PCW: Outbreak (2017)


(Promotion: Premier Championship Wrestling –  Location: Turner’s Hall – Cleveland, Ohio – June 17, 2017 – Belltime: 7 PM)

Main Card

J-Rocc v. ???

J-Rocc is on the microphone. He announces that this isn’t about the people.

Audience: “Sonny!”

J-Rocc predicts that his match is going to be “short and sweet.”

The crowd is white-hot for Sonny Vice.

The “Big Daddy of Destruction” shoulder tackles Vice and calls him a “punk.” He is whooping on his younger opponent.

J-Rocc to the audience: “Say goodbye to your boy…!!”

Vice rattles J-Rocc with a blockbuster into a stunner for two.

J-Rocc hits a DVD for two.

Vice bridges over J-Rocc for the pinfall and win.

J-Rocc gives Vice a jumping piledriver to get his heat back.

Winner: Sonny Vice

Promo:  The Culmination

The Culmination is in the ring for a promo. Gory says that the company will fall to their knees. Remy LaVey and Atticus Cogar speak as well. Krimson and Gory promise to show the audience the “real face of fear” before the end of the night.

Mance Warner v. Bruce Grey

Warner has a fan in the front row shine his boots before the bell.

The two begin by brawling around ringside. Surprisingly, Grey gets the better of the scrappy Warner.

Warner almost caves in Grey’s chest with a litany of chops. Back in the ring, Warner punts his opponent.

Warner before a running knee strike: “Knee pad up…and knee pad DOWN.”

Audience: “D-D-T!”

Grey connects with a superkick.

Warner gets the pinfall.

Winner: Mance Warner

Derek Direction v. Bryan Castle

Derek Direction is caught early in a bear hug.

The crowd is solidly behind Castle.

Direction stomps Castle’s…ankle? He follows with a Hulk Hogan leg drop.

Castle hits a Polish Hammer in slooooooooow mooooootioooooooon…

Directions scoops the legs for a flash pin.

Castle tackles Direction after the bell.

Winner: Bryan Castle

Promo: Joe Dombrowski

Dombrowski says that if Derek Direction would calm down the people might start to like him.

Chris LeRusso (w/ Ron Mathis) v. Shawn Phoenix

Mathis grabs the microphone and screams at a fan in the audience.

Mathis: “If you don’t shut up, I’m going to jump the guardrail, rip off your ears and make you eat your own…ears!!”

LeRusso cuts a promo about Rickey Shane Page.

Phoenix stunned LeRusso with a Falcon Arrow off the top rope. He sneaks in a Blockbuster off the top as well.

Mathis is prowling ringside.

LeRusso executes a pump handle DVD for an unexpectedly clean pinfall.

Mathis clotheslines Phoenix after the bell. LeRusso has to calm him down.

This was a good little match.

Winner: Chris LeRusso

8-Man Tag Team Match

Nate Wings/Aaron Williams/Sonny DeFarge/Cornelius Crummels v. The Culmination (Gory/Atticus Cogar/Otis Cogar/Remy LaVey)

The encounter begins with a gigantic brawl involving all eight men. The action is spilling out everywhere. The two teams jaw back and forth as the match finally contains itself to the ring.

Williams to Atticus Cogar: “You think I’m scared of you cuz yer dirty??”

The audience is legit going bonkers for this one.

Williams hits Atticus with a Stinger Splash.

Wings gets a two on Atticus.

Gory rocks Wings with a backbreaker and a running double-knee strike.

Wings performs a gorgeous suicide dive. This kid is so bloody ballsy.

The Culmination is mugging Williams. The other members hold him while Gory ghetto stomps him.

Wings catches Atticus Cogar in a Cop Killer and pins him. That was some scary shit. Cogar’s neck connected on the mat at a high angle. I’m glad he is ok.

Gory and Atticus Cogar have a confrontation. Gory slaps him.

Winners: Nate Wings/Aaron Williams/Sonny DeFarge/Cornelius Crummels

Promo: Joe Dombrowski

Dombrowski says that more Welterweight Wrestling shows are coming…in and out of Ohio. Interesting.

He also hints that tag team titles are on their way.

The July event will be entitled “Powder Keg.” Matches already signed are: Wings v. Gory, The Cogars v. DeFarge & Crummels, Jackson Stone v. Ganon Jones, Jr., and Ace Perry will defend the Welter Weight Championship against Gregory Iron.


Nickie Valentino v. Alex Jordan

Valentino gets on the microphone and offers Jordan two choices: headlocks or dives. He stuns Jordan with a vertical suplex.

Jordan goes for the “the Best 450 Ever” (popularized by ACH), when tragedy strikes. He comes off the second rope awkwardly, flips and cracks his head and neck on the edge of the ring apron. He hits the gym floor hard. Referee Jake Clemons quickly counts him out of the ring. Wrestlers from the back come out to tend to Jordan. 911 is called. I do not see Jordan move this entire time. After an interminable five-minute wait, paramedics arrive. The audience helps move the folding chairs and guard rails out of the way so he can efficiently be wheeled to the ambulance.

It was a terrible and unfortunate accident, but PCW staff and fans were exemplary in their reaction to the incident. There are some good people involved in the wrestling business. (Update: Later that evening, I learned online that Jordan was shaken, but was going to be ok. Whew.

Joe Dombrowski addresses the stunned and silent audience. He reminds those in attendance how truly dangerous wrestling is; that it is a game of inches.)

He announces that the show will continue.

Winner: Nickie Valentino

Jinx v. Angel Dust

I feel bad for these two wrestlers because the audience’s energy level and attention was near zero after the previous bout.

Angel Dust: Backpack Stunner and a crossbody for a two-count.

Jinx blocks a Lungblower and pins Angel Dust with her feet on the ropes.

Winner: Jinx

Ron Mathis (w/ Chris LeRusso) v. Bryan Douglas

Douglas does a flip.

Mathis: “You’re gonna get cute with me…?”

Mathis starts teeing off on Douglas.

Mathis: “Let’s hear it for the pretty boy.”

Mathis rocks Douglas with a double-underhook suplex.

Both men are standing toe-to-toe trading punches.

Mathis suplexes Douglas on the floor.

Douglas crossbodies him in the corner.

Mathis flows from a superplex into a Tombstone.

Mathis: “Goodnight, beautiful.”

LeRusso stops him and says, “One more time.”

Mathis locks Douglas in a torture rack. Douglas quickly submits.

Winner: Ron Mathis

Promo: Dombrowski

Dombrowski is back out. He announces Jinx v. Angel Dust and Mathis v. Dale Patricks on July 15th.

J-Rocc interrupts Dombrowski. He calls him “Joseph.” He calls out Sonny Vice, but Vice isn’t present. He asks for top-flight competition in July because he wants a PCW title match.

Dombrowski says that if J-Rocc can beat the #1 contender in July, he will get a title shot in August. His opponent? Sonny Vice.

Main Event

PCW Championship

Andrew Palace (c) v. Krimson

Krimson spits “blood” on the belt when it is presented to him by the referee prior to the bell.

Palace goes for an early reward with a suicide dive. He smacks Krimson with the time keeper’s hammer.

Krimson cracks the champ with a chair. He stomps the chair into Palace’s chest. Krimson hits a cutter on the chair.

Palace hits an RKO on two chairs.

Palace trips Krimson off the top rope, toppling him through a pair of chairs.

Krimson with a spinebuster. He dumps a bag of thumbtacks on the mat. He goes for a mandible claw, but Palace valiantly fights it off.

Palace swings the momentum with a DVD and a pumphandle driver on the tacks to retain his championship.

The Culmination is out. Gory spits mist into Krimson’s face. They jump Krimson and suspend him over a pile of chairs while Gory stomps him from off the top rope.

Click HERE for information about merchandise and future events.

-Ted Zep

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