REMIX Pro Wrestling: Throwdown for the Pound XV-Achievement Unlocked (2017)


"Making Towns and Raising Hell" - Credit: Wayne Palmer

(Promotion: REMIX Pro Wrestling – Marietta Middle School – Marietta, OH. – Saturday, April 22, 2017 – Bell: 7 PM)

Preshow Match

Xerxes v. Shawn Phoenix.

Xerxes slowly makes his way to ringside accompanied by menservants and the always lovely Jinx.

Xerxes unloads a gnarly kick to Phoenix’s head. He follows with a reverse “Frankensteiner,” which garners a huge pop. He hits a senton elbow for the win.

Jinx addresses the audience.

Jinx: “You think that’s what’s worthy of being in the ring with a GOD??”

Dominic Garrini is out to confront Xerxes. An impromptu match occurs.

Xerxes v. Dominic Garrini.

Garrini is jumped by Xerxes’ entourage and Jinx outside the ring.

Xerxes axe kicks Garrini and lands in a split.

Garrini retaliates with a German suplex.

Xerxes executes a moonsault into a seated splash.

Winner: Xerxes.

Main Card

Ring announcer Pedro DeLuca addresses the crowd. He calls for a moment of thought for AIW co-owner Chandler Biggins who has been dealing with life-threatening health issues. (Unfortunately, Chandler has since passed away. His contribution to professional wrestling in Cleveland is inestimable. He will be sorely missed.)

Joe Dombrowski is out to the announce booth.

The owners of REMIX are out to briefly address the audience and throw frisbees to them.


"The Kings of the One Night Stand" - Credit: Wayne Palmer

IWA East Coast Tag Team Championship

The Mega Plowers (Jock Samson & Magnum CK) (c) (w/ Dirty Deacon) v. The Frat (Channing Decker & Trent Gibson) (w/ Alexia Nicole) 

CK cuts a promo taunting the audience.

The Plowers jump Decker and Gibson at the bell. Gibson dives through the ropes onto the Plowers. Decker stomps on Samson’s beard.

Samson goes to the wrong corner for a tag and gets ham-boned.

CK works over Gibson who just can’t get the tag.

Samson misses Gibson with an elbow off the top.I

Decker gets the hot tag but can’t get CK up for a Samoan drop. He finally hoists him up for a sorta rolling Samoan drop and two-count.

The Frat hit a “Keg Stand” on Jock for a pin. However, Dirty Deacon put Samson’s foot on the rope. The referee reverses the decision. Pedro announces that the match will continue.

Samson rolls up Decker for two.

Decker gives Deacon a cutter from the top rope.

CK levels Decker with a clothesline.

Samson pins Decker to retain the IWA East Coast Tag Team Championship.


"Conard Means Business" - Credit: Wayne Palmer

Vance Desmond v. Matt Conard

Desmond misses with a corkscrew off the top rope. Conard growls at the crowd. Desmond connects with a “Ghetto Blaster.” Conard gives a cutter to Desmond’s leg and combines it with a single-leg crab. Desmond lops off Conard’s head with a vicious clothesline.

Ref bump.

Conard kicks off Desmond’s head, which leads to a pin attempt. The referee counts. There is a very late kick out. The match continues.

Desmond kicks powder in Conard’s face. He gives him a shaky “Canadian Destroyer” and pins him.


"Horror Business" - Credit: Wayne Palmer

Gory v. Ron Mathis

Gory addresses the crowd. He says that Mathis has gone off on his own and has embarrassed himself.

This one starts off nose-to-nose with the two fighters trading punches.

Gory eats some hard chops to the sternum. Mathis slams him.

Mathis slams him and gives him a fallaway slam.

Gory performs a crossbody to Mathis’ back.

Mathis catches his opponent mid-air and powerslams him. He gives him a swinging DDT and levels him with a suicide dive.

Gory responds with a sleeper, a 619 and a DDT.

Mathis kicks out with one minute left on the time limit. He gives Gory two floatover superplexes.

The time limit expires.  The two men hug and shake hands. Gory sprays Mathis with mist. Mathis beats him down. Gory hits him below the belt.


"No Mercy. No Regret. Only Violence." - Credit: Wayne Palmer

REMIX Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship

Falls Count Anywhere

Cole Cash & Bryan Cross (c) (w/Steph Leopard) v. TJ Phillips & Viper

Leopard gets on the mic to talk trash.

Both teams brawl through ringside and up into the bleachers. After five minutes of this, the bell rings to signal the start of the match.

There are already thumb tacks at play.

Audience: “This is awe-some!” Ugh.

Now there is a table and a barbed wire bat introduced into the match.

Cross gets carved up with the bat.

Two tables are stacked and waiting for action…

Viper spears Leopard through a table.

This match is a bloody, brutal mess.

Cash is put through the double-stacked tables.

Viper is pinned to end the match.


The intermission was longer than normal in order to give REMIX staff time to clean up the ring. I felt my energy level drop.


"The RIOT Champion on the Ropes" - Credit: Wayne Palmer

REMIX Pro Wrestling RIOT Championship

No Countouts. No Disqualifications. Anything Goes.

Jack Pollock (c) (w/Morgan Rockafeller & Marcus Mann) v. Marion Fontaine

Pollock fakes out the audience by pretending to throw a shirt to them.

Fontaine brings a spittoon with him to the ring.

Pollock tosses a number of chairs into the ring. All participants in the match then engage in an impromptu game of musical chairs.

Referee Jakes Clemons is the first eliminated.

Mann is then eliminated.

It comes down to Pollock and Fontaine. Fontaine superkicks Pollock while he is in the final chair. Pollock sells it like a million bucks. These two have great comedic chemistry.

Fontaine atomic drops Mann and then kisses Morgan Rockafeller.

Pollock cracks Fontaine with two stiff punches.

The two brawl out into the audience.

Fontaine hangs from a basketball hoop and drops down to give Pollock a hurricanrana. A fan holds up a replica title belt so Fontaine runs Pollock into it head first.

Fontaine fishes a ladder from beneath the ring. He tosses it to Pollock and dropkicks it into him.

Pollock rocks Fontaine with a spinebuster for two.

Rockafeller pushes Fontaine off the ladder. Pollock gives him a boot and pins him.

Fontaine challenges Pollock to a ladder match at the next show.

An announcement is made that the event was able to raise $5000 for the Humane Society.


"One Dirty Baszler" - Credit: Wayne Palmer

Shayna Baszler v. ODB

Baszler is out to ringside wearing the AIW Women’s Championship belt.

ODB has her trusty flask with her.

Baszler cranks ODB’s leg.

ODB fortifies herself with a drink. She takes her pulse while Baszler talks trash at ringside.

Baszler stands on ODB and swats her rear.

ODB takes another plug from the flask. She takes a boot for not paying attention. She returns the favor with a shoulder tackle.

ODB rushes Baszler and is trapped in a rear naked choke/body vice.

Baszler is the winner.

She takes a slug from ODBs flask and drops it to the mat before returning to the locker room.

REMIX Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

Chance Prophet (c) v. Chase Stevens

The two hem and haw their way through the opening minutes of the bout.

This match is dragging. It feels like a WWF house show match from 1984.

Stevens reverses a chinlock.

Prophet boots his opponent in the face.

Conard makes his way from the back.

Stevens gets the pin to win the REMIX Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

This was one of the worst title changes I’ve ever since. The match was plodding and didn’t contain much content. I’m not looking forward to Steven’s first title defense.


"Morrison v. Facade" - Credit: Wayne Palmer

John Morrison v. Facade (w/ Dani)

Facade avoids a kick from Morrison with a Matrix bend.

Morrison addresses the audience. When Facade takes the mic, he jumps him.

Facade dropkicks Morrison off the apron.

Morrison strikes heavy with a “Shining Wizard.” He performs a rude hand gesture to the audience.

Facade connects with “Lionsault” for a near-fall.

Morrison misses a twisting plancha but lands on his feet.

Facade does The Undertaker’s “Old School” rope walk.

Morrison hits the “Moonlight Drive” for a two-count.

Once again, Facade uses the “Matrix” bend to avoid a spin kick to the head.

Facade gets a two.

Morrison misses a “Moonlight Drive.”

Facade hits a springboard kick and a capoeira kick.

Morrison: Pele kick. He grabs his opponents spray paint. He falls Facade with a low blow. He grabs Dani for protection.

Facade rolls up Morrison but there is no referee to make the count.

Morrison catches Facade with a springboard knee. He then misses a “Moonlight Drive.”

Facade hits a “Canadian Destroyer,” which leads to the pinfall.

From a character point of view, Morrison was all over the place during this match. He came out as a babyface, heeled on the fans, but then complimented Facade and Dani after the match. Otherwise, this was a solid bout.

Information about upcoming REMIX Pro Wrestling events can be found HERE.

-Ted Zep

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