IWC: Night of Superstars 6 (2017)

IWC: Night of Superstars 6

(Meadville Area Highschool – Meadville, PA. – Saturday, April 8, 2017 – Belltime: 7:30 PM)


The announcer takes the ring at 7:20 to address the audience. He pushes the company’s Twitter account. He says that the goal is to reach 5,000 followers by the end of the evening.

Jock Samson eliminated Lumberjack LeRoux to win a battle royale.

At 7:32, an announcement is made that since the preshow meet and greet was running so long, a 15-person battle royale has been added to the show.

Participants: Daniel Hooven, Jock Samson, Calvin Couture, Dan Murphy, Chest Flexor, Shane InYaFace, Payton Graham, Santana Diamonds, Lumberjack LeRoux, Jinx, Bulk Nasty, Katie Arquette, Billy Ruxpin, Noctus, and Corey Futuristic.

Upon the ringing of the bell, Jinx (read my exclusive interview with here HERE) and Katie Arquette attack each other. They quickly brawl over the tope rope eliminating themselves while the men watch. As soon as the ladies are out, the ring erupts in brawling.

The match soon comes down to Hooven, Couture, LeRoux, Diamonds, Samson, Murphy, and Nasty. Eventually, LeRoux thought that he had dumped Samson but he hadn’t. Samson eliminated him and won the match.

LeRoux and Samson are jawing after the bell. A challenge is made for a tag match later in the show. Samson accepts. He teases having the match right then and there, asking if we want to see it.

Samson: “Too bad! You gotta wait!!”

Samson runs from LeRoux as he is showered with catcalls.

Observations: Solid, entertaining battle royale that did exactly what it was meant to do: fill time. The girls looked good in the little spotlight they were given. Samson was hilarious. He crapped all over the audience every chance he got.

The show finally starts at 8:04 PM. Justin Plummer is out to address the crowd. While the Hardy Boyz, who won the Raw Tag Team Championships the previous weekend at

Justin Plummer is out to address the crowd. While the Hardy Boyz, who won the Raw Tag Team Championships the previous weekend at WrestleMania, will still be appearing at the event, the WWE was not allowing them to wrestle. Plummer thanked the efforts of his wife, Vince McMahon, and Triple H for ensuring that the brothers were still even allowed to appear in Meadville. (It is one of only three independent commitments the Hardys will be allowed to honor. This is an incredibly rare happenstance.)

Lumberjack LeRoux, Keith Haught, Remy LaVey, and Chest Flexor defeated Jock Samson, Magnum CK, Marshall “The Bull” Gambino, and “Country Hammer” Jami Jamison.

Samson is on the apron working the crowd.

CK levels Haught with a clothesline.

Samson gives the “Dab Elbow” to Haught.

Jamison is the unfortunate victim of a “Stink Face” from Haught.

Gambino takes a nasty spill over the tope rope.

LeRoux ducks a clothesline from Samson and lays him out with a “Samoan Drop” for the pin.

The winning team takes part in a dance contest while Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” plays.

Medics rush to the back to take a look at Gambino.

Observations: Samson and CK work from the moment they enter the arena until the moment they return to the locker room. Everything they do is either physical as hell or funny. The Mega Plowers just got it.

I hope that Jamison found a little extra something in his pay envelope since he took that “Stink Face.” Yowza.

Ring announcer Dave Kich once again plugs the IWC Twitter account.

The Meadville Area High School principal is out to explain what the money raised by today’s event will be used to do. He is viciously boo’d out of the building. The audience chanted “delete” at him as he exited the ring.

Audience: “We want wrest-ling!”

The crowd is getting antsy…

Observations: If you keep a crowd of 1600+ waiting, you are gonna get what you have coming to you.

IWC World Heavyweight Championship

Michael Wardlow (c) (w/ Justin LaBar) defeated “Lucious” Rocky Reynolds.

LaBar addresses the angry audience. He brags that he is now “verified on Twitter.”

Reynolds is a local favorite from Titusville, PA.

Audience: “Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!”

Both men had terrific introductions.

Rocky misses a charge and launches over the top rope, hitting the floor hard.

Wardlow: Spinebuster and one-finger pin attempt.

Wardlow follows up with a trio of overhead suplexes.

Reynolds fights back and attempts a slam but his back gives out and he is nearly pinned.

Wardlow misses a “Swanton.”

Wardlow: “This is how a wrestler is SUPPOSED to be!”

Reynolds hits a “Swanton” of his own.

Wardlow rocks his opponent with a boot to the chest, “Falcon Arrow,” and pinfall. He secured the win by standing with one foot on Reynold’s chest and flexing.

Observations: This match perfectly told the story of the local hero challenger versus the monstrous heel champion. Reynolds not only has the pedigree of being a four-time NWA World Junior Heavyweight champion…the guy is so genuine and likable that ya can’t help but root for him. And the heel Wardlow has been doing his thang since winning the championship. He and LaBar are a winning combination.

IWC Women’s Championship

Britt Baker (c) defeated Rachael Ellering.

Ellering energetically makes her way to the ring. Her shoulders are noticeably thicker than Baker’s.

The champ is working her opponent’s wrist.

Ellering retaliates with a “Superman Elbow.”

Brawling at ringside, Baker whips Ellering into the steel barrier. They continue to fight around the ring.

Ellering fires off a pair of kicks that show a lot of sunlight.

The women are duking it out.

Baker stuns Ellering with a “Codebreaker.”

Ellering answers with a “Black Hole Slam” and a “Rock Bottom.” She scores with a tornado led drop off the second rope.

Baker hits a “Rocker Dropper” for two. She locks on a “Crossface” and gets a submission victory.

Ellering hugs Baker and raises her hand.

Observations: The crowd was stupid-hot for this crowd. Baker is hella over. The two had some fun spots building to the finale.

IWC Super Indy Championship

John McChesney (w/ Daniel Hooven) defeated Chris LeRusso (c) (w/ BC Steele & Bulk Nasty) to win the Super Indy title.

Special Guest Referee: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Steamboat did a thorough job of examining LeRusso before the match. He went so far as to check his wristbands and fingernails.

McChesney: “I’m playing by the rules.”

The match starts with some classic chain wrestling.

McChesney lights up LeRusso with a trio of chops. LeRusso deflects one of them with a jumping knee. Ouch!!

The audience is hanging on everything each guy does.

“Big League” superplexes the champion for a two-count.

LeRusso hits the challenger with a jumping knee strike.

Steele breaks up a pin attempt, so Hooven dives in the even the odds.

Steamboat rocks Nasty with chops.

McChesney lops off LeRusso’s head with a “Super Kick”

John McChesney is the new IWC Super Indy champion.

Steamboat buckles the belt around McChesney’s waist and raises his hand. Even from the bleachers, I can see the tears in the eyes of the new champ.

Steamboat lead a fan from the front row into the ring to join in the celebration.

McChesney was mobbed on his way to the locker room.

Observations: Steamboat’s entrance was chill-inducing. He was an excellent referee, and certainly the best “guest referee” that I’ve ever seen. He dressed appropriately, approached the role in a professional manner, and didn’t do anything that stepped on the boys in the match. He was perfect.

The contest had a “big match feel” at the opening bell and delivered a big payoff at the end. The story of McChesney’s return to the sport has been played note-perfect over the last couple shows. This was and—more importantly—felt like a huge moment.

It was really good stuff. Congratulations to everyone involved.


Mr. Anderson schools RJ City (Photographer: Wayne Palmer)

Mr. Anderson defeated RJ City.

City is out on the microphone. He corrects the announcer and announces himself. He lists the reasons why he is better than Anderson. He puts over his finisher. He says that he is better than anyone in the building before singing. He is interrupted by Anderson.

He poses waiting for the mic to drop from the ceiling, which it can’t.

Anderson: “Where’s my frickin’ microphone??”

The ref gets on a chair to hand the mic down to him. Anderson is jumped before he can finish the intro. Anderson manages to subdue him with a chinlock. He grabs the mic and finishes the introduction while screaming in City’s ear.

The audience is chanting for Anderson.

City reverses the chinlock. He locks Anderson in an extended chinlock of his own. The crowd is getting restless.

Anderson connects with a swinging neckbreaker. He punches City in the groin and locks on “The Claw.” He staggers City with a “Green Bay Plunge” for two. He rolls him up for another two. He catches the “Mic Check” for the pin.

Anderson announces himself the winner.

Audience: “Ken-Eh-Dee!!”

Anderson: “Are you trying to get me into trouble?”

He brings the same fan in from the previous match and the two mug for the audience.

Observations: Anderson has a presence. He seemed motivated and happy to be there. Having the same fan in the ring a second time was probably a misstep. While it certainly made the guy’s day, it was a little much. However, there are certainly worse mistakes to make.

IWC Tag Team Championship

The Frat (Channing Decker & Trent Gibson) (c) defeated The Headless Horsemen (Gory & Matt Conard).

The Hardys are announced. The audience goes berserk.

Crowd: “Harrr-Deez!”

Crowd: “Delete! Delete! Delete!”

“Broken Matt” takes the microphone. He marvels that just a week earlier, he and “Brother Nero” were at WrestleMania winning the RAW Tag Team Championship. He thanks Vince McMahon for allowing them to honor their commitment. He says that he will let Jeff pick the rules of the following match. Jeff roots around ringside and finds chairs, a table, and a ladder.

The Frat is out.

Decker: “There is nothing more pathetic than a couple 40-year-olds trying to relive their glory days.”

Decker: “The only thing ‘broken’ about you two is your integrity.”

Crowd: “Hardy! Hardy! Hardy!”

Decker says the Hardys are lucky that the WWE won’t let them perform. He called them “Vince’s bitches.”

Jeff Hardy introduces The Frats’ opponents, The Headless Horsemen.

Jeff Hardy declares that The Frat will “fade away and classify themselves as OBSOLETE!”

Match starts.

Gory scores with a double-knee strike to Gibson and Decker.

The Horsemen double-suplex Decker.

The Frat miss a “ConChairTo” to Conard and the chairs smack against one another.

Gory performs a great tope to the floor.

Decker spits at a fan in the front row.

The Frat double-suplex Conard onto a chair.

Crowd: “We want tables!”

Decker folds up a table and announces that the fans need to “go to another show” if they want to see stuff like that.

Gibson and Decker do the “Eiffel Tower” to Gory.

Decker misses a leg drop off the top rope.

Gory throws a chair in Gibson’s face to counter “Poetry in Motion.”

Conard does the Terry Funk ladder spot.

Gory hits a “VanDaminator” on Gibson.

Decker: “Nobody messes with The Frat!”

Gory bites Decker’s hand.

Conard gets a two-count.

Audience: “Taaaaaaaaables!”

Decker hits Conard with his fraternity paddle.

Gory falls off the ladder and through the table as Gibson moves. The Frat piles on for the pinfall to retain their championship.

There is an ovation for the Headless Horsemen as they make their way to the back.

Audience: “Thank you, Gory!”

Observations: While I was disappointed that the Hardys weren’t allowed to perform—the entire reason my buddy and I drove from Ohio for the show was this match—this was still a ton of fun. The Hardys’ promo light the crowd up for The Frat and HH to do their thing. I like The Frat’s act so much. And the Horsemen are war machines.


Photograph courtesy of

Main Event

Two-on-Three Handicap Match

Ryback & Andrew Palace defeated Team Storm (Jack Pollock/JaXon Argos/RC Dupree).

Team Storm is out to SICK HEAT.

Palace runs to the ring like a maniac.

The live crowd becomes unhinged for Ryback.



Pollock and Palace start the match.

“Ryback’s gonna kill you!”

Ryback tags in to face Argos.

“Feed. Me. More.”

Argos tears off his shirt and flexes. Ryback demolishes him with a delayed suplex. Ouch.


Photograph courtesty of

Ryback shoulder tackles Dupree. Dupree strikes back by chop blocking Ryback’s knee. Ryback lays him out with a delayed suplex.

Pollock tags in and slams the massive Ryback. He is paid back with a 30-second delayed suplex.

Palace tags in and wrecks Pollock with a neck breaker.

In one of the funniest moments of the night, Argos attempts to pull Ryback off the apron…but can’t.

Argos gets a two on Palace. Dupree follows with a leg drop on him.

Palace stuns Pollock with a “Ghetto Blaster.”

Argos prevents AP from making the tag. The hot tag is simmering.

Palace drops J-Pol over the top to the floor.

The tension is thick.

Ryback and Argos tag in simultaneously. The Big Guy destroys Argos with a “Cannonball.”

Pollock breaks up a pin attempt.

Ryback simultaneously German suplexes all three of this opponents. DAMN! He then takes off Argos’ head.

The babyfaces clear the ring.

Palace hits a “Suicide Dive.”

Ryback hits a “Suicide Dive.”

Ryback “Samona Drops” Argos for the pin.

Observations: This match was awesome. Team Storm came off as major league players. They had the audience eating out of their hands. On paper, it seemed like an odd pairing, but Palace and Ryback were fantastic together. I was stunned by how much Ryback did in the ring. This was a fun, fun main event. All four of the local guys left bigger stars than when they started the match.


Negative points first.

Waiting until the morning of the show to announce that the Hardys weren’t wrestling was, honestly, sketchy. I get that WrestleMania threw a giant monkey wrench into their plans, but they should have let the fans in on things far sooner than they did. I understand that it’s a business and they are trying to protect the gate, but the eleventh-hour announcement sits poorly with me. That being said, I applaud the IWC for delivering the reigning WWE titleholders at an independent event. It was nothing short of a miracle.

Something needs to be done about this whole autograph signing situation. Fans who were stuck late at the signing missed matches, while fans who were in the gym sat around for 30 minutes waiting for the start of the show. IWC definitely tried to make it right by adding a pre-show battle royale to buy time. I commend that. However, the school, who from my understanding runs the autograph signing, needs to calm down trying to vacuum up every absolutely every available dollar and consider the 1,600 people 500-ft away in the gymnasium. I’m certain there is a happy medium somewhere.

Good points.

Artistically, this show rocked. It was so much fun and the matches all delivered. Team Storm, The Mega Plowers, Andrew Palace, The Frat, The Headless Horsemen, and Britt Baker all had great nights. And the stars who were brought in treated the event as important and worked accordingly. McChesney and LeRusso told a compelling story and delivered a “moment,” which is rare in independent wrestling.

IWC is a solid wrestling company that consistently delivers good to great shows. They have a young, talented roster and they understand how to present it to highlight each individual’s strengths. The company is on a roll right now.

For more information about upcoming IWC shows, check out their website, Facebook, or Twitter.

-Ted Zep

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