Live Pro Wrestling (2015)


(West Park Knights of Columbus – Cleveland, Ohio – August 7, 2015)

Once again, I crack open my notebook to revisit a show that occurred about six months prior to the launch of Super No Bueno. Going in, this one was a bit of a mystery. I knew that Joe Dombrowski, the creative force behind PRIME Wrestling was behind it, but I wasn’t sure if this was a one-off or the start of something more permenant. It turned out to be a little of both, as there was a second show—it just took place a full year later. And that second show turned out to be the official debut of Premier Championship Wrestling, one of the coolest regional promotions in the country.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the soft-launch of Premier Championship Wrestling…

The Card

-Ring announcer Jeff Gorman came out to start the show.

Andrew Palace v. The Bev. The Bev took this one with a superkick.

Joe Dombrowski addressed the audience. He introduced the company owner. He promised big things for the future of the company.

N8 Mattson v. Joey Vengeance. This was a well-worked match. I’ve got my eye on Joey Vengeance. I’d like to see him stretch his wings and step out of his comfort zone.  Mattson took the win with an M80.

Crash Valentino v. Bryan Bowers. Bowers with a roll-up.

Rickey Shane Page v. Matt Cross. This was really good, serious match. Both guys got in their usual spots. Cross landed funny on his neck, leading to a Page victory.

The Bangerz (Dylan Bostic Derek Direction) w/ Ray Lyn v. Aiden Prince Idris Abraham. Direction is turning into quite the heel. The Bangerz win.

Jock Samson v. Jimmy Nutts. Nutts sold the whole time but got a flash pin after an RKO.

Johnny Gargano v. Tyson Dux. The match started with a styrofoam sword fight (???). When both men settled down and got serious, this one heated way up. Gargano got the win via pinfall.


In retrospect, this was a neat little show. At the time, I graded it a “C.” There were no dogs on the card, but nothing blow-away either.

As far as in-ring work, Dux/Gargano and Page/Cross were the definite standouts. And The Bangerz lit it up in the department of personality and entertainment. (Honestly, I wish they would have continued as a duo because they were so adept at garnering reactions from the audience. Direction and Bostic are each dyed-in-the-wool shit-stirrers and Ray Lyn as the (*sigh) sexy ringside troublemaker completed the package. I’d love to see the trio reunite some day.)

Given his current status as PCW champion, I think that it was kismet that Andrew Palace worked the opening bout of the debut show for the company. One of my favorite aspects of independent wrestling is watching talent bloom and grow. Palace is a prime example of that transformation.

Added value to the event was the opportunity to see Johnny Gargano and Idris Abraham who went on to work for NXT and Impact wrestling, respectively. If you have never attended an independent wrestling show, this is a great reason to do so. You get to see the stars of tomorrow, today. Who doesn’t enjoy having bragging rights like that?

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Ted Zep

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