Josh Wolf: Live in Cleveland (2017)

Josh Wolf

Happy Cole

Tim Cornett

(Hilarities 4th Street Theatre-Pickwick & Frolic-Cleveland, OH.-January 5, 2017-8 PM show)


Josh Wolf

Host: Tim Cornett

“Cookies are not an animal.”

Tim Cornett is a comedian from Cleveland, Ohio. His set was brief but filled with warm, relatable material. He riffed about being a chubby vegetarian. (“Cookies are not an animal.”) He pointed out that being a vegetarian is expensive but he follows that dietary regimen on the off-chance there is ever an alien invasion. He figures that humans will be viewed as food, so he wants to be considered a tasty meal by the invaders.

Tim Cornett goes straight to my thighs.

Other topics discussed: Cleveland weather. Weight loss. His cat’s butthole.

Feature: Happy Cole

“Excuse Me, Miss Bitch…”

Happy Cole came out swinging. The Tampa, Fla. native immediately zeroed-in on a, uh, “Rubenesque” gentleman in the audience. He brazenly asked how much he weighed.

Guy: “Uh, around 300 lbs.”

Cole: “Ain’t no ‘around’ three. It’s 300 and above!”

He rifled through city-friendly topics such as the Cleveland Browns and the 440’s notoriously crappy weather.

He told a superb story about being hired to entertain on a nude cruise. He was ecstatic about the gig until he got aboard the ship and discovered that the bulk of the attendees were senior citizens.

Other topics discussed: Little boys are dumb as hell. Little girls never shut the fuck up. His Ex is from Hell.

Cole’s rubber-faced reactions and irreverent material provided some big laughs. I can’t quite place my finger on who he reminds me of, but he has a raucousness that is reminiscent of many top performers of the 1970s. I suppose that he is an unexpected mash-up of Scatman Crothers and Redd Foxx. I thoroughly enjoyed his set.

Headliner: Josh Wolf

“Hi. My name is Steve.”

Josh Wolf began his set by poking fun at Cornett for mumbling his last name (twice) while introducing him.

He immediately revisited Cornett’s bit about cat ass.

Wolf: “Let me tell you why cats are proud of their assholes, they can shit and walk away clean. Have you ever seen a cat with a dirty asshole?”

Wolf punched through topics ranging from the city of Tampa, to “bat wings,” to the moment he realized that he wasn’t gay. (Hint: it involves his face and semen. Yikes!)

Things kicked up when he recounted a story about taking mushrooms at Coachella. He met a bizarre older couple and was tricked into fingering an obese guy.

“How many knuckles deep do you think you can go in my belly button?”

My favorite bit of the night revolved around Wolf struggling financially early in his career. Living in Los Angles and supporting a family, he was barely making $1000 a month. Desperate, he answered a vague advertisement that promised a large hourly wage and flexible hours. This turned out to be the birth of “Steve,” the phone sex operator.

Wolf is an effortless storyteller. His sense of timing and tension elevate a funny premise into a terrific story. He is a master of the pregnant pause.

Most notable for his run as a writer and roundtable regular on Chelsea Lately, he has also been a television host and podcaster. Additionally, he is working on an untitled television project, written a book, and penned a film script (which Wikipedia reports has been sold to Adam Sandler’s “Happy Madison Productions.”)

He has the type of charm that allows him to joke about something dirty or off-color, yet it comes off as naughty rather than mean-spirited. Both playful and relatable, Josh Wolf is prodigiously entertaining.

Looking to put a bow on his set, Wolf reached for his guitar. He sang a song about cumming in his pants.

Now THAT is entertainment.

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-Ted Zep


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