Hostile Makeover: An Interview with Calvin Couture


Occupation: Professional Wrestler

Years involved: Currently in Premiere Year

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Age: 26

If wrestling is nothing, it’s cyclical. The business goes through prosperity and famine as it perennially chugs along.

Fast-forward to 2017: Calvin Couture has arrived! The feisty fashion plate is looking to turn heads and snap necks on his way to dominating and elevating wrestling back to its rightful position as the “It” sport.

I recently sat down with the savage social climber to discuss his rookie year in the business.

Calvin Couture

For those who haven’t seen you perform, who is “Calvin Couture?”

Calvin Couture is the socialite of all socialites and is THE fashion icon.  When Calvin Couture steps into a room, he turns heads. Everyone around him that have not embraced the #CoutureCulture, become instantly jealous.  There are so many trends that Calvin is going to continue to bring to the wrestling scene!

What is the first wrestling match that you recall watching? What impression did it make on you?

The first wrestling match I recall watching or sticking with me as a kid was Marty Jannetty vs Shawn Michaels on one of the early episodes of Monday Night Raw when Marty won the Intercontinental title.  Being a young, I always had my eyes glued to this match regardless of what was going on around me.  It was the fast pacing of the match and the story that they told…on top of the excitement created when Marty won the title.

The early days of training are often the most trying. What role did your trainers play in guiding you through the process?

The role of a trainer or a coach in any process is huge but it is so different in this business.  Not only is it physically trying and draining but the mental aspect is huge.  The continuous push to get out of your own head and try to remember something new or out of your comfort zone is something that stuck with me.  I remember in the early months of training, Chris LeRusso told me that “there is no time like the present”.  I continue to find that true in any challenge.


How did your family and loved ones react to your decision to wrestle?

I got some mixed reactions at first.  Some friends asked me what had taken me so long, some family thought this was just going to be a phase, but mainly everyone was supportive of me following a dream.  The “Couture Culture” became a reality and is becoming stronger every single day.  I am constantly receiving support from friends and family as I continue the #HostileMakeover of not only IWC but every ring I step inside.

You debuted back in February at the IWC event “Proving Ground 6.” Your opponent was Andrew Palace. As far as “first matches” go, I think it was pretty damn good. Walk me through your thoughts and feelings concerning the bout.

My main concern was my posture and walk to the ring.  As they say, the first impression is everything, so the minute I walked through that curtain it was my time to shine.  The walk to the ring is my runway and no one can take that walk away from me, not even Andrew Palace.  Yeah, of course, there may have been some nerves being my premiere but everyone got the first taste of what the #CoutureCulture is all about.



I ran into you and fellow rookie Jinx recently at the debut Welterweight Wrestling show in Cleveland. Neither of you was booked, yet you were still there. From an educational and political point of view, how important is it for young talent to attend events?

Knowledge is power.  The wrestling world is constantly changing so being highly educated and studying what is happening at local shows is the most important thing that can be done, especially as early in careers as possible.  I am constantly watching and studying.

Now that you have a handful of matches under your belt, has your view of the wrestling business changed?

I still love the business, even more than I did before.  I watch it a little more differently being a student of the game but it has only enhanced my passion.

Who are some of the names you would like to meet in the ring during your rookie year?

I would love to get in the ring with RJ City and Gory. I’d like to face RJ City because he has so much personality and ability that it would really test how Calvin reacts in the ring.  Gory is a clear choice because he has been a staple in the area for years. What’s a better way to make an impression in my rookie year?

Why should opponents be wary of Calvin Couture?

Calvin has some tricks up his sleeve that opponents have not seen and are not expecting.  Calvin will continue to debut the newest forms of fashion and, with the lovely Katie Arquette by his side, will be a dominant force on the local wrestling scene.  As always, Jealousy is a Disease, Get Well Soon!

For the latest from Mr. Couture on the season’s choicest designers, hottest clubs, or next in-ring encounter, visit him HERE.

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-Ted Zep

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