IWC Proving Ground 6 (2017)

International Wrestling Cartel

Proving Ground 6

(Shannock Valley Youth Center – Rural Valley, PA – February 25, 2017)


The Card

Team Storm (Jack Pollock/JaXon Argos/RC Dupree) defeated Remy LaVey/Keith Haught/Santana Diamonds.

Team Storm walks around ringside pissing off fans. Argos gets on the microphone and lights it up.

Fans to Pollock: “Your beard’s stu-pid!”

LaVey and Haught double-team Pollock.

Brawl breaks out. All six are going at it.

Pollock gets drilled and flops on the ground like a fish.

Diamonds scores with a suicide dive to the floor.

Haught garners a huge pop when he leaps from the top rope onto all of his opponents on the floor.

Argos pulls down Haught’s trunks. Haught drops on his chest.

LaVey is worked over by Team Storm.

Argos unleashes the “JaXon Five”–5x elbows.

Dupree mugs LaVey, who appears to be staggered.

LaVey “Haught” tags…erm…Haught.

Haught splashes Pollock off the top rope. Dupree breaks up the pin.

Argos moves, causing Haught to kick LaVey in the face.

Pollock pins Haught for the win.

Immediate reaction: 

Team Storm is hella over. The audience loves to hate them. Argos has their number and pushes the fan’s buttons at will.

This is my first time seeing Diamonds. He has a good look and is decent in the ring.

Haught is one ballsy dude.


Photograph via IWC Wrestling (Instagram)

Jinx defeated Samantha Heights.

Height facewashes Jinx. She ratchets her with a brutal forearm. She follows with a kick that nearly caved in her opponent’s chest.

Jinx locks Height into a variation of the “Tarantula. She stuns her in succession with a headbutt, bodypress, bite, and bulldog.

Heights retaliates with a fisherman’s suplex.

Jinx rolls up Heights for the pin.

Initial reaction:

This was Jinx’s first match. She is tiny but scrappy. If she keeps working on her fundamentals she will be an interesting heel.

Heights worked hard to make this match work. I like her selling. She makes great facial expressions.

Chest Flexor &  Lee Ryans defeated Corey Futuristic & a mystery partner in an unsanctioned match with $4 on the line.

The segment starts with Futuristic desperately trying to call his mystery partner on his cell phone.

Finally, the partner arrives. It is “Billy Ruxpin.”

Futuristic and Flexor start the match.

Ruxpen gives an airplane spin to Ryans.

Futuristic levels Ryans with a leg lariat.

Fan: “How many of the four dollars does he get?”

Flexor: “I get one. I get two. I get three. I get four.”

Flexor is bodyslammed by Ryans onto Ruxpin.

Ruxpin splashes Flexor but is rolled up by Ryans for the pin.

All four make peace and Ruxpin is invited to join the STDs.

The segment closes with the audience chanting, “S-T-Ds.”

Immediate reaction:

If you don’t regularly follow the product, this was a confusing angle. The team is kinda feuding, but not really. Futuristic has an imaginary friend, who is actually real, who is developmentally challenged. The whole thing was rather baffling to an uninformed fan.

To be clear, the stuff occurring in the ring was fun.

Andrew Palace defeated Calvin Couture.

The crowd pops huge for Palace. They love him. His energy is infectious.

Crowd: “Let’s go Palace!”

Couture fakes a handshake and makes Palace smack himself.

Palace returns the favor.

The foppish Couture fixes his hair in the corner.

He fires off a weak chop on Palace.

Palace: “What were you thinking?”

Palace then destroys him with a receipt chop.

Couture crawls on his back along the bottom rope, attempting to escape his opponent. His chest is bright red.

Couture: “Thanks. I’m outta here!”

Palace stops him.

Palace: “He’s so slimy!”

Palace stands on CC’s hand while Couture cries and weakly hits him.

Palace hits a backdrop driver and missile dropkick into the corner.

Couture scores a DDT on AP from his knees.

Palace secures a cradle driver and pinfall.

Immediate reaction: 

This was a fun, fun match. Palace came off feeling cool and big time.

I pretty sure this was Couture’s first match. He is doing a male model/rich guy gimmick. For being new, he is a great little shit weasel.


The chamaps retain... (Photograph by Wayne Palmer)

The Fraternity (Channing Decker & Trent Gibson) (c) defeated John McChesney & Daniel Hooven to retain the IWC Tag Team Championships.

Former cameraman Hooven checks the camera settings of the ringside photogs. Ha!

Decker: “Cut the music, nerd.”

Decker tells Hooven that it isn’t too late to back out of the match.  Hooven declines.

Decker accidentally clobbers Gibson.

Hooven dives off the top to the floor.

Audience: “Hoo-ven! Hoo-ven! Hoo-ven!”

Hooven is injured from the dive and selling the ankle. He gets chop blocked by Decker. He is being worked over by the champs.

Decker: “Nice clean tag!”

The Frat: “Ei-Fel-Tow-er!”

Hot tag to McChesney.

JM misses getting a three count my millimeters. He is hit by an enziguri by Decker.

Decker: “I hate you, John.”

The challengers have stereo sharp shooters locked on the title holders.

McChesney blocks a kegstand.

Hooven gets a two with a crossbody.

Decker beans Hooven with a camera and gets the pinfall.

Immediate reaction:

Extremely entertaining bout. The Frat are hilarious. Hooven did an excellent job holding up his end of the match.


The merch tables were hopping, per usual.

I got to talk to Jinx for a minute. She said she has been training for a year.

I also briefly spoke to JaXon Argos and Matthew Justice, who was enjoying the show from the bleachers. He said that he had come along with Wardlow.

IWC World Heavyweight Champion Wardlow defeated three contenders in an Open Challenge match.

Wardlow comes out and addresses the audience. He declares that he is the “realist thing” that the fans will ever see.

Plato Meramec was the first to answer the challenge. Wardlow F5s him and pins him without removing his championship belt.

Noctus is out next. He gets in more offense but falls to Wardlow after a Falcon Arrow.

“Country Hammer” Jami Jamison is the third to answer the challenge. He is more Wardlow’s size.

The two begin trading heavy blows.

Jamison lays out Wardlow with a clothesline and Snake Eyes.

Wardlow rocks the challenger with an impressive overhead suplex.

The champion executes a gorgeous “Swanton.” He picks up his opponent’s shoulders at two.

Wardlow: “Since you guys love him so much, you get getting off that easy.”

Jamison spears and jackhammers Wardlow. He then misses a moonsault.

Wardlow devastates him with an F5 and pins the challenger.

Immediate reaction:

Wardlow is over like rover in the monster heel role. He is growing by leaps and bounds with each successive show.

Jamison has legitimate size and a raw-boned toughness about him. I kinda wish they wouldn’t have debuted him against they champ with a loss. I mean, they could always build something from it…but, in my opinion, big guys should always have an aura built up around them before that first big loss.

Marshall the Bull & Bronco McBride defeated Bulk Nasty (w/ BC Steele) & Officer Dan Murphy.

Nasty threatens fans prior to the bell.

Nasty and Gambino square up. He shoves Gambino around.

McBride bounces ineffectually off of Nasty.

Gambino & McBride finally put down Nasty with a double shoulder tackle.

Murphy had a gut wrench suplex go bad on McBride.

The heels (Nasty & Murphy) keep blind tagging each other. This is upsetting them.

McBride hits a suicide dive on Nasty and bounces off him…again.

Gambino and Nasty begin brawling through the audience.

Nasty powerslams Gambino.

Nasty and Murphy get into a scuffle. Nasty abandons his partner in the ring.

The babyfaces pile on Murphy for the win.

Immediate reaction:

Weird match. Things were flat until the brawl through the crowd brought up the energy in the room.

I like Bulk Nasty and BC Steele as a duo. They are so over-top that one can’t help but pay attention to them.

Britt Baker (c) defeated “Queen of the Silver Screen” Katie Arquette to retain the IWC Women’s Championship.

Arquette addresses her opponent on the microphone.

The women trade headlocks.

Baker superkicks the shit out of Arquette.

Arquette attempts multiple times to lock the champion in a “sharp shooter.”

Baker stuns Arquette with a “Rocker Dropper” for a two-count.

Baker retains her title with a crossface.

Calvin Couture comes out to escort Arquette to the back.

Immediate reaction:

The match was a little slow in spots but otherwise fine.


Shane InYaFace (Photograph via IWC Wrestling Instagram)

Chris LeRusso (c) defeated Shane InYaFace to retain the IWC Super Indy Championship.

LeRusso jumps InYaFace before the announcements conclude.

InYaFace is working over LeRusso with fist strikes and knees.

The two are trading blows.

LeRusso is twisting his opponent’s fingers and biting his hand.

InYaFace scores with multiple German suplexes and a “Chaos Theory.” He rattles LeRusso with Muy Thai kicks. His hand is clearly in pain.

His hand is clearly in pain.

LeRusso catches a “Dirty Deeds” driver for a two.

InYaFace looks at his injured hand–thinks about it for a second–and goes for a big punch regardless.

He misses.

LeRusso wraps him up for the pinfall.

LeRusso gets on the microphone and announces that he is the greatest.

McChesney’s music hits. He is jumped from behind by Bulk Nasty and BC Steele.

Hooven is out for the save.

McChesney superkicks LeRusso.

“Big League” challenges the “Heir Apparent” to a match on March 11 in Elizabeth, PA.

Immediate reaction:

This match told a great story built around InYaFace’s injured hand.

LeRusso’s swag when he made his ring entrance was off the chart.

Shane InYaFace is terrific. He is reminiscent of Raymond Rowe with a heavy dash of martial arts in his move set. He has a ton of aura. I am fully invested in his character. He is going to become a major player in the future of IWC.

-Ted Zep

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