PCW: Saturday Night Slam (2017)

Premier Championship Wrestling

Saturday Night Slam

(Turner’s Hall – Cleveland, Ohio – February 18, 2017 – Belltime: 7 PM)


 The Legendary Turner's Hall (Photographer: Ted Zep)

Rex Brody defeated Mavis and JJ Rumham in a 3-way match.

The “Squared Circle Stuntman” Rex Brody enters the ring to Europe’s “Rock the Night.”

Rumham carefully works the front row, looking to piss off as many people as possible.

Brody takes a massive double-suplex from his opponents.

Rumham eats a Doomsday crossbody off the top rope.

Brody pins Mavis while bridging out of a maneuver in which he has Rumham locked.

Initial reaction: Rumham did a nice job interacting with fans.Taking the time to do that punched up the reactions he got throughout the body of the match.

Mance Warner defeated Aaron Draven.

Warner enters the ring to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Saturday Night Special. He is wearing a black and gold satin jacket that is embroidered with a dragon.

Normally, Warner demands that ringside photographer Wayne Palmer shines his boots before the bell. Palmer, however, was unable to make the event so Warner picked a kid from the audience to do it.

Warner: “You ain’t gonna tell me what to do, boy!”

Warner stalks the ring as Draven makes his entrance.

Me: “Somebody get ‘Mancer’ a beer!”

Warner looks at me excitedly: “Got one?!?!”

Warner gets a chair from the front row, places Draven in it, and boots him in the face. He then blasts him with a running knee strike. (And he isn’t wearing knee pads.)

Draven chops away at “Mancer.”

Warner: “Jeeeeezus!”

Draven misses a senton.

Warner hits a lariat for a two-count.

Warner unloads a salvo of headbutts to Draven’s sternum.

Warner hits a hanging Ace Crusher for the win.

Initial reaction: Of all the new talent introduced to the area by Joe Dombrowski, Mance Warner is my favorite. He has an intense, old-school aura about him. Everything from his entrance to his move set is impactful and adds to his overall package. He has a whiskey-soaked voice and unsettling “thousand-yard stare” that muddy the line between the performer and the guy. My dream is to see “Mancer” team with the Briscoes some day.

“World’sMost Huggable Wrestler” Bryan Castle defeated Nickie Valentino.

Valentino snatched Castle’s bandana and rudely rubbed it between his legs. In turn, he is leveled by Castle.

Valentino locks Castle in a punishing arm bar.

Fans: “Please don’t tap!”

Castle catches Valentino in a backpack stunner and scores the pin.

Initial reaction: I wonder how I would like Castle in the role of killer heel?

The Cogar Brothers (Otis & Atticus) defeated Dropkick Dave & Uppercut Ulysses.

The crowd is blazing hot as both teams make their entrances.

Otis Cogar delivers a big back senton.

The action is back and forth.

Atticus pins Dropkick Dave.

The teams brawl after the bell. The entrance curtain is torn down as they brawl up the ramp. The Cogars emerge from the back carrying both their opponents’ masks.

Initial reaction: Is this the end of Dropkick Dave and Uppercut Ulysses??

Rickey Shane Page defeated Chris LeRusso.

After the previous melee, RSP holds up the damaged curtain for himself so he can reveal himself to the crowd. That pops the crowd.

LeRusso cuts a promo. He says that the fans are “lucky” to be in his presence.

RSP plants LeRusso with a wicked scoop slam. He continues with chops in the corner.

Outside the ring, he misses a “Roaring elbow” and hits the post.

LeRusso hits a crisp DDT.

RSP fires off a back body drop into a “Spinal Tap.”

LeRusso fires off a trio of superkicks that topple his larger opponent.

RSP: Chokeslam backbreaker and pinfall.

Initial reaction: This was the advertised main event, and it lived up to the hype. Both men came to work. RSP’s charisma is undeniable.

Joe Dombrowski is out to announce matches for the next show (“Championship Sunday”) on March 13th.

Thunderkitty will face Angel Dust.

Additionally, there will be an eight-man, single elimination, one-night tournament to crown a PCW champion.

The matches: Gory v. Rex Brody, Wardlow v. Sonny Vice, Ganon Jones, Jr. v. Andrew Palace, and Chris LeRusso v. Jason Kincaid.

Initial reaction: I know that Dombrowski promised LeRusso a spot in the tournament, but it does bother me that he has lost his last two matches; one by pinfall and the other by disqualification. Additionally, Page has pinfall wins over two of the entrants. However, I’m not going to get too picky because I do trust Dombrowski’s booking.



The Black Hand Society: Jack Pollock (L), Payton Graham (R)

The Black Hand Society (Jack Pollock & Destroyer Graham) defeated Shawn Phoenix & Dave Shaw.

Phoenix gets pummeled until he manages to tag in Shaw.

Later, Phoenix moonsaults his opponents on the outside of the ring.

Pollock pins Shaw.

Initial reaction: Quick but satisfying.

J-Rocc defeated Edric Everhart

J-Rocc is on the microphone. This is his first advertised match in Turner’s Hall in ten years. He said that he has beaten the likes of Josh Prohibition, Matt Cross, Chris Sabin, and John McChessney in this building. He declares that he is the “Real King of Cleveland.”

He goes on to say that Edric Everhart “might as well be ‘Proud Mary’ cuz I’m gonna beat that ass like I’m ‘Ike.'”

Everhart enters the ring to “Hang Tough” by New Kids on the Block.

J-Rocc tosses him from the ring multiple times.

J-Rocc: “I said stay down, boy!”

Rocc swarms Everhart.

Fan of Everhart: “Is that Pierre Abernathy?”

J-Rocc has his feet on the middle rope as he pins Everhart.

Initial reaction: Seeing J-Rocc in Turner’s Hall brings back a ton of memories.

Ace Perry defeated Gavin Glass, Sonny Vice, and Kevin Bennett in a Fatal Four-Way match.

This was a prime example of the time of match one would expect from smaller wrestlers. It was loaded with spots.

Eventually, Perry pinned Glass for the victory.

Dombrowski comes to the ring as Perry dances among streamers. Dombrowski puts over all four competitors, as well as Gory.

He gives an IMPASSIONED speech about the cruiserweights being overlooked. He also says that since the WWE created the 205 Live cruiserweight show, they will be looking for the next wave of talent soon. These guys are that next generation.

He announces that Perry has been granted a rematch with N8 Mattson in April. In May, there will be a Welterweight Division instituted for competitors under 185 lbs.

Initial reaction: Dombrowski channeled his inner-PT Barnum for this promo. He really laid it on thick. These guys are fine but, other than Gory, none have exhibited exceptional personality or character in the PCW environment. Suicide dives are a dime a dozen. Charisma is a far rarer commodity. Dombrowski has tee’d them up, let’s see what they do with the opportunity.

Andrew Palace defeated Remy LaVey in a No Disqualification match.

Palace pulls a golf club from beneath the ring. He places a baking pan across LaVey’s crotch and smashes the club into his groin.

The two brawl around ringside and through the audience.

Palace goes face-first through a chair and is bleeding buckets.

LaVey tosses chairs directly into Palace’s face.

Palace retaliates with fireman’s carry driver onto a chair. This gets him a two.

In the scariest moment of the evening, LaVey powerbombs Palace onto a chair. Palace catches the brunt of the impact with his head and neck. I was stunned when he kicked out of a pin attempt seconds later.

Palace hits LaVey with a cradledriver on tacks for the pin.

Initial reaction: These two tore the house down. Palace is proving to be a tough kid with a ton of heart and character. The chair spot was a scary moment. I’m glad that he is ok.

-Ted Zep


The Aftermath (Photograph courtesty of PCW)


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