JaXon Argos: An Interview with the “Rookie of the Year”


The Basics

Name: JaXon Argos

Occupation: Professional wrestler

Age: Old Enough To Party

Hometown: I represent Calgary-AB, Canada

Years in the business: Six months

The Interview

How did you discover wrestling?

When I was a child, around the age of 7, I walked into the living room to find my father watching wrestling.  He had grown up on Hulkamania and was advised by a friend to check out the NWO (New World Order).  Essentially, I was introduced to wrestling via the NWO.  From there I was hooked and spent most of my youth watching WCW (World Championship Wrestling) until–truth be told–Mick Foley winning the World title had me switch sides in the Monday Night War.

Who was your first favorite wrestler?

Growing up I was a big fan of Dean Malenko and I loved Roddy Piper.  I grew to love Chris Jericho but initially, his feud with Malenko was what made me stay tuned to WCW as strongly as I did.

Why did you decide to wrestle?

As cliche as it sounds… I wanted to wake up every day loving what I do.  I hit a point in my life where things were very stagnant and boring.  I lost interest in working out and was stifled creatively.  Wrestling was always my escape when the world got to be too much so I started asking myself more and more, “Why not?”  I’ve always been the guy that gets told “you’re not good enough” or “you’re just not the right fit it,”  wrestling was no different.  I wanted the biggest challenge in front of me and show that my creativity is unmatched on my journey to the top.

“JaXon Argos is loud, brash, (and) obnoxious…He works hard and has unlimited potential.” -Jack Pollock

Why did you choose the Storm Wrestling Academy?

I want to be the best.  Lance has a reputation for being the best trainer that there is.  It was a no-brainer.

What was training like?

It was a full-time job.  We were in the ring from 8/9:00 AM to 3/4:00 PM Monday through Friday.  It was no walk in the park. It was serious business.  Lance is the greatest teacher I’ve ever had, with an unmatched patience with his students.

What is the most valuable lesson that you learned from Lance Storm?

Respect.  Not just for each other but for what we’re doing.  Obviously, Lance encouraged us to have fun but he harped on how much emphasis there is on making things MEAN something in the ring.  He spent a lot of time hammering into my head, because I am a bit of a class clown, when/where to be the clown and when/where/how to express the utmost respect for a situation.  His unrelenting ability to drive home the harsh fact that wrestling as a business carries more respect amongst peers in the locker room than any other career you’ll choose.

Other than Mr. Storm, what veteran wrestler(s) has/have had the biggest impact on your career?

I grew up listening to Roddy Piper and watching Chris Jericho, a lot of my showmanship comes from them.  DJZ has had a massive impact on my career, being that he was one of the guys that took the time to reach out to me and suggest the Storm Wrestling Academy so strongly.  Chris LeRusso is a guy that I’ve learned a lot from and can’t wait to see him in ROH soon enough.  The guy knows the business and spread his knowledge very, very well.  Lastly, Jack Pollock.  I’m not joking when I say that this guy is an absolute stud.

How is being a wrestler different than you imagined it to be when you were only a fan?

I feel like I had a pretty strong understanding of the business as a fan, which is why I knew that I should/could get involved.  I’m still a fan… I always will be; therefore, I’m able to float back and forth between those perspectives and learn new views on things.

To date, who are some of your most challenging opponents?

Andrew Palace.  My tag team partner, RC Dupree, and I faced off against Andrew Palace in a grueling ladder match in Pittsburgh, PA and as much as I don’t like the guy, he brings his A-Game every single night.  There’s some respect there for what he brings to the table but I don’t have to like it.  I was able to get in the ring with Jon Gresham in IWC (International Wrestling Cartel) and I truly look forward to kicking his face in again in the near future.  Make it happen, Justin Plummer. (Note: Plummer is the owner of the IWC.)


Talk a little about Team Storm. As a united front, what are you, Jack Pollock, and RC Dupree looking to achieve?

We are three guys out to help each other get to the top.  We are three guys that aren’t waiting around for the time to be right.  Jack Pollock has been in the Pittsburgh area for a number of years and deserves to be on top.  RC and I are relatively new faces but we don’t want to wait as long as everyone else.  Sure, being respectful to those that came before us is pivotal to our careers but at the end of the day, so is winning.  We come from the same background, the same training, and the same mentality.  Three guys working together on the same page is dangerous enough… but three guys from the SWA, that’s downright unfair.

Earlier this week, you went live with a store on ProWrestlingTees.com. How does a wrestler go about getting a shop of their own?

Stop wasting time and start making things happen.  Period.  If you’re serious about what you want to be, prove it.  Get your name out there.  Get your content out there.  Go do something memorable and make people notice you.  Find the confidence to invest in yourself or no one else will.

In conclusion, why should people pay attention to JaXon Argos?

I don’t stop.  I’m always doing something.  In a day where people want instant gratification, JaXon Argos sits atop the social media mountain.  I am always pumping out content and I am always making memorable moments at each and every show I’m on.  I am not the kind of guy that goes away and rests.  I don’t stop.  I will be around until someone physically removes me from the wrestling world and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  Invest early folks because I’m here to stay.  I DON’T STOP.

Instagram: @JaXonArgos

Twitter: @JaXonArgos

For Bookings: JaXonArgos@gmail.com

Merchandise: http://www.prowrestlingtees.com/jaxonargos

For more information about the Storm Wrestling Academy click here.

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