AIW: Enter the 36 Cryonic Chambers (2017)


(Absolute Intense Wrestling – Music Lynxx – Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH – August 18, 2017 – 7:30 PM)


Main Card

Philly Collins & Marino Tenaglia v. Young Studs (Eric Ryan & Bobby Beverly)

Eric Ryan is an angry young man in the best way possible. When he gets in the ring his opponent better be ready for war. Tonight was no exception. He lit up Collins and Tenaglia with some ferocious chops.

Ryan pinned Collins after a powerbomb.

This was a solid opener that was chock-full of action. The live crowd was totally into it. The young duo of Collins and Tenaglia didn’t have a chance tonight. However, their day isn’t far away. They have connected with the audience.

Winners: Young Studs

Frankie Flynn (w/ “The Production”- Derek Director & Cobe Redd) v. Kurt Hurtz

Flynn: “I will rule you.”

Flynn hit a stunner off the top rope.

Flynn hit a “Kinshasa” and pinned Hurtz.

This one left a lot to be desired. There was some sloppiness that detracted from the quality of the match.

In line with AIW’s proclivity for “random” booking, The Production is a weird faction. It’s one of those things that can go either way. Derek Direction can make anything work. I haven’t seen much of Redd so I’m just getting acquainted with him. How will Flynn do as a leader? Only time will tell.

Winner: Frankie Flynn 

Dedication Personified (Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham & Brian Carson) v. Jollyville Fuck-Its (T-Money & Nasty Russ)

The JFI have such great aura when they make their entrances. Money & Russ don’t play and they make it clear from the second they step through the curtain.

Money whoops on DCR.

Russ pinned DCR after a “cannonball.”

DCR was hit so hard by a “Pounce” from Money that he flew out of the ring. Jeeeezus.

Carson & DCR are two tough kids. They are making great progress individually and as a team.

Winners: Jollyville Fuck-Its

Dominic Garrini v. Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Friedman gets on the microphone. He calls Mentor-on-the-Lake a “dump” and makes fun of Garrini. He says that he will “wipe his butt” with Garrini’s purple belt

Friedman: “My name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman and I’m better than you.”

Garrini hits a sit-out piledriver into a submission to end the match.

Friedman brewed up a fair amount of heat. The indies need big mouths. Friedman fits the bill.

Garrini calls out AIW President Matt Wadsworth. He demands a match with “Filthy” Tom Lawlor on September 15.

Winner: Dominic Garrini

The Production (Derek Director & Cobe Redd) v. Weird World (“Worldwide” Alex Kellar & Evan “Weird Body” Adams

In the opening minutes, Director calls “cut” to give him and Redd a chance to plan out their strategy. Kellar yells “action” and jacks Director.

Weird World forms the “Lake Erie Monster” and devastates Redd with a back rake.

Redd pins Evans with a running knee strike.

Frankie Flynn was going to attack Weird World from behind with his trophy when PB Smooth makes the save.

Winners: The Production


The Duke v. “Big” Twan Tucker

Tucker starts the match by beating the shit out of The Duke. He tackles him in the corner. Tucker gives the “Earthquake” tremors and splashes his opponent.

Duke hits the “Duke Bomb” to secure a pinfall.

Winner: The Duke

“Party” Parker Pierce v. AJ Gray

Gray gives Pierce a…err…”noogie.” He pins Pierce after a Phoenix Splash.

Winner: AJ Gray

Malcolm Monroe III/ Johnathan Wolf/Myron Reed v.  No Consequences (Garrison King/Tre Lamar/Chase Oliver)

 The match opens with a dozen-plus dives to the floor. This one is going to be a spotfest.

Monroe is looking good. The kid is graceful.

Oliver is down outside the ring. He is injured. The referee throws up an “X.” I couldn’t quite see what happened by I think he hit his head on the apron or floor.

The match goes downhill from here. The performers seemed confused. Oliver’s injury threw a monkey wrench into things.

King pinned Monroe after Lamar stomps on his neck.

I hope Oliver is ok.

Winners: No Consequences

Mance Warner v. Joshua Bishop

Mance Warner steps in to do his own introduction. He is the “King of Trailercore.”

Warner headbutts Bishop.

Warner: “I hate you already, kid.”

Bishop beats Warner with a DDT.

This was a hard-fought, intense match. It was really good.

Bishop was way over with the crowd, BUT I suspect that he brought a sizable contingent of friends and family with him tonight. There is obviously nothing wrong with that, but it makes it hard to evaluate how over he actually is.

Mance Warner is terrific. This is his first match with the company, but I have seen him perform many times for crosstown rivals, Premier Championship Wrestling. He is a fantastic promo and a cagey brawler. If only JT Lightning could have gotten his meathooks on this kid.

Winner: Joshua Bishop

Main Event

Intense Championship

Joey Janella (c) v. Glacier

Glacier works a headlock, but Janella reverses it.

Glacier stuns Janella with a trio of hip tosses.

Janella announces that he is “Friday Night Janella.”

Janella works over Glacier with some vicious small digit manipulation.

Janella: “Ice melts in the summer.”

Janella drives Glacier into a post outside the ring.

The two fight into the audience.

Glacier tosses Janella into a freestanding punching bag game.

The two combatants return to the ring. There is a double cover and pin.

Glacier is announced as the new Intense Champion. However, referee Dave the Potato reverses the decision and declares Janella the winner. Janella is announced as the champion.

Referee Tom Dunn gives the belt back to Glacier.

In turn, Glacier gives the belt to Janella.

The match is declared a “no contest.”

Janella gets on the microphone and reveals that he snapped his finger on the boxing machine. He apologizes to the audience. He says he needs to go to the audience.

Glacier thanks the audience as they chant, “please come back!”

Winner: No Contest


Oliver’s injury totally slammed the brakes on that match. The participants are still young and developing. Things aren’t always going to go as planned. They need to learn to adjust on the fly. That will come with experience.

The additions of Friedman and Warner to the company are going to prove fruitful. Friedman is cut from the same mold as AIW stalwart “All Ego” Ethan Page. If those two find themselves either shoulder-to-shoulder or on opposite sides of the ring from one another, the promos will be memorable. And Warner is so different than anyone else on the roster that he will indubitably stand out. Plus, he ain’t afraid to bleed.

I realize that wrestling is wrestling and guys get hurt. However, I wish AIW would keep the talent contained in the ring at this particular venue. Once they are in the audience, it is nearly impossible to see what is going on. It just degenerates into a mess. And in this case, Janella busted up his hand for, essentially, no good reason.

For his age, I thought Glacier worked hard. I never saw him live during his run with World Championship Wrestling (WCW), so it was cool to have the opportunity to see him wrestle in person.

This definitely felt like a “B” show. Honestly, it kinda reminded me of an episode of “Shotgun Saturday Night” due to the strange mix of characters and odd energy of the evening, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If I were to grade it, it’d be a solid “C.”

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-Ted Zep

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