MOW: 16th Anniversary Show (2017)

16th Anniversary Show

Mid-Ohio Wrestling

(Tadmor Shrine – Akron, Ohio – January 28, 2017)

"A Bad Night for Cody White" (Photographer: Wayne Palmer)

The show started promptly at 7 PM. It’s nice to see that some companies don’t view “wrestling time” as an excuse to start late.

Cody White runs down the card.

Bryen Douglas defeated One Punch Panter, Lowrider, and Tanner Reynolds in a “Lucha tag rules” elimination match.

Douglas has a nice, well-choreographed entrance. He is very vocal during the match.

Douglas: “Sit in your seats and admire in silence.”

Lowrider eliminated Reynolds.

Lowrider is then eliminated.

Douglas pinned One Punch Panther to win the match.

White announces that the next event will be February 18 at the Holy Trinity Church in Massillon, Ohio. The show will feature the return of Matt Cross to the company.

“MOW Tri-County Champion #King” Sless Taylor (c) lost by disqualification to Seth Allen.

Allen was befuddled by Taylor and worked a hysterical spot in which he wrestled an invisible opponent. Sounds odd, but it worked.

Taylor: “Where is my belt?? I’m DONE!!”

Taylor cracked Allen with the Tri-County belt eliciting a disqualification. The fans were reminded that the championship does not change hands via disqualification.

The Duke defeated Cody White in an Akron Street Fight.

There are big consequences for this match. If The Duke wins, he replaces White and becomes the commissioner of MOW. If White wins, The Duke must leave the company forever.

Izzy Lambert is the special guest referee.

The Duke enters to “The Stroke.”

White is out and on fire. Dressed for battle in a black suit, tee shirt, and sneakers. He provokes the front row fans as he circles the ring.

White announces that he has a surprise for The Duke. In addition to having Izzy Lambert on his side, he has assigned Mike and Jeff Meekins to be his ringside enforcers.

Lambert gives White a shock of his own. He reminds the commissioner that when he broke his neck at an ASWA show a number of months ago, White never called or visited him. It made him realize who his friends were. Because of that, he was going to call this match down the middle.

White tears off his jacket and flexes.

The Duke mocks him.

The Duke: “You are an absolute, utter, failure.”

The Duke: “The longer I look at you, the funnier it is.”

White gets ahold of The Duke’s fraternity paddle. Duke responds by fishing under the ring and pulling out a paddle that was at least 4-ft. long.


"Batter Up" (Photographer: Wayne Palmer)

The Meekins cheer White on while he flees from The Duke. When The Duke catches him he gives him a fallaway slam and Vaderbomb.

Mike Meekins cracked The Duke’s head into the ring post, and then gets inches from a fan’s face to taunt him. The fan loses it.

Fan: “You suck, and you’re ugly!!”

Meekins smirks and walks away. Job done. Classic stuff.

The Meekins mug The Duke. They toss him into Mr. D’s gimmick table, sending his merch flying. Mike picks up a wrestling magazine and casually thumbs through it while Jeff does a number on The Duke.

The brothers continue to pummel him through the audience and around the venue. Cody leaps on him with an axe handle smash from atop the bleachers at the far wall.

Back in the ring, The Duke sets up four chairs at the center of the mat.

Mike Meekins tosses a chair at The Duke sending him through the chairs.

White goes for a pin. No dice.

White takes off his belt and whips his opponent with it. He hangs him over the top rope with the belt.

White adds another chair to the pile. Bad idea, bro.

The Duke gives White a spinebuster onto the mess of chairs. Duke went for the pin, but Mike Meekins pulled the referee from the ring.

The Duke leaped from the apron onto the brothers.

Jeff accidentally cracks Mike with a chair, incapacitating him. Duke then wallops Jeff with a chair.

The Duke chases White around ringside and to the indoor pond in the venue. He grabs his head and dunks him over and over until White submits.

The Duke gets on the microphone and announces himself the winner and new commissioner of the company.

Cody White runs to the locker room screaming in disappoint.

This match was fantastic. Was it technically perfect? No. But man, it was fun. Everyone involved was perfectly cast and executed their roles magnificently.

The Duke was great as the confident babyface. Cody channeled his inner-Andy Kaufman as a sniveling bitch. The Meekins added to the match with their interference without chewing up the scenery. Lambert was solid as the by-the-book ref.

The Matthews-Hayes encounter from the previous show was an incredible example of in-ring performance, but this was just all around fun. Honestly, it’s probably my favorite MOW match.


"Smile, buddy!" (Photographer: Wayne Palmer)


The Duke is out. He calls White to the ring. He advises him to “own his loss.” He says that he needs him to finish the show as the ring announcer. They hug. White pouts.

Jimmie Lee & JJ DeVille (c)  defeat Papa Dingo & The Beastman to retain the MOW Tag Team Championship.

The savages menace the champs in an attempt to get the psychological advantage.

Beastman and Dingo struggle over Beast’s bone that he brings to ringside.

This is a solid tag match filled with lots of action.

The champs retain after a “Doomsday/chokeslam/powerbomb” combo. Blam!!

Ethan Wright defeats Wilbur Whitlock (c) (w/ Mr. D) to become the MOW Heavyweight Champion.

The champ tumbles on Wright outside the ring.

Mr. D works the crowd while Whitlock keeps Wright at bay with a reverse chinlock. He transitions to a nice cravat.

Wright: Samoan drop off the top rope.

Whitlock: Shoves Wright into the ref, putting the official down. He nails the challenger with the title belt and pins him for 2 3/4.

Wright jacks Mr. D. He levels Whitlock with an “Implant DDT” to become the new MOW Heavyweight Champion.

Whitlock snatches the belt from the new title holder. He calls for the microphone. The ex-champ says that he told himself that if someday a challenger bested him, he would look that man in the eye, present him the belt, and shake his hand.

He did just that.

It was a class move on Whitlock’s part.

Main Event

Patrick Hayes defeated Alex Matthews in 2/3 falls.

First Fall:

Crowd: “Alex sucks!”

Matthews spends the opening minutes stalling.

Hayes is trying to cave in Matthews’ chest with cataclysmic chop after chop.

Matthews hits a brilliant pair of suicide dives.

In a scary moment that occurs while being dumped over the top rope, Matthews’ throat is caught on the top rope.

Out in the audience: Hayes runs Matthews head-first into the bleachers. He then fires some stooooopid nice right hands off.

Hayes: Braaaaaaaain Buuuuuustah!!

After a superkick to the back of the head, Hayes scores with a “Frog splash” and pin to take score the first fall.

Hayes-1, Matthews-0

Second Fall: 

Matthews beats on Hayes with a chair.

Fan to Matthews: “You’re a pansy.”

Matthews pins Hayes.

Hayes-1, Matthews-1

Third Fall:

The two are on their knees trading punches. They get to their feet and brawl outside the ring.

Matthews misses a chair shot and hits the post. He gets leveled by a punch from Hayes.

Hayes sets up a table.

He drills Matthews with a “Codebreaker” into a “Sharpshooter.”

Crowd: “Tap! Tap! Tap!”

Matthews kicks Hayes in the groin and gives Hayes a “Samoan Drop” through the table at ringside.

Both competitors are down.

It is announced that the referee will count to ten. If neither man answers, the match will be ended.

Hayes answers the count at the last second.

Both are on their knees trading strikes. They are up on their feet.

Hayes hits and inverted “Codebreaker.”

He hits a “Frog splash.”

And then a second one.

Patrick Hayes pins Alex Matthews for the win.

Hayes-2, Matthews-1

This match had a lot to live up to after the first one in November. I don’t know if it quite reached that level of intensity, but it was a helluva encounter. Both guys worked hard. I’m invested in a bumper match.

As White announces the winner, he is interrupted by The Duke. He informs White that his services will no longer be required. Additionally, The Duke says that White will be making his official debut as a full-time WRESTLER at the February show.

White throws a fit as the evening concludes.

For more information about Mid-Ohio Wrestling click here.

-Ted Zep & Wayne Palmer


"All's Well That Ends Well" (Courtesy of MOW)

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