PCW New Year’s Revolution (2017)

Premier Championship Wrestling

New Year’s Revolution

(Turner’s Hall – Cleveland, Ohio – January 15, 2017)



1.) Sonny Vice defeated Nickie Valentino to open the show.

Valentino had a good showing. He hit an awesome Great Muta-style corkscrew elbow and a sick, Sick, SICK German suplex on Vice.

Vice won with a roll-up.

Valentino took the mic after the bell. He admitted that Vice go the best of him, but warned that Wardlow was not going to be happy.

2.) Mixed Tag: N8 Mattson & Thunderkitty defeated Shawn Phoenix and Joseline.

Mattson got on the mic before the match. He called me a “pervert” when I yelled “hubba-hubba,” at Thunderkitty.

Joseline was locked in a sleeper by Thunderkitty. Mattson hit an M80 for the pin after crotching Phoenix on the top rope.

This match was lots of fun. Mattson is so charismatic and experienced that it’s impossible not to enjoy watching him perform. Thunderkitty received a great ovation coming off her appearance on SmackDown Live last week. The duo has great chemistry. I’d love to see them take regular bookings as a team.

During intermission, I pestered Thunderkitty about what it was like doing a shot with the Fed. She patiently answered all my questions and even posed in a picture with me.

3.) Wardlow (w/ Derek Direction) defeated Dale Patricks.

Direction took the mic before the bell. He said that years ago a 7-ft. genie gave him a View-Master that allows him three wishes. He reveals that Rex Brody is injured and won’t be able to wrestle, and that was one of his wishes. He announces that Wardlow will face anyone. Dale Patricks comes out to accept the challenge.

Me: “Booooooooooored-low!”

Wardlow: “All. Day. Long.”

Wardlow hit an F5 for the pin.

After: Direction breaks an orange VHS tape over Patricks’ head. That couldn’t have been fun.

I enjoy Direction in the managerial role. I’d love to see him helm a group composed of wrestlers with wacky gimmicks. That would be money.

4.) Dropkick Dave & Uppercut Ulysses defeated the Black Hand Society (Jack Pollock & Destroyer Graham).

Ulysses gave Pollock an uppercut that sent him over the barrier and into the audience. Pollock’s back was a mass of welts when he got back in the ring.

A young girl at ringside (to Pollock): “Cheater!”

Graham accidently kicked JP below the belt.

Graham was “forced” to DDT Pollock when their opponents finagled them into an awkward position.

The end came when  Pollock was Irish-whipped by Ulysses into a dropkick off the top rope by Dave.

This was a hot match. The crowd was with Dave & Ulysses every step of the way. The BHS did a great job of orchestrating the audience.

After the bell, Pollock was visibly upset and smacked the mat hard. For a second, I thought he broke his hand.

5.) Gory (w/ the Cogar Bros.) defeated Frightmare by submission.

Frightmare continually tried to “scare” Gory early in the match.

The first few minutes are spent on the mat chain-wrestling. The two are evenly matched. Their exchanges are crisp and well-executed.

To avoid a clothesline, Frightmare performed a standing backflip into a stunner on Gory. It was breathtaking.

Eventually, Frightmare succumbs to a Dragon Sleeper.

Dombrowski is out.

He says that on February 18:

Wardlow v. Rex Brody

Derek Direction v. Dale Patricks

Sonny Vice v. Kevin Bennett v. ??? v. ???

J-Rocc v. Aiden Veil

Also, there will be more information about the crowning of the first PCW champion forthcoming.


6.) Seth Allen & Ethan Wright defeated the Mega Plowers (Jock Samson & Chris Kahn).

The Plowers hit the ring wearing black satin jackets. Samson is sporting a white cowboy hat. The duo floods the arena with personality.

Chris Kahn throws a pretty left hand.

Kahn (before tagging Samson): “You wanna see a HIPTOSS?!?!”

Wright pinned Samson after Allen dropped on him off the top rope.

7.) Ace Perry defeated Mance Warner.

Warner demands that photographer Wayne Palmer shines his boots. This is becoming a thing. Love it.

Perry accidentally dove on a chair at ringside when Warner sidestepped him. Perry demolished the chair. The spot looked excruciating, though Perry took it like a champ.

Perry is hanging with his substantially more physical opponent.

A kid in the front row is doing a spot-on impression of Warner’s gravelly voice.

Warner rocks Perry with a gnarly headbutt.

Warner pins him with a stunner (out of nowhere.)

Perry gets the mic after the match. He calls out Mattson.

Mattson is out and calls him a “piece of garbage.”

Warner is separating himself from the pack. He has grit and personality. He reminds me of a territory guy. I got my eye on him.

8.) Remy LaVey defeated Andrew Palace.

The two start out talking smack on the microphone.

LaVey wants Palace to join The Culmination.

LaVey: ” Are you the hammer or are you the nail?”

He turns his back to Palace, mocking him.

Palace contemplates the offer for a minute before spinning him around and clocking him in the mouth.

The two brawl outside the ring.

Palace is bleeding from the nose.

Palace goes for a pump handle driver when the Cogars come out. Gory jacks Palace with a foreign object.

LaVey scores with a swinging cradle driver for the pin.

The Cogars choke out referee Dave the Potato while LaVey spits black mist into Palace’s face.

Gory then gives Palace a hanging ghetto stomp to the abdomen.

Dombrowski is back out.

He announces dates for shows in April and May. He also announces the first four entrants in the PCW title tournament: Gory, Andrew Palace, Ganon Jones Jr., and Jason Kincaid.

And on February 18: LaVey v. Palace (relaxed rules), The Cogars debut against Uppercut Ulysses & Dropkick Dave.

Additionally, Gory will be barred from the building. If he interferes, he will be out of the title tournament.

**Main Event**

9.) Rickey Shane Page defeated Ganon Jones, Jr. 

RSP gets his World of Sport on early with some clean chain wrestling.

RSP to Jones: “You have beautiful hair, sir.”

Page purposely trips Jones while Irish whipping him.

RSP: “What happened? Did you fall? I’m soooo sorry!”

These two are two big hosses going hard at each other.

RSP (before going for a Twist of Fate): “Ohhhhh, yeaaaaah!”

Jones rocks Page with a picture perfect blockbuster. He then misses a textbook moonsault.

RSP hits two floating mule kicks and a roaring elbow for the win.

Page gets on the mic. He wants to shake hands with Jones, who refuses.

Dombrowski out a final time.

Chris LeRusso will face Rickey Shane Page on February 18.

Also, LeRusso will be in the PCW title tourney if he never cancels a date with the company again.

More information about Premier Championship Wrestling can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

-Ted Zep

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