MEGA Championship Wrestling: Moe Money, Moe Problems (2017)


(St. John’s Gym – North Elyria, OH. – March 25, 2017 – Bell: 7 PM)

“We want Shane” chants fill the building prior to the start of the show.

Eric Ryan defeated Fudo

Ryan levels Fudo with kicks and chops. He follows up with a pair of boots to the chest. To add insult to injury he adds two running facewashes. Ryan continues to torture his opponent with a demonstration of small digit manipulation.

Fudo finally retaliates with a crane kick and bulldog, which gets him a two-count.

Fudo with a neckbreaker.

Ryan powerbomb and pins his opponent. He continues to pummel Fudo after the bell.

Observations: Yeezus!! Fudo couldn’t possibly have been paid enough for the beating received. Ryan clearly showed up with an agenda tonight.

New MEGA commissioner

The new MEGA commissioner Anthony Falcone came out to address the audience. He announces that Alex Daniels has been stripped of the MEGA title. Big Moe comes out to ask for a shot at the belt. He is soon followed by Jackson Stone, who is interrupted by Brandon X.

Shane Taylor’s music hits. He says that despite his accomplishments in Ring of Honor, he regrets never winning the MEGA Championship.

A match to determine a new champ involving all four contenders is set for later in the evening.

Observations: There might have been a video leading up to the show that explains why Falcone is the new commissioner, but I haven’t seen it. He strikes me as an odd choice for the role but it will be a good opportunity for him to get experience on the microphone in a live setting.

Kalam & Kidd (w/ LRD) defeated “Simply Gorgeous” (Shawn Blaze & Bryan Laster)

Blaze chops Kidd…in the groin? He then executes a flawless “Lionsault.”

Laster “Ghetto Stomps” Kidd.

Kalam repeatedly shoulder tackles Laster.

Laster accidentally superkicks Blaze. Kalam and Kidd pile on Blaze for the pin.

Laster turns on Blaze after the match and kicks him.

Observations: Perfectly serviceable tag match. It was a little weird that Laster kicked Blaze leading to the finish, yet Laster TURNED on Blaze. I guess they are just trying to mix things up?G

Graham Wellington defeated Marion Fontaine

Wellington leg-trips Fontaine.

Fontaine monkey flips Wellington into the ropes.

Wellington devastates Fontaine with a huge chop outside the ring. He hits a slingshot suplex and a tilt-a-whirl slam, each for a two-count.

Fontaine catches Wellington in a backslide for two.

Wellington sandwiches Fontaine while holding the ropes to get the win.

Observations: I can watch Marion Fontaine all-day, every day. He can be funny or serious and brawl or fly high. He has the type of charm and experience that adds value to any show on which he is booked.

Six-Way Scramble

Infinity Championship

Joshua Singh (c) defeated Mavis, Bryen Douglas, Brian Carson, Chris LeRusso, and TJ Dynamite to retain the championship

Douglas works the crowd during his entrance.

Carson snatches the microphone from the ring announcer as Singh is being announced. He demands that the fans pay tribute to The Duke who is on commentary with Joe Dombrowski.

The match starts with Singh and Carson duking it out in the ring as the others brawl at ringside.

Dynamite gives an “RKO” to Douglas.

Mavis sneaks a “Pele” kick to Douglas, as well.

LeRusso pummels Singh with leaping knee strikes and kicks. He then leaps from the top rope onto all five of his opponents who are outside the ring.

Singh takes the wind from LeRusso with an overhead suplex.

Carson catches the champ in a “Stinger Splash.” He and Douglas continue to work over Singh. Carson turns on Douglas and gives him an “Ace Crusher.”

Singh belly-to-back suplexes Douglas.

Singh cannonballs Carson and Douglas in the corner.

Singh gives the “Tombstone” to Douglas and pins him to retain his title.

Observations: Singh, Douglas, and Carson all hustled in this one. Their work was crisp and intense.


I picked up a sweet hat from the good people at Stay Tuff apparel booth.

Derek Direction defeated Tyson Dredd.

There were a number of chants directed toward Dredd:

“Dir-ty Hip-pie!”

“He’s on A-cid!”

“Die, hippie, die!”

Direction DDTs Dredd, then begins to work him over. He is chopping away on Dredd’s chest. He hits a back senton for a two-count.

Dredd catches the “Nickelodeon Narcissist” with a shot to the gut. He continues the punishment with clotheslines, knees, and an “RKO.”

Referee Dave the Potato botches a three-count.

Dredd scores with a springboard neckbreaker for two.

Direction: low blow and pinfall.

Direction beats his fallen opponent with a chair, concentrating on the arm. He gets on the mic and challenges Gregory Iron.

Observations: Dredd got in more offense than I expected. Direction solidifies his act with every show.

Fighting Spirit Championship

Joseline (c) (w/ LRD) defeated Laura Loveless and Super Oprah.

Oprah sits on the top rope, spreads “her” legs, and, err, pulls the ref’s head between them.

Oprah tees-off on Joseline. She misses a leg drop and her wig flies off. The crowd goes nuts.

Oprah bulldogs Loveless. Joseline breaks up the pin attempt.

Joseline attempts The Undertaker’s “Old School” rope walk…but Oprah blocks it and powerbombs her.

Oprah drags a shirtless LRD in the ring and viciously chops the manager. She cannonballs him. The audience goes berserk.

Oprah attempts to top rope splash the champ, who moves before she can.

Joseline spits mist in Lovelace’s face and gets the pinfall.

Observations: A little over a year in the business, and Joseline’s in-ring is improving. She and LRD make for an unlikely, yet effective, heel act. She is attractive and charismatic, the rest will come with experience. I’m a big fan of Pittsburgh rookie Jinx and would love to see these two fighters tangle in the ring.

Andrew Palace & PME (Philly Collins & Marino Tenaglia) defeated Otis, Atticus, and Silas Cogar.

The Palace/PME came out with their guns blazing.

Silas tossed around Tenaglia with little to no effort.

Tenaglia returned the favor with a dropkick to Silas’ leg.

Palace biels Silas for two.

All six men are brawling in the ring.

Collins takes to the air with a suicide dive onto all three opponents.

Atticus springboard dropkicks Tenaglia.

Otis and Atticus rattle Tenaglia with a delayed suplex.

Silas belly-to-back suplexes Tenaglia.

Tenaglia stuns Silas with an enziguri. He “hot tags” Palace.

Palace sends Silas reeling into the turnbuckle with a dropkick.

Collins plants Otis with a “Samoan Drop.”

Silas accidentally kicks Atticus.

The PME perform a “Ghetto Stomp/DDT” combo on Silas for the victory.

The Cogars immediately jump Tenaglia. Atticus pulls a crutch from beneath the ring. He brings it and a trash can back in.

Atticus pulls a crutch from beneath the ring. He takes it and a trash can with him to use on his opponents. However, instead of attacking them, he blasts Silas with the crutch. Otis then powerbombs Silas through a chair.

Observations: Umm…huh? This Cogar implosion just came out of nowhere. Without immediately researching it, I’m pretty sure that Silas only joined the act a show or two previously. It’s like, what’s the point?

Also, there was a turn earlier in the show when Laster turned on Blaze. Two flips in a single show water both of them down. (And to further murky the water, Meat-n-Taters turned on each other in December, as well.)

I suppose since the Cogars are working a Leatherface/cult gimmick that they were merely “punishing” Silas for his error…but it didn’t feel that way.

This was Andrew Palace’s debut with the organization. His entrance with the PME was fantastic. The three felt important and relevant.

MEGA Championship

Fatal 4-Way Match

Jackson Stone defeated Big Moe, Brandon X, and Shane Taylor to win the championship.

The participants each take turns pummeling Brandon X.

Moe and Taylor square off very early. These are two big boys.

Stone and Taylor find themselves alone in the ring together. Stone is a “hoss” himself. Amazingly, Taylor was able to put him down.

Taylor takes out his aggression on X with a traumatic clothesline.

Taylor’s opponents team up against him. Two hold him down while Moe destroys him with a pair of splashes. X boots Taylor right in the mush.

Moe deflects a shoulder tackle from Stone. He suplexes X for a two.

X staggers Moe with knee strikes to the head. He performs a wobbly springboard flip.

Stone splashes Moe.

Taylor charges all three opponents in the turnbuckle like a freight train. This is pure violence.

Moe is waffled by a lariat from Taylor but manages to avoid being pinned. Moe counters with a “Black Hole Slam.” X breaks up the pin.

An errant kick by Taylor accidentally leads to a ref bump.

Since the referee is out, Moe hits Taylor with a chair.

Stone tackles Moe and pins him.

Jackson Stone is the new MEGA champion.

Moe attacks him and takes the belt. He is ready to attack the newly crowned champ with the belt until Taylor punches him.

Taylor gets the belt and presents it to a clearly ecstatic Jackson Stone.

Observations: Moe was solidified as a babyface at “Night of Champions” when Brandon X turned on him. However, two shows later he turns heel? I get that the character was frustrated by not winning the championship but it feels kinda “soon” for that.

MEGA having Taylor back after such an impressive run with, most notably Ring of Honor, lends a nice rub to a company who normally doesn’t book “names.” His presence made the show feel unique.

Taylor is a big boy. I took pause when he went nose-to-nose with Big Moe and Moe was larger than him. It was an impressive sight.

Stone should have an interesting run with the belt. I haven’t seen much of his personality on display, but he is intense and rugged in the ring.

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-Ted Zep


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