Red Rose Panic: Wonder Year (2017)

Red Rose Panic

“Wonder Year”


Akron hip-hop collective Red Rose Panic never stops working. For example, a few weeks ago they dropped a “visual” for their brand new single, “Wonder Year.”

Recorded live at a Sofar Cleveland event held last December at the impossibly hip Ohio City Moto, the song features the group’s trademark jazz-inspired sound. Additionally, keyboardist “Goldframe Quis” adds a fresh element to the mix with his work on the Vocoder.

The art of bickerin’/ is so sickenin’/ I wish you was a wet finger/ with a socket to stick it in…

Rife with vintage pop culture references and inventive metaphors, Luminari Eleven’s verses drip off the microphone like warm honey. The band absolutely needs to be seen live to be fully appreciated.

Red Rose Panic will be performing on February 16th at the legendary Beachland Ballroom & Tavern in the historic Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland. (Click here to purchase tickets.)


Until then, enjoy “Wonder Year”:


Red Rose Panic can be found on Facebook, Twitter, or at

Read an exclusive interview with Luminari Eleven here.

-Ted Zep

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