Northeast Wrestling: Wrestling Under the Stars (2017)


(Northeast Wrestling – Eastwood Field – Niles, OH. – July 8, 2017- 7 PM)

Dave Kich comes out to start the show at 7:45 with a countdown from ten…

Jack Pollock (w/ “Team Storm”: JaXon Argos & RC Dupree) v. Andrew Palace (w/ Mick Foley)

The heel trio rides out in a pink golf cart. Dupree is brandishing the Canadian flag. Argos is going nuts on audience members in the front row.

Palace sprints in from the outfield.

Pollock is up on a turnbuckle waving the Canadian flag. The guy sitting directly in front of me is losing his shit while doing the DX “crotch chop” in Argos’ direction. This is a hot, hot crowd.

Palace gets on the microphone. He says that he has someone to watch his back. Mick Foley enters to a humungous pop. He is slim and looking good.

A little kid behind me quizzically proclaims that Pollock looks like “Sponge Bob” and “Harry Styles.” Umm…ok.

Palace avoids a super kick and delivers a pump handle driver for the win. He is beaten down after the bell by Team Storm. Mick Foley and Socko come to the rescue. Dupree falls victim to the garment first, followed by Argos.

Foley then takes a sock off his foot before getting Pollock with it. Gross.

Team Storm hustled their asses off during this match.

Winner: Andrew Palace

Arianna Diamond v. Mandy Leon

Leon wins with an “Unprettier.”

The match was a bit sloppy and felt like it was worked in slo-mo throughout. However, it was short and sweet, which was a definite plus. I’m not going to judge too harshly because I haven’t seen either live before. It was probably just an off-night.

Winner: Mandy Leon

Ryback Promo

“Feed Me More” chants rain down from the bleachers.

Ryback encourages the fans to chant his catchphrase before announcing that he can’t compete because he has an injured shoulder. He puts over the company and talks about leaving the WWE. He plugs his podcast, book and supplement line. He announces that he still loves the Fed. Ok?

I admittedly didn’t pay the closest attention, but I feel more effort could have been made by the company to announce that Ryback wouldn’t be competing prior to the event.

Invitational Gauntlet

Guest Ring Announcer: Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart

Wrecking Ball Legursky (w/ Jared Silberkleit) v. ???

Silberkleit gets on the mic and informs the audience that he has a “lucrative trust fund.”

Opponent #1 comes out. Legursky delivers a chokeslam and pins him in seconds.

Opponent #2 runs to the ring and then runs from it. He jumps the barrier and returns to the locker room without hooking up. (Eliminated via count-out.)

Opponent #3 puts up a fight. However, he is pinned following a power slam after just a few minutes.

Silberkleit talks trash to Jimmy Hart. He proclaims that he is better than both Heenan and Fuji. Jimmy Harts levels him with a clothesline.

Legursky understands how to be a monster heel. And Silberkleit can talk. Dude has a legit jaw.

Winner: Wrecking Ball Legursky

Donovan Dijak v. Flip Gordon

Dijak cockily rides to the ring in a golf cart. His entrance has swag.

Gordon attempts to amp up the crowd by letting off a smoke bomb. I don’t think it came off quite like he hoped. Inside the ring, he performed a flip while simultaneously pulling off his tear-away pants. It is a cool little trick.

Audience: “Flip! Flip! Flip!”

Gordon performed a trio of kip-ups that gets big laughs from the audience.

Gordon hits a springboard stunner for the pin.

This was a very, very good match. It was chock full of superkicks and near-falls.

Gordon has excellent form and execution.

My friend commented that he felt Dijack “gave” too much to Gordon in the match considering he is the bigger guy, but I disagree. Both guys showed up to work and put on a fun, memorable and compelling match. It was good stuff.

Winner: Flip Gordon


NEW Tag Team Championship

The Now (Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus) (c) v. Jake Manning & “Dangerous” Dan Evans

Manning does a clever spot in which he continues to read his Boy Scout manual while going through a sequence of chain wrestling.

There were a lot of 1987 WWF house show chestnuts in this. (Ex: one of the heels would be standing while the other was on his knees hugging him to elicit a “gay” chant from the audience.)

The Now pinned Manning to retain their championship.

Winners: The Now

Jerry “The King” Lawler v. Evil Tito

Lawler is out to a great reaction. Once on the microphone, he comments that Tito looks like a “skinny burrito.” He declares that Tito wears a mask because he is “ugly.” He follows with some “You’re So Ugly…” jokes. Lawler declares that he wants to get the mask off of him.

The crowd responds to that with the “Yes!” chant.

Evil Tito takes Lawler’s crown and puts it on.

Outside the ring, a young fan is incensed by Tito. The boy goes as far as to strike him. Tito sells it.

Lawler goes for the mask, but no dice.

Test of strength.

After long bouts of stalling, Lawler low-blows his masked opponent. He finally manages to snatch off the hood off of Tito who desperately tries to cover his face. Lawler piledrives and pins him for the win.

Tito quickly pulls the mask back on. He gets in Lawler’s face after the match. Why is Tito up so quickly after being piledriven?

Lawler dropkicks Tito.

I have a problem with the kid being allowed to strike Tito. Heckling is one thing. Touching just leads to trouble, partially because the kid now viewed himself as part of the show and was a taking potshots at wrestlers for the rest of the night.

NEW Heavyweight Championship

Cody Rhodes (c) v. Vinny Marseglia

Marseglia throws the driver out of the golf cart and drives himself to the ring. He is wearing a hockey mask.

Rhodes stalks to the ring on foot. He is wearing black, white and gold tights, white boots and a black leather jacket. He is wearing the NEW belt while carrying the Ring of Honor World Championship at his side.

Kich introduces the combatants and the match begins. Champion and challenger fight into the audience.

Champion and challenger fight into the audience.

Back in the ring, Rhodes gets crotched on the top rope and indicates that he has injured his knee. He misses a moonsault, but sticks Marseglia with a wheelbarrow low-blow. He rocks Marseglia with a Biel throw off the top turnbuckle.

Marseglia counters with a Russian leg sweep. Quickly, he is outside the ring brandishing a chair.

Rhodes springs off the ropes and accidentally blasts the referee with a kick. Rhodes hits his finisher but can’t get a pin because the ref is still out.

Back on his feet, Marseglia grabs the belt and shadows Rhodes. He tosses him the belt just in time for the referee to come to his senses and see the champion holding it. The ref takes it from him as Marseglia moves in. However, Rhodes manages to roll up Marseglia for a two-count.

Cody eats a chair.

Marseglia hits a “Swanton” for two.

Rhodes connects with the “Cross Rhodes” for the pinfall.

These two did a HELLUVA job teasing a title change. Rhodes is working as good—if not better—than at any point in his career. And people are sleeping on Vinny Marseglia. He is a terrific performer with a load of personality. He has crafted a unique identity and presence. This was a fun match.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Random Notes

NEW does a sensational job with these yearly shows in Niles. They always bring in cool legends or young cutting edge talent and present them in interesting scenarios.

Dijak and Gordon put on the match of the night. They got the audience to their feet more than once. With Dijak reportedly headed to the WWE, I’m excited about his future.

And the company/boys make major bank when it comes to the pre-show meet and greets. I’m not exaggerating when I say the line to meet talent is at least a quarter of a mile long. The show started 45-minutes after the advertised time because of this, but I get it.

This year I met Rhodes, Hart, Dijak, Marseglia and Manning. I chatted with Dijak about the late night Periscope AMA broadcasts he used to do. Jimmy Hart was friendly and gracious. Cody Rhodes showed up looking every bit the champion in a blue tailored three-piece suit. It was easily 90 degrees but he gets the importance of presentation when interacting with the public. If I’d have let myself, I’d have dropped a mint on DVDs and action figures at the Highspots booth.

And a special note: announcer Dave Kich is the man. Even if he had done nothing else the rest of the evening, he earned his money for the main event introductions. He has the look and aura of a boxing announcer. When he intro’d the participants for the title bout, he made the match and participants feel BIG and IMPORTANT. So many indie wrestling shows struggle when it comes to creating atmosphere. Kich understands how to do it.

Visit for information about upcoming events.

-Ted Zep

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