ARW: Revolution Is Our Name (2015)


American Revolution Wrestling – The Odeon Concert Club – Cleveland, Ohio – June 20, 2015

(This is another show that I attended prior to launching Super No Bueno. ARW was a short-lived promotion based in NE Ohio. They ran a series of events at minor league ballparks before folding.)

Purple Reign (Cassidy Stone & Ganon Jones Jr.) v. Cleveland Curse (Rex Brody & Nicholas Valentino)

Purple Reign won when Stone hit a leg off the top for the pin. Generation Dead destroyed Purple Reing after the bell.

Winners: Purple Reign

Purple Reign v. Generation Dead (Gory & G. Raver)

Gory pinned Jones after Raver hit a double-knee to the back.

Winners: Generation Dead

Patrick Hayes v. Jack Pollock

Pollock pinned Hayes, but Hayes’ foot was on the bottom rope. The match was re-started. Hayes won with a Frog splash. (Note: Pollock is legit. Good look. Solid Worker. He has a future.)

Winner: Patrick Hayes

J-Rocc v. Bryan Bowers

Bowers rolled through a slam for the pin. J-Rocc did a great job of working the Cleveland crowd.

Winner: Bryan Bowers

Dylan Bostic (w/ Ray Lyn) v. Matt Cross

Cross won with a gorgeous shooting star press.

Winner: Matt Cross


The crowd has been hot all evening.

Ray Lyn McAwesome (w/ Dylan Bostic) v. Marti Belle

Belle won after Bostic botched a distraction spot. Marti is so damn fine.

Winner: Marti Belle

N8 Mattson v. Sonny Vice

Mattson wins after a leg drop off of the top rope. Mattson is one of the most well-rounded wrestlers in the tri-state area. He is a mechanic in the ring. I love watching him toy with the audience.

Winner: N8 Mattson

The Bev v. Shane Douglas

Douglas pinned The Bev after a belly-to-belly suplex onto a chair. Douglas then cut a great promo remembering his fallen brothers from ECW’s Triple Threat: Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido. He tossed up three fingers as his theme song (“Perfect Strangers” by Deep Purple) played.

Winner: Shane Douglas

Main Event

Kriss Stark v. Facade v. Sabu

This one was full of table and chair spots. Stark took a nasty bump on a chair from Facade. He later took an Arabian Facebuster through a table from Sabu. Facade again drove him through a table for the finish. Stark stayed down for a few minutes after the ring emptied. It seemed as if he had been legitimately injured by the first chair spot.

Winner: Facade

-Ted Zep

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