Cassidy Edwards: The Urban Wallflower

The Urban Wallflower



Definition: Urban Wallflower

Both smart and demure, “Urban Wallflowers” are impossibly cool and bursting with life. They radiate positive energy into the world with elegance and grace. They don’t merely exist. Urban Wallflowers flourish and achieve and bring joy to those who encounter them.

Cassidy Edwards is the embodiment of the “Urban Wallflower.” She is a mother and professional with a thriving career. She is a traveler, foodie, and movie junkie. She has great taste and is charming and accessible.

She is also incredibly motivated.

Bursting with ideas and looking for a creative outlet, Cassidy has started a blog:

Using her unique perspective, she will focus on lifestyle topics like food, health, and travel. She talks about things important to you in an endearing and relatable manner.

Let’s get to know her…

Cassidy Edwards

Tell me a bit about you and your background?

I’m a Houston native trying to live out my purpose while encouraging others to do the same.  I’m 30-something (we will keep that a secret for the time being) and have a love for all types of pop culture.  I grew up in the Southside Third Ward of Houston.  I find pride being able to listen to my favorite “screwed and chopped” mixtape at night while balancing being a professional in Human Resources by day.  When I am not trying a new food or catching the latest movie, I am screaming expletives while watching my beloved Philadelphia Eagles play.

I especially find peace in spending time with my family and soaking in every moment of life.

What are some of your favorite blogs/podcasts?

I love reading because it expands your knowledge and perspective.  I currently have top 3 blogs that I frequent.  The B Werd is my favorite lifestyle blog because it is full of women empowerment and forward thinking – all while looking and feeling fabulous.  Jaunts & Gems is a new blog that I fell in love with instantly.  It holds great travel advice and allows me to live vicariously through the writer’s adventures into wanderlust.  Lastly, CNKDaily is a sneakerhead’s dream.  This blog is full of dope pictures of chicks in kicks and inspiration.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I have always loved writing.  Dating back to elementary school when I would write short horror stories to creep my mother out.  Creativity was an outlet as a child that unfortunately diminished over time with a busy life.  I went through a personal struggle that manifested into a need for healing.  My inner creative spirit blossomed again and worked as a way of therapy and turning pain into purpose.  I want to share that transparency with my audience to encourage them to cultivate their passions and build their voices.

Give the readers a brief overview of the type of content they will find on The Urban Wallflower. 

My blog will touch on different areas of life that bring me joy and have created happiness.  Sharing that with my audience may help someone find their own passions along the way.  I want an individual to read my posts and say “I want to do that” or “That’s inspiring” or “I can relate”.  I am a mother first so some of my posts will target parents.  I had my son at a very early age and was labeled as the teen mom statistic.  

The Urban Wallflower will touch on travel adventures, career tips, relationships, art/film, and my favorite segment – FOOD!  I will also highlight some dope people that contribute to the arts and business industries.


What unique voice and perspective do you bring to the table?

I have a diverse personality to share with my readers.  I learned to balance the career woman persona, but still keep my street style flare.  I have experienced quite a bit (both good and bad) at my ripe age of – shhhh!!  I thrive on my ability to be positive and understanding.  I am still learning and improving, but want to include my audience on that personal journey.

In anticipation of the launch, how have you prepared?

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have an OCD trait of list-making.  If you could see the number of lists I have compiled with to-do items for The Urban Wallflower (laughs).  I have slowly learned about creating websites, taking photos, and branding.  There are endless pages of information on blogging, but I am on a mission to find what works for me.  I have been posting graphics “promoting” the blog in a fun way.  Just a friendly reminder to stay on radars.  Audiences love incentives, and I have a few of those in store for everyone.

What unexpected obstacles have you encountered during the development process?

Technology is a gift and curse.  I began by creating a calendar with content ideas, but my biggest challenge has been website creation.  I know a minuscule amount about coding, and luckily WordPress and Google have helped me along the way.  I now have a great appreciation for individuals who work in IT and graphic design.

I’m particularly looking forward to the foodie-centric reviews. Why do you think people are so passionate about food and restaurants?

I am a self-proclaimed foodie, and I feel that food brings people together.  Food can be the heart of a celebration, a tradition passed down amongst family, a way of forging bonds.  I have been working on expanding my palette of taste which also teaches me about different cultures.  Diversity is an integral piece in learning from one another.

What are your goals and expectations for The Urban Wallflower?

The Urban Wallflower is meant to create a platform to elevate individuals by turning creativity into avenues of finding a purposeful way of living.  I am an advocate of everyone winning and succeeding.  If I can help one person to unlock their own potential, my job is done.  Being creative is not only painting, singing, or dancing.  Being creative can be many things, even how you speak, influence, or function in day to day life.  Everyone has a special gift inside them.

I’m looking to engage my readers and spark conversations that will not only be motivational but also thought-provoking.


Check out the story behind the blog here.

More by Cassidy Edwards:

Moonlight (2016)

The Craft (1996)

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)


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