W4C: Dropkick Dia3etes (2017)


(Wrestling for a Cause – Guilford Lake Grille – Lisbon, OH – July 23, 2017)

The show opened with a 10-bell salute for Logan Scott, a recently-deceased local worker.

Kip Paige and Max Alexander are in the ring. They invite Tom John in to thank him for his efforts. They also thank the owners of the venue, the DJ playing music for the live crowd, and Shane Douglas and Abyss.

The National Anthem is performed.

Main Card

Timmy Galchick Battle Royale

Some of the participants: Chet Lasseter, Spike St. James, Bobbinete Carey, Dave the Potato, Chase Oliver, Brandon X, Prince Ali, Smiley, Eli Masterson, Alex Sheppard, Bill Rose, The Bouncer, Sean Reznikk, Shawn Blaze, Tony Falcone, Kyle Reed, Johnny Mercury, Jesse McCoy, Eddie Only, Fudo, Hippo, Tony Johnson, etc…

The Final Three:

Kalam v. James Lethal v. “Mr. RBI” Izeah Bonds.

Lethal was eliminated, followed by Kalam.

Mr. RBI takes the victory.

Timmy Galchick presents the winner’s trophy to RBI. In an instant, The Culmination (Gory/Remy LaVey/Cogar Bros.) surrounds Bonds in the ring. Blaze returns to back up RBI. He is soon followed by Joey Martini and Abyss.

Abyss addresses the audience. An 8-man tag match between the two factions is set as the main event of the show.

Winner: “Mr. RBI” Izeah Bonds

“Lord” Marcus Knight v. Kenny Hendrix

Hendrix took the win by pinfall following a powerslam.

Winner: Kenny Hendrix

Kaity Jones Tag Team Melee

System Elite (Tyler Cross & Edric Everhart) w/ Keith Young v. M & T Destruction (Trystan Tyler & Vincent Maverick) v. Team 24/7 (Chet Lasseter & Bill Rose) v. Klub Xtreme (The Bouncer & Curt Fury)

Bill Rose pinned Curt Fury after a headlock driver. This was a pretty wild match. Rose ran his mouth as only he can do.

Kip Paige presents plaques to Team 24/7.

Winners: Bill Rose & Chet Lasseter

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas v. “The Bev” Bobby Beverly

The Bev is out with a chair.

Douglas wants it to be a hardcore match.

Audience: “E-C-Dub!”

The two men brawl out into the audience. Douglas cracks Beverly with a trash can. He holds The Bev’s arms and allows an elderly fan to hit him. He bounces Beverly’s head off the timekeeper’s bell. Douglas crotches Beverly with the second rope as the two return to the ring. Douglas whips his opponent into a chair that was wedged in the corner. He hits a belly-to-belly suplex and gets the pinfall.

Douglas gets the microphone. He cuts a promo talking about Triple Threat (Chris Candido & Bam Bam Bigelow), his old faction. He goes on to say that Vince McMahon ruined wrestling. He name-checks Bruno Sammartino and Dominic DeNucci. He looks directly towards the camera and tells McMahon to “kiss his black and gold Pittsburgh ass.”

Winner: Shane Douglas


I hit the merch table and bought some vintage wrestling magazines from referee Dave the Potato. If you ever see him at a show, Potato prices things to move! I also picked up a Earthquake action figure (MOC-natch!) for a song. I’ve been wanting it for a long time.

My friend Ron Graham was running a table for the “No Such Thing as a Bully” organization. He was passing out informational materials and wristbands to interested parties. I sat with him for the second half of the card.

Battle of Salem

Drake Andrews v. Thomas Adams (w/ Keith Young) v. Max Alexander (w/ Timmy Galchick)

Alexander countered a top rope jump by Andrews with a cutter and pinfall.

After the fall, he got on the microphone and talks about what a privilege it was to wrestle his best friends.

Winner: Max Alexander

“First Mate” Wilbur Whitlock (w/ “Captain” Darren Davenport) v. Bennett Cole

Whitlock promises the audience a “fun, technical match” because last year he and Davenport were attacked with canes by Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno.

This one heats up quickly. Cole and Whitlock fight past the bar and into the restrooms. They then brawl their way up to the balcony and back to the ring.

Whitlock pins Cole after Cole tried to pull Davenport into the ring by his beard.

Winner: Wilbur Whitlock

Main Event

8-Man Elimination Tag Team Match

Abyss/Shawn Blaze/Joey Vincent Martini/Izeah Bonds v. The Culmination (Gory/Remy LaVey/ Otis & Atticus Cogar)

JVM is tagged in a whoops some serious ass.

Bonds misses a Swanton and is pinned and eliminated by Gory.

LaVey is eliminated by Blaze.

Blaze is eliminated by Gory.

Gory squares off with Abyss. He flails pointlessly away on him. Abyss chops him down.

Abyss and Martini double-chokeslam Gory. JVM pins him.

Atticus Cogar and Martini are duking it out.

Otis tags in. He powerslams Martini. He then bites him.

It’s not looking good for Martini.

Abyss gets the hot tag. He levels both Cogars with a clothesline.

Abyss chokeslams Atticus, while JVM jacks Otis with a Death Valley Driver. They simultaneously pin their opponents for the win.

Winners: Abyss & Martini (Mr. RBI & Shawn Blaze)


This was a fun night of wrestling for a good cause. I don’t have the final tally of money raised in my notes, but I’d imagine it was at least a few thousand dollars.

Darren Davenport is one of the creative forces behind MEGA Championship Wrestling in Elyria, Ohio, so he is rarely seen this side of the curtain these days. He and Whitlock are an incredibly entertaining duo. I’d love to see “Dish” manage a little more often.

Alexander, Thomas, and Andrews showed up to do some work. The three friends put on an action-packed and exciting match.

I never get tired of seeing Shane Douglas. He designs his in-ring performance to enhance his skill set for this latter portion of his career. And he always shines on the microphone.

The Bouncer and Bill Rose are two favorites of mine. You can’t go wrong when they are on opposite sides of the ring from one another. Tonight was no different.

The Culmination looked good against a big-time opponent in Abyss. They are developing into an act that will soon be able to anchor a show on their own. They have a bright future.

My condolences to the family and friends of Logan Scott.

For more information about upcoming shows, click HERE.

-Ted Zep


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