Rubber City Wrestling: King of the Cage (2017)


King of the Cage

(Rubber City Wrestling – Summit County Fair Arena – Tallmadge, Ohio – July 28, 2017)

*Note: All matches on the card are to be contested inside a steel cage.*

GM Mike Travis is out to announce that the show will start in approximately 15-minutes.

Main Card

Ring announcer Will Morgan enters the ring. There is a reverent 10-bell salute for Logan Scott, a local worker who recently passed.

Kyle Maverick v. Joe King

Live commentary is being broadcast inside the venue.

Maverick and King trade shots early. Maverick goes for an arrogant pin while posing for the audience. King easily kicks out. Maverick pokes him in the eyes.

Maverick: “Hold this.”

He hands King his leg and kicks King in the temple.

Maverick goes off the top rope but eats a kick from King.

King executes a Russian leg sweep for two. He slingshots his opponent in the cage. He hits a powerbomb off the ropes and a Rocker Dropper for the win.

Winner: Joe King

“Top Gun” Mike Smiley v. Scott E. Stephens (w/ Jared Hawkins)

Stevens opens with a low kick. He demands that the cage be open but the ref claims it’s “stuck.”  He goes for a submission with single-leg Boston Crab.

Smiley makes a comeback. He attempts to escape the cage but J-Hawk slams his head with the door which stops his progress.  He hits Stevens with a Stinger Splash in the corner. Smiley pulls up Stevens’ shirt and chops away at his chest.

Stevens connects with a trip-leg driver that gets him a two-count. However, he gets crotched on the top rope by Smiley.

Smiley hits an elbow off the top turnbuckle for a two. Finally, he connects with a Black Hole Slam to secure the pinfall.

Stevens crawls from the cage and down the ring steps. J-Hawk waves him with his hat in an attempt to revive him. Stevens gets to his feet and attacks the referee.

Winner: Mike Smiley

Sons of Violence (Kip Paige & Alexander Crowley) w/ Sasha Marie v. Team 24/7 (Bill Rose & Chet Lasseter)

Rose and Lassiter’s entrance was hot. The crowd reacted to them.

Paige launches himself headfirst into Lassiter’s chest. Ouch!

Rose is standing on the apron talking mess to the audience. Rose has the gift of gab.

Lassiter is choking Crowley on the second rope. He then hits a vertical suplex and Falcon Arrow.

Rose tags in.

Crowley eats a double elbow drop.

Lassiter blind tags Crowley.

Paige runs Lassiter’s head from one side of the cage to the other.

Crowley rocks Lassiter with a delayed dropkick.

Crowley superkicks Rose for a two.

Paige crossbodies Team 24/7 off the top rope.

Crowley splashes Rose for the pin.

Lassiter gets into it with a fan who was heckling him

Winners: Sons of Violence

Brittany Blake v. Samantha Heights

Blake rocks Heights with a running knee strike in the corner.

Heights drives Blake face-first into the cage. She unloads a wicked chop to Blake’s chest.

Blake with a flash roll-up for two.

Heights has been chatty the entire time. She likes talking shit.

Blake scores with a Codebreaker. She bounces Heights face off the cage multiple times.

The two are battling it out on the top rope.

Blake with a dropkick off the top rope for a near-fall.

Heights: “I’m sorry. I love you.”

The combatants fire off simultaneous kicks that put them both down. They slowly crawl to their feet.

Blake: trapped-arm Sharp Shooter.

Heights: bridge Camel Clutch.

Heights before a face wash: “Here goes your pretty little face”

Blake counters a powerbomb with a hurricanrana.

Height forces Blake to submit to a guillotine ON TOP OF THE CAGE!

This was a great, action-packed match with a really cool finish.

RCW Northeast Ohio Championship

Justin Bradley (c) w/ Scott E. Stephens & Sasha Marie v. “Lord” Marcus Knight w/ Jared Hawkins

Bradley and Knight square up before trading blows.

Bradley didn’t come to play around tonight. He cleanly executes a Spinal Tap and bodyslam.

Knight, Cobra Clutch.

Bradley gets in a suplex off the top rope and a DDT for two.

Knight, boot to the face. He sneers at the crowd.

Audience: “Lay-dee Mar-cus!”

Hawk passes a pair of brass knuckles to Knight. He is chased to the locker room by Scotty Stevens.

Knight hits a Codebreaker off the top rope to get the pin.


Six-Pack Challenge

Winner is #1 Contender to the RCW Heavyweight Championship

JD Smooth v. Wild Child v.  The Bouncer v. BroHemoth v. Spike v. Moto Machina

A competitor may tag any other competitor into the match.

JD Smooth: “Me and Spike are the two biggest guys in the locker room.”

  • The Bouncer pins Smooth after a fireman’s carry driver.
  • Wild Child pins Machina after avoiding a kick from Spike.
  • Spike pins Child after he and Machina jumped him and lay him out with a T-bone suplex.
  • The Bouncer pins Spike after an Exploder.
  • BroHemoth pins The Bouncer after two splashes and a roll-up.

The Bouncer had the best look on his face during this match.

Winner: BroHemoth

Main Event

RCW Heavyweight Championship

Diehard the Hunter (c) v. “Lord of Discipline” Animal

Match is to be contested under “escape only” rules.

Animal tosses Diehard like he is a sack of groceries. He follows with a stiff suplex.

Diehard crushes Animal with a powerslam.

Animal zip ties Diehard to the top rope. Diehard breaks the bindings and bounds up and out of the cage. He kicks the door in Animals face to seal his victory.

Diehard, Will Morgan and Mike Travis enjoy a beer mid-ring.

Diehard leaves a Logan Scott shirt along with the RCW title belt in the center of the ring as a tribute to his fallen friend.


This was a fun Friday night at the fair.

It is always a gamble to run a show wholly comprised of matches with the same gimmick. That being said, RCW pulled it off tonight. RCW officials were careful to vary the rules for each match so it kept each feeling individual and fresh.

The women’s match was cool. I particularly liked the cage-top submission finish.

If he isn’t on your radar, check out some of Bill Rose’s work. He is terrific at interacting with a live audience and is really damn funny.

It’s amazing to see the transformation that The Bouncer has made over the course of his career. He is one of a dwindling number of NE Ohio talent with legitimate ties to legendary Cleveland wrestler/promoter/trainer JT Lightning. As time has progressed, he has traded in his trademark stocky physique for a leaner, slicker one. He continually hones his craft. His work now is better than ever.

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