Welterweight Wrestling (2017)


(Welterweight Wrestling – Turner’s Hall – Cleveland, OH – May 7, 2017 – LIVE on iPPV via FITE)

Correspondent: Ted Zep


Main Card

Qualifier 1

Ophidian v. Gory

The two start out hot trading highspots.

Gory reverses a hurricanrana for two.

There is a series of nearfalls between both competitors.

Gory reverses a Gory Special into a sunset flip powerbomb.

Ophidian headbutts Gory to the sternum.

Gory gets a submission.

This was a high-energy opener. There were some clever moves during this match. Thumbs up. Ophidian’s gear lit up and stayed on the entire match.

Winner: Gory

Qualifier 2

Cam Zagami v. Nate Wings

Wings dazzles Zagami with a variety of flying maneuvers. Wings hits a Flying Burrito.

Zagami barely connects with superkick to the back of Wings’ head.

Zagami: “Do you want to fly, Wings?”

Wings hits a 450 leg drop off the top rope leading to the pin. It was a little sloppy, but cool.

Winner: Nate Wings

Qualifier 2

Marino Tenaglia v. Rayo

Tenaglia gets in a Lionsault early in the match.

Rayo stuns Tenaglia with an assortment of strikes and a snap brainbuster.

Tenaglia returns fire with a knee strike to the chin and a dropkick. He misses a Ghetto Stomp.

Rayo with a pin attempt. he follows with a jumping knee strike, a gut wrench facebuster and a kick to the temple.

Rayo gets the pin.

Winner: Rayo

Qualifier 3

Gavin Glass v. Lee Moriarty v. Sonny Vice v. Sage Phillips

Vice goes for a gutsy off the top rope moonsault to the floor.

Glass powerbombs all three opponents off the top rope.

Vice delivers a cutter to Phillips off the top.

Lee Moriarty steals the pin.

Winner: Lee Moriarty

Qualifier 4

Dylan Bostic v. Ryan Kidd

Audience chant’s “Bieber sucks!” to Bostic, who advertises himself as the “Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling.”

Bostic puts on Kidd’s mask and jumps on him.

Kidd grabs Bostic’s…err…groin.

Bostic settles in with a reverse chinlock.

Kidd connects with an Ace Crusher.

Bostic hits a Lungblower and gets the pinfall with a rollup and handful of tights.

Winner: Dylan Bostic

Qualifier 5

Ace Austin v. Ace Perry

Austin with a nice flip over the top rope. He dumps Perry hard onto the ramp. Back in the ring, he rattles Perry with a Samoan Drop. Perry saves himself from being pinned by grabbing the bottom rope.

Perry Ghetto Stomps the back of Austin’s head. He gives Ace Austin a stunner off the second rope for the win.

Winner: Ace Perry

Qualifier 6

Kevin Bennett v. Cloudy

Bennett misses a clothesline.

Cloudy clobbers Bennett with an elbow.

Bennet drills Cloudy with a knee to the neck as he is hanging on the second rope.

Cloudy, retaliates with a Zig Zag. He then drowns him with a flurry of running elbows.

Bennett low-blows him. He executes a corkscrew moonsault off of the top rope to secure a pinfall.

Winner: Kevin Bennett

The Amazing Graysons (JP & Tommy) v. Shawn Phoenix & Alex Jordan v. Cornelius Crummels & Sonny DeFarge

The Graysons brawl with Jordan. They nearly double-dropkick Phoenix out of his boots.

Jordan misses a dropkick aimed at a Grayson.

The Graysons put down Jordan for the pin.

This was chock full of spots. It was “average” as far as three-team spotfests go. LOL.

Winners: The Amazing Graysons

Qualifier 7

Atticus Cogar v. Bryan Douglas

Cogar jumps Douglas before the bell. He hits a Dirty Deeds and gets the pinfall in short order.

7-Man Elimination Scramble

(Match to Determine Inaugurial Welterweight Wrestling Champion)

Gory v. Dylan Bostic v. Lee Moriarty v. Kevin Bennett v. Rayo v. Nate Wings v. Ace Perry


Gory jumps on Bostic’s back and bites his skull. He then springboard dropkicks him.

Bennett delivers a Roaring Elbow to Rayo.

Rayo clips Moriarty and Bostic with a baseball slide.

Gory walks the ropes and transitions to a moonsault to the floor.

Perry with a suicide dive.

Wings: twisting leap off top rope to floor.

Bostic fakes a suicide dive and sneers.

Bostic: “What? Are  you kidding?”

All seven combatants lock up for a group suplex. (!!!)

Perry stuns Moriarty with a German release suplex and a superkick before pinning him.

Bennett uses the “Remix” off the top rope to eliminate Rayo.

Wings eliminates Bennett.

Gory Bucklebombs and piledrives Wings, leading to Wings’ elimination.

Bennet slams Perry. He then slams Gory on top of him.

Gory rolls up Bostic for a near-fall. They begin brawling. Gory catches Bostic low.

Bostic wraps up Gory and holds the rope to secure the pin.

Gory is pissed.

Bostic slaps Perry. He misses a charge into the corner.

Perry combos a rebound German release suplex and a regular suplex for a two-count.

Bostic blocks a springboard elbow and levels Perry for a nearfall.

Perry: Superplex & Falcon Arrow.

The two are on their knees exchanging slaps.

Fans: “Yea!/Boo!”

Bostic: low-blow & Lungblower.

Bostic leaps off the top, only to eat an Ace Crusher.

Ace Perry pins Dylan Bostic to become the first Welterweight Wrestling champion.

The babyfaces empty from the locker room to congratulate the new champion.

Winner: Ace Perry


So, as far as I understand the Welterweight promotion, it is a separate, but related, project to Premier Championship Wrestling. Both share Dombrowski’s vision, the Turner’s Hall venue, and a smattering of talent.

Dombrowski was thrown a curveball at some point prior to the event when he was notified that a handful of talent was unable to make the show. In typical Dombrowski fashion, he scrambled and found some available local workers who were hungry and recognized an opportunity. Each person who stepped up at the last minute hustled their asses off to perform.

My anticipated winner, Ace Perry, did indeed take the event. Perry has a marketable look and a ton of hustle. It would actually be interesting to see if Joe can get him interviewed on local media (television, radio, *ahem* blogs) to see if he could get some traction for the next event. I think television might take to the kid.

Nate Wings is another guy who really, really WANTS it. I think he takes some uncalculated risks at times, but it seems to come from a place of passion.

Dombrowski’s plan to feature the 185-lb workers is an interesting one. At this point, they are one population of the independent wrestling community that hasn’t been raided and picked clean by super indies (Ring of Honor and PWG) or the WWE. He has a genuine opportunity to build a promotion with an utterly unique identity—if he is able to make it fly.

Streaming the event on iPPV was a smart move. It exposes fans, hungry for the type of matches that welterweights produce, to the product from day one. This allows a national/international fan base to grow along with the talent in the ring. Basing the shows at the legendary Turner’s Hall gives the promotion and players the rub of instant credibility, as the venue has seen some of the best talents in the industry grace it over the last few decades. As a fan

As a fan, I’m rooting for Joe to succeed because I will get to witness some terrific wrestling live and in person. As a critic, I’m intrigued to follow Dombrowski’s next steps as he attempts to forge his own path in the competitive wrestling industry.

Click HERE for more information about future Welterweight events, as well as ticket & DVD information.

-Ted Zep


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