turn your head and cough, baybee!!”

DD unloaded a litany of kneedrops to Smooth crotch as he yelled,”Take 10 of these and call me in the morning, daddy!!”

Destruction locked Smooth into the Billy Goat’s Curse. He then stood up, modifying it into a Hanging BGC. He swung Smooth back and forth and battered his face into the bottom turnbuckle.

However, Smooth managed to roll-up up the Doctor and pin him with the aid of his feet on the ropes.

This was an engaging match that went about 15-minutes. It was lots of fun.

8. W.A.S.P. Primetime Championship: Corey James (c) defeated “The Big Gun” James Lethal.

James pinned Lethal after a “Sister Abigail.”

Com. Kalinske then came out and “allowed” Lethal to use his “Money in the Bank” title shot right then and there. The Administration were now at ringside. It would be a “no disqualification” match.

9. W.A.S.P. Primetime Championship: Corey James (c) defeated “The Big Gun” James Lethal.

James cracked Lethal with the MITB case and pinned him in minutes.

Bruiser Schmidt came out to challenge James to a title bout at the next show. The Administration would be barred from ringside.

Schmidt (as he tossed the belt to James): “You keep this warm, princess. I’m coming for it.”

Main Event

Wrestle Bowl XI

Rules: Two combatants start the match. Every 45-seconds another wrestler enters the ring. Elimination occurs when a wrestler goes over the top rope and both feet touch the floor. The winner will receive a future title shot.

Note: The first number is the order that the wrestler entered the ring. The second number (in parenthesis) is the order they were eliminated.

10. Wrestle Bowl XI was declared a draw when Dirty Sanchez Jaxson Storm both hit the floor simultaneously.

1. Shawn Blaze (26), 2. Jaxson Storm (-), 3. Juicy Jake (6), 4. Stingray (1), 5. Spike (24), 6. Twisted (2), 7. Grimm (19), 8. Mark MacKaye (4), 9. Chet Lasseter (3), 10. Bouncer (25), 11. Wild Bill (5), 12. Josh Cortez (7), 13. Wayne Boo (12), 14. Jeff Jevic (10), 15. The Duke (11), 16. Shane Matthews (9), 17. Mike Phoenix (8), 18. Anthony Falcone (18), 19. Bruiser Schmidt (20), 20. Victor Mercer (14), 21. JD Smooth (13), 22. Nate Baker (22), 23. Anthony DiNorscio (23), 24. JaXon Kade (15), 25. Rob Stone (17), 26. Lexx Vegas (16), 27. Dirty Sanches (-), 28. Damian Creed (21).

(Click here to see the closing moments of Wrestle Bowl XI.)


Jeff Traxler. Anyone who has attended any sort of wrestling in NE Ohio in the last decade will be familiar with Traxler. He wears many hats in the business. However, this is the first time I remember seeing him as a ring announcer. It seems like a simple task, but in the last year, I’ve seen the growing pains of an assortment of announcers. It’s not always pretty. Jeff did a good job.

The STDs (Blaze, Dynamite, Spike) were involved in nearly every segment during the first half. They all did fine, but it was just A LOT of exposure for the faction. Some of the matches could’ve used a little space to breathe. (Don’t get me wrong, Blaze really looked good tonight. He was particularly entertaining during his singles match. And he never let his energy wan during the battle royale.)

The Commission are a formidable team. They are both physical and menacing. Vegas has a tangible charm. My buddy commented to me that JaXon Kade reminds him of a smaller Mark Henry. I can’t argue that.

I have been a fan of Bruiser Schmidt’s for the last few years. He is a chain-wielding, cigar-chomping throwback to the AWA of the 1970s. His matches are usually a good time. Tonight was no exception.

Juicy Jake borrows both his look and persona from viral sensation Joey Ryan. While he is mugging Ryan’s act, he does it well. However, if he is looking to progress in the business he’d be best served to develop his own schtick.

As I mentioned earlier, this was my first W.A.S.P. event. That being said, I’m a little confused why they have so many championships for such a modestly sized roster. It’s a bit of overkill. The drama of championship matches would be greatly ratcheted up there weren’t so many of them.

Last but not least, Dr. Destruction. Like I said, I will not reveal his secret identity but the good Doctor is a wily veteran. He was on fire tonight, too. He worked a strong babyface character and effectively engaged the audience throughout his match. He even pulled out a couple fun moves that aren’t normally a part of his repertoire. As most vets know, the small things count. After his match, Destruction was clearly UPSET by the outcome. He displayed that LOSING MATTERS. If HE doesn’t care that he lost, why should WE? And transversely, when he does get a big win it means more because he valued the loss. Anyways, give it up one time for Dr. Destruction, daddy!

Learn more about W.A.S.P. All-Star Wrestling here.

-Ted Zep

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