PCW: Fallout (2017)


(Premier Championship Wrestling – Turner’s Hall – Cleveland, OH. – April 15, 2017)

Main Card

The Cogar Bros. (Otis & Atticus) v. Aaron Williams & Nate Wings

Williams is in peril. He fights his way out of the corner. He trades slaps with Otis.

Atticus and Williams trade elbows. Williams decks him with a right. He hot tags Wings.

Wings gives a “Lionsault” to Atticus.

Williams in with a “Superman” elbow, “Spinal Tap” kick and punch to Otis’ face.

Remy LaVey knocks Wings from the top turnbuckle. He sprays mist into Williams’ face.

Otis pins Wings.

Dropkick Dave and Uppercut Ulysses are out for the save.

Observations: Good opener. Lots of energy to set the tone of the show.

Winners: The Cogar Bros.

Ron Mathis v. Marino Tenaglia

Mathis jumped his opponent before the introductions. He beats on Tenaglia and whips him into the barrier.

Mathis: “I’m going to break this piggy!”

Mathis: “Who’s ‘The Man?'”

Mathis hits Tenaglia with a delayed leaping “Tombstone” and a “Human Torture Rack.”

This match never exactly started so it was ruled a “no contest.”

Mathis: “Your winner of the match by complete and total domination…!”

Mathis jumped Tenaglia as he is helped to the locker room. He lays him out with another leaping “Tombstone.”

As a “punishment,” Mathis has been added to the main event.

Welterweight Showcase

Gory v. Kevin Bennett v. Cole Radrick v. Shawn Phoenix

Bennett gets on the mic and drones on and on. Radrick attempts to pin him before the bell.

Gory hits Radrick with a “Polish Hammer.” He continues to chop him. He locks Radrick in and armbar and bites him.

Phoenix executes a double “Blockbuster” to Gorry and Bennett.

Radrick levels Phoenix with an “Exploder.”

Gory gives Radrick a sunset flip powerbomb.

Bennett pins Radrick.

Gory gives a “Ghetto Stomp” to Radrick after the bell.

Winner: Kevin Bennett

The STDs (Chest Flexor & Corey Futuristic) v. Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge (Chikara Tag Team Champions)

Crummels and Flexor go back and forth. Flexor drills him with a diving headbutt.

Crummels and Defarge do the old row boat spot on their opponents.

Flexor biffs a “619.”

Defarge and Crummels hit “Great Expectations” on Flexor to earn the victory.

The Chikara tag champs are on the microphone. Defarge says the match was “exhilarating.” They announce that they are here to avenge what the Cogars did to Dropkick Dave and Uppercut Ulysses.

Winners: Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge

PCW Championship

Andrew Palace (c) v. Ganon Jones, Jr.

Jones is out and demands his title match NOW.

The match starts slowly but quickly spills out of the ring.

The audience is chanting for Palace even though he is being dominated by the challenger.

Palace counters a “Black Hole Slam” and gets a two-count. He stuns Jones with a German suplex. He follows up with a running knee strike.

Jones hits Palace below the belt. He gets a two.

Ref bump.

Jones gets a chair and wedges it in the turnbuckle. However, Palace reverses an Irish Whip and Jones eats the chair himself and is pinned. The finish is awkward.

Jones complains to the referee.

Winner: Andrew Palace

Joe Dombrowski Promo

Dombrowski announces that on Sunday, May 7, there will be an Internet pay-per-view to crown the first-ever welterweight champion in the United States via a 7-way scramble match. Already signed: Gory v. Ophidian, Ace Austin v. Ace Perry, and Kevin Bennett v. Sammi Guerrera.

He then addresses Ron Mathis. Dombrowski then states that he knows who has been putting Mathis up to his crazy antics. He includes Mathis and Rex Brody to the main event, making it an eight-man tag.


Honey Badger v. Joseline

Honey Badger is SCARY!

Badger is working over Joseline.

Joseline gets the pin.

Badger reminds me of MsChif.

Winner: Joseline

N8 Mattson v. Ace Perry

This one is pretty even. Lots of back and forth between the two.

Perry tweaks his knee. Mattson locks him in a figure four leglock. Perry is able to hold out and eventually gets the pin on Mattson.

This is a big win for the young Perry. He HAS to be considered a favorite going into the upcoming Welterweight tourney.

Winner: Ace Perry

Promo: Gory

Gory comes out and takes the microphone. He challenges Andrew Palace for the PCW Championship. Palace comes out and accepts. Dombrowski is out. He says that Gory doesn’t deserve a championship match. Gory reveals that the challenge is on Krimson’s behalf. Palace says he wants it…but it must be “No Holds Barred.”

Chris LeRusso v. Jackson Stone

LeRusso jumps Storm before the bell. Storms answers with an exploder and a double-underhook suplex. LeRusso superkicks him. Stone hits a clutch leg exploder. He drops LeRusso across the ringside barrier.

LeRusso is pounding Stone. He locks his opponent in a crossface, only to have Stone STAND UP OUT OF IT. Stone buries him with a Samoan drop.

Audience: “Sho-Gun!”

LeRusso connects with a single-arm DDT for a two. He pulls the ref in front of him to block a charging Stone. Ref bump. Stone lays him out with a running tackle…but no referee to record the fall.

Gannon Jones is in from the back. He attacks Stone with a chair.

LeRusso gets the pinfall.

Jones sneaks his way to the back.

LeRusso addresses the audience. He says that PCW doesn’t want to show Gannon and him the respect they reserve. He says that they have been doing things the “easy” way, but will now do it “our” way. And not alone.

Winner: Chris LeRusso

Ron Mathis/Derek Direction/Nickie Valentino/J-Rocc v. Rex Brody/Rickey Shane Page/Dale Patricks/Sonny Vice

Both teams are going at it with weapons.

Derek Direction is murdering Patricks with shots from a VHS tape.

This is absolute mayhem.

All eight men are brawling through the audience.

Directions sticks a…erm…”hot dog” up Patricks’ ass.

J-Rocc beats on Vice like he stole his wallet.

Patricks is choking Mathis.

Brody flips off the top rope onto his opponents. Soon after he gets a Tornado DDT from Mathis.

Patricks slows Mathis with a slingshot suplex.

J-Rocc cracks RSP with a chain. He and Direction continue to mug Page.

Vice’s foot caught during a suicide dive and he crashed.

Mathis uselessly bounced off of RSP. He quickly vacated the ring with Page staring him down.

J-Rocc jumped RSP and Samoan dropped him onto a chair.

J-Rocc superplexes Vice…who hooks his leg for the pin.

J-Rocc is pissed and stares down the camera after the bell.

Mathis jumps RSP and puts a plastic bag over his head.

LeRusso and Jones are on the ramp calling for Mathis.

This was as good a brawl as I’ve seen in a long time.

LeRusso, Jones and Mathis are an unexpected but intriguing trio. I’d like to see them get a name and unified identity.

The Mathis/Page bag spot was a great nod to Funk and Flair.

Winner: Dale Pataricks/Rex Brody/Rickey Shane Page/Sonny Vice

End of show…

…not quite.

J-Rocc Goes Ballistic

A number of fans have already milled out of Turner’s Hall. Some are lingering to purchase merchandise or get pictures with the wrestlers. All of a sudden, a backroom door bursts open and J-Rocc, with Nick Lendl in tow,  storms the room and cuts a profanity-filled promo on Joe Dombrowski. I could describe it, but nothing quite compares to seeing J-Rocc be “J-Rocc” for yourself. He is an old school territory-style talent who will make you believe.


-Ted Zep


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